Who Shot Julian Crane?

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Rank Last Week Suspect Comments Current Odds
1 6
Rebecca Hotchkiss
"Becks" leaps to the top of the leader board this week as she accuses several other suspects of doing the deed. Attention is focused on a prior encounter with police chief Sam Bennett; omegasdx recalls that a bullet was missing from her gun, and MortalX reminds us that, "Rebecca was bragging to Sam that she was the best shot at the shooting range." Her only defense is that Julian was worth more to her alive than dead´┐Ż or was he? Even
2 2
Coach TC Russell
The early prediction that TC would commit a murder is still front-and-center, along with his intense desire for revenge against Julian for ending his tennis career. Then there's the little matter of his telling Eve that he pulled the trigger. However, it's not clear whether he was sincere or believes that Eve did it. 6 - 5
3 3
Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald
Seems far too positive that Theresa didn't do it. 4 - 3
4 1
Sheridan Crane
Not much action on the Sheridan front this week, as she adjusts to life on St. Lisa's. Still, tweety1191 opines, "I think her subconscious knows what Julian did to her." Crijam notes that if she is indeed the culprit, "She would not be liable for the murder because she has amnesia and would claim to be innocent because she was sleepwalking." Alternately, saribug proposes, "Zombie Charity took over Sheridan's body and then killed [Julian]." 3 - 2
5 4
Dr. Eve Russell
Drops a notch due to slight weakening in her resolve to keep her past a secret at any cost -- her prime motive for wanting Julian dead. 3 - 1
6 7
Ivy Winthrop Crane
Jumps a notch due to general festering hatred of everyone. 4 - 1
7 5
Antonio "Brian" Lopez-Fitzgerald
While his focus has been on wooing the lovely "Diana," attention keeps wandering back to Harmony. "He kept whining about how he could never return to his family unless Julian was dead," explains Nightengale00. 5 - 1
8 10
Ethan Winthrop
"This poor guy has been a victim of circumstance way too many times. He has always been so oblivious and naive to what was going on around him. I think that the writers want us to believe that his character is this dumb, and in turn, surprise us all!" says cristinabell. 8 - 1
9 8
Theresa Lopez-Fitgzgerald
Stays low due to Rebecca's initial accusation and the fact that the Forces of Evil are playing entirely different guilt trips. Despite her blazing hatred for Julian, from what we've seen, she's absolutely Hamlet-like in her inability to perform any action without prefacing it with a long soliloquy. 9 - 1
10 9
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald
Working overtime to make up his grief-induced neglect of family. By now, would have mentioned if he'd shot Julian as a means of protecting them. 10 - 1

Dark Horses
(Odds not high enough to be ranked right now, but worth a note.)

Zombie Charity: A new Dark Horse entry this week. Several contributors note that her ultimate goal is to create chaos in Harmony, and Julian's murder is certainly a chaotic element.

Doc: The mystical doctor from St. Lisa's remains a possible suspect, as viewers ponder his uncertain past.

Liz: "We know she's from Harmony, someone scared her off, and we don't care if she goes off to jail," opines greta2242.

David Hastings: He doesn't seem to have anything against Julian personally, but there is the Ivy Factor: "It could be another one of ivy's schemes. She could have blackmailed David into shooting Julian" -- Heather99

Alistair Crane: Oh, the things one can do when one controls all! "What if one of the cannery workers was hired by Alistair to do his son in?" muses AngelsInamorata. This is, of course, assuming that there was a murder at all. Pink_passion posts: "I think the whole 'murder' was set-up by Julian and Alistair to get Julian out of the fix he got himself into with the 3 potential Mrs. Cranes. Julian did say to Eve that he could use a break from everyone in Harmony hounding him, right before he disappeared. Then he almost seemed to be goading several of the 'suspects' into getting angrier and angrier the night of the New Year's party."

TC's Golem: Who knows what evil lurks in TC Russell's mysterious shed? Given his vendetta against Julian Crane, at least one member of the SC staff thinks it's likely that he was creating a creature with the intention of vanquishing his enemies.

Cannery Guys: Yeah, they said they didn't want to report Julian's shredded jacket for fear of losing their jobs -- but you never know with the day-player parts. See above for possible Alistair Crane connection.

Odds that Julian Crane is Actually Dead

Very, very small.

Passions' Twisted Family Tree

Who do you think shot Julian? Tell us what you think...


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