The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) [UK]
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The Queen's Royal Regiment
 (West Surrey)
crest and tie
by James Robinson
United Kingdom 
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1661.10.01 Earl of Peterborough's Regiment of Foot
also known as the Tangier Regiment; also known until 1751 by names of other colonels
1663 absorbed Sir Robert Harley's Regiment of Foot, and Lord Rutherford's Regiment of Foot
1684 Queen Dowager's Regiment of Foot
1703 The Queen's Royal Regiment of Foot
1715 The Princess of Wales's Own Regiment of Foot
1727 The Queen's Own Regiment of Foot
1747 The Queen's Own Royal Regiment of Foot
ranked as 2nd Foot
1751.07.01 2nd (The Queen's Royal) Regiment of Foot
1881.07.01 The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
1921.01.01 The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
1959.10.14 amalgamated with The East Surrey Regiment, to form The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment
History of The Queen's Royal Regiment, by F.A. Mason.
Kirke's Lambs: History and Origins, by Ben Levick.
The 2nd (Queen's) and the Napoleonic Wars, by Jon Holmes.
The Queen's Regiment ... movements ... during the Great War, by Brad Chappell (The Regimental Warpath 1914-1918)
The Queen's Regiment [in the Great War], by C. F. Baker (The British Army in the Great War).
  HQ and Depot:
    Walmer <1850s>,
    48th Brigade Depot, Guildford [1873-1881]
    2nd Regimental District, Guildford [1881-1959]
    Home Counties Grouped Regimental District, Hounslow [1905-1907]
    No. 10 District, Hounslow [1907-1921]
    South East Area, Hounslow [1921-1946]
    C Group, Shorncliffe [1946-1948]
    Home Counties Brigade, Canterbury [1948-1959]
    1st Battalion [1661-1959]
    2nd Battalion [1663-16??, 1794-1797, 1857-1948]
  2nd Royal Surrey Regiment of Militia
Territorials and Volunteers:
  1st Volunteer Battalion [1881-1908]
  2nd Volunteer Battalion [1881-1908]
  3rd Volunteer Battalion [1881-1908]
  4th Volunteer Battalion [1881-1908]
  4th Battalion [1908-1940]
  5th Battalion [1908-1961]
  6th (Bermondsey) Battalion [1937-1961]
  7th (Southwark) Battalion [1937-1947]
  22nd London Regiment [1916-1937]
  24th London Regiment [1916-1937]
Tangier 1662-80, Namur 1695, Ushant1, Egypt2, Vimiera, Corunna, Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Toulouse, Peninsula, Ghuznee 1839, Khelat, Afghanistan 1839, South Africa 1851-53, Taku Forts, Pekin 1860, Burmah 1885-87, Tirah, Relief of Ladysmith, South Africa 1899-1902

The Great War (25 battalions)Mons, Retreat from Mons, Marne 1914 '18, Aisne 1914, Ypres 1914 '17 '18, Langemarck 1914, Gheluvelt, Aubers, Festubert 1915, Loos, Somme 1916 '18, Albert 1916 '18, Bazentin, Delville Wood, Pozières, Guillemont, Flers Courcelette, Morval, Thiepval, Le Transloy, Ancre Heights, Ancre 1916 '18, Arras 1917 '18, Scarpe 1917, Bullecourt, Messines 1917, Pilckem, Menin Road, Polygon Wood, Broodseinde, Passchendaele, Cambrai 1917 '18, St. Quentin, Bapaume 1918, Rosières, Avre, Villers Bretonneux, Lys, Hazebrouck, Bailleul, Kemmel, Soissonais Ourcq, Amiens, Hindenburg Line, Épéhy, St. Quentin Canal, Courtrai, Selle, Sambre, France and Flanders 1914-18, Piave, Vittorio Veneto, Italy 1917-18, Suvla, Landing at Suvla, Scimitar Hill, Gallipoli 1915, Rumani, Egypt 1915-16, Gaza, El Mughar, Jerusalem, Jericho, Tell 'Asur, Palestine 1917-18, Khan Baghdadi, Mesopotamia 1915-18, N W Frontier India 1916-17

