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SiS announces SiS315, the first high performance VGA chip with T&L engine for mainstream PC market.

Taipei Taiwan, December 11, 2000- Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading core logic and graphics supplier, today announced its new product SiS315 - the first 256-bit 2D/3D high-performance graphic engine supporting Transform and Lighting (T&L) for the mainstream desktop PC. By integrating a H/W T&L into their VGA, the SiS315 sets a new standard for the mainstream desktop PC market.

"With the recent advances in VGA technology, SiS are very excited about launching the first VGA chip that integrates a H/W T&L engine for mainstream desktop PC market", said Shing Wong, senior VP of SiS. "SiS believes in bringing high-end features such as T&L and 256-bit 3D engine into the mainstream desktop PC market and allowing users to enjoy such high features at lower cost"

Up to now T&L engines only existed in 3D workstations and high-end desktop PC. The T&L engine which is located in front of rendering engine, is capable of doing complex per-vertex multiple transformation and light calculations, creating more accurate and brighter images for the viewer. Traditionally, for a PC platform without T&L engine, all these jobs have to be processed by the CPU before sending the result to the rendering engine. Therefore, the SiS315 3D chip can considerably off-load the CPU loading when running 3D Applications and allow more computing power to focus on fancy effects on the next generation 3D games or interactive applications.

SiS315 supports AGP4x interface and the memory up to 128MB. A DDR DRAM interface is also supported by SiS315 which can provide memory bandwidth up to 5.3GB/s, and is the trend for future memory. The SiS315 graphic chip has built-in a motion compensation engine for DVD hardware acceleration. SiS315's 256-bit engine meets user's expectation of high-speed and high quality of pictures and with its 3D VR capabilities, allows game users to enjoy Direct3D and OpenGL games with better experience. Finally, when accompanied with SiS301 video bridge, SiS315 also supports dual display, LCD output and TV-out applications.

Commercial introduction

Commercial production of SiS315 is expected to start from December by SiS's foundry. The price per 10,000 units is USD30.

About SiS
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS) was founded in 1987 in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park, Taiwan. Being a preeminent leader of highly integrated logic solutions, the company's focuses include product design, production, testing and marketing. It has CPU, core logic, graphics and connectivity technologies. SiS also owns an advanced 8" wafer fab, which is now in mass production with 0.18u process. The company is scheduled to construct its first 12" fab in Tainan Science Park in December 2000. SiS is a publicly listed company in Taiwan and currently has a total of about 1,600 employees.

For further information, pls visit SiS website : http://www.sis.com Or contact with Ellie Yin, 886-2-29161619 ext. 346 ellie@sis.com.tw

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