32nd (Cornwall) Light Infantry [UK]
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32nd (Cornwall Light Infantry) Regiment of Foot
United Kingdom 
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1702.02.12 Edward Fox's Regiment of Marines
also known until 1751 by the names of other colonels
1714 converted to regiment of foot
1747 ranked as 32nd Foot
1751.07.01 32nd Regiment of Foot
1782.08.31 32nd (the Cornwall) Regiment of Foot
1858.05.14 32nd (Cornwall - Light Infantry) Regiment Foot
1881.07.01 united with 46th (South Devonshire) Regiment of Foot,
to become
1st Bn, The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
  1st Battalion [1702-1881]
  2nd Battalion [1756-1758]
  2nd Battalion [1804-1814]
Rolica, Vimiera, Corunna, Salamanca, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, Peninsula, Waterloo, Goojerat, Mooltan, Punjaub, Lucknow
1702.02.12 Col. Edward Fox
1704.12.05 Brig-Gen. Jacob Borr
1723.06.28 Brig-Gen. Charles Dubourgay
1732.07.28 Brig-Gen. Thomas Paget
1738.12.15 Col. Simon Descury
1740.12.25 Gen. John Huske
1743.08.27 Lt-Gen. Henry Skelton
1745.05.29 Brig-Gen. William Douglas
1747.12.01 Gen. Francis Leighton
1773.06.11 Col. Robert Robinson
1775.10.18 Lt-Gen. William Amherst
1781.05.17 Gen. Sir Ralph Gore, 6th Bt., 1st Earl of Ross
1802.09.04 Gen. James Ogilvie
1813.02.15 Gen. Alexander Campbell
1832.02.28 Lt-Gen. Sir Samuel Venables Hinde, KCB
1837.09.26 Gen. Sir Robert Macfarlane, KCB, GCH
1843.06.12 Lt-Gen. Sir John Buchan, KCB
1850.06.25 Lt-Gen. Sir Richard Armstrong, KCB
1854.04.17 Gen. Sir Willoughby Cotton, GCB, KCH
1860.05.05 Maj-Gen. Sir John Eardley Wilmot Inglis, KCB
1862.09.28 Gen. Henry Dundas, 3rd Viscount Melville, GCB
1863.04.01 Gen. Sir George Brown, GCB, KH
1865.08.28 Lt-Gen. William George Gold
1867.02.02 Gen. Sir George Bell, KCB
1868.08.03 Lt-Gen. Lord Frederick Paulet, CB
1871.01.02 Gen. Sir William Jones, GCB
Victoria Crosses, by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).
VCs in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Regimental Museum, by Iain Stewart.
  • Band History, by Gordon Turner and Alwyn W. Turner (Droit Music Ltd)
  • Bandmasters, by Gordon Turner and Alwyn W. Turner (Droit Music Ltd)
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The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Regimental Museum, Bodmin, by Henrik Teller (Simonides listing).
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