Afghanistan 1919

The Second World WarDefence of Escaut, Villers Bocage, Mont Pincon, Lower Maas, Roer, North-West Europe 1940 '44-45, Syria 1941, Sidi Barrani, Tobruk 1941, Tobruk Sortie, Deir el Munassib, El Alamein, Advance on Tripoli, Medenine, Tunis, North Africa 1940-43, Salerno, Monte Stella, Scafari Bridge, Volturno Crossing, Monte Camino, Garigliano Crossing, Damiano, Anzio, Gothic Line, Gemmano Ridge, Senio Pocket, Senio Floodbank, Casa Fabri Bridge, Menate, Filo, Argenta Gap, Italy 1943-45, North Arakan, Kohima, Yenangyaung 1945, Sittang 1945, Chindits 1944, Burma 1943-45

4th, 5th Battalions:  South Africa 1900-02
6th Battalion:  see 22nd London Regiment
7th Battalion:  see 24th London Regiment

1.  the Naval Crown badge superscribed "1st June 1794".
2.  the Sphinx badge superscribed "Egypt".

Regimental Colours, 17th century, by Ben Levick.
<1938> HM Queen Mary
1661.09.30 Col. Henry Mordaunt, 2nd Earl of Peterborough, KG
1663.04.09 Col. Andrew Rutherford, 1st Earl of Teviot
1664.06.10 Lt-Gen. Henry Norwood
1668.05.15 Lt-Gen. John Middleton, 1st Earl of Middleton
1675.03.05 Col. William O'Brien, 2nd Earl of Inchiquin
1680.11.10 Col. Sir Palmes Fairbourne
1682.04.19 Lt-Gen. Piercy Kirke (senior)
1691.12.18 Maj-Gen. William Selwyn
1701.06.28 Lt-Gen. Sir Henry Bellasis
1703.02.27 Gen. Sir David Colyear, 1st Earl of Portmore
1710.09.19 Lt-Gen. Piercy Kirke (junior)
1741.08.12 Lt-Gen. Thomas Fowke
1755.11.12 Gen. Hon. John Fitzwilliam
1760.11.27 Lt-Gen. Sir Charles Montagu, KB
1777.08.07 Lt-Gen. Daniel Jones
1793.11.20 Maj-Gen. Alexander Stewart
1794.12.20 Gen. James Coates
1822.07.26 Maj-Gen. Sir Henry Torrens, KCB
1828.08.25 Gen. Sir William Keppel, GCB
1834.12.23 Gen. Sir James Kempt, GCB, GCH
1846.08.07 Lt-Gen. Alexander George Fraser, 16th Lord Saltoun, KT, KCB, GCH
1853.08.29 Lt-Gen. Sir John Rolt, KCB, KH
1856.11.09 Lt-Gen. Sir James Holmes Schoedde, KCB
1857.05.28 Maj-Gen. John Spink, KH
1877.03.15 Gen. Clement Alexander Edwards, CB
1877.03.25 Gen. Henry smyth, CB
1891.06.06 Gen. Robert Bruce
1891.10.15 Lt-Gen. Frederick Green Wilkinson, CB
1893.08.29 Gen. Sir Edward Selby Smyth, KCMG
1896.09.23 Lt-Gen. Granville George Chetwynd-Stapylton
1902.04.16 Gen. Sir Thomas Kelly-Kenny, GCB, GCVO
1914.12.07 Maj-Gen. Sir Edward Owen Fisher Hamilton, KCB
1920.10.13 Gen. Sir Charels Carmichael Monro, Bt, GCB, GSI, GCMG
1929.12.07 Maj-Gen. Sir Wilkinson Dent Bird, KBE, CB, CMG, DSO
1939.05.04 Gen. Sir Ivo Lucius Beresford Vesey, KCB, KBE, CMG, DSO
1945.05.01 Gen. Sir George James Giffard, GCB, DSO
1954.09.28 Maj-Gen. John Yeldham Whitfield, CB, DSO, OBE
Victoria Crosses, by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).
VCs in the Queen's Royal Surrey Regimental Museum, by Iain Stewart.
Officers, 1664-1889, by Ben Levick.
Motto: Pristinae virtutis memor; Vel exuviae triumphans
Nicknames: Kirke's Lambs
Anniversaries: Glorious First of June, Salerno (9 Sept.)
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