67th (the South Hampshire) Regiment of Foot [UK]
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67th (the South Hampshire)
Regiment of Foot
United Kingdom 
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1756.12.10 2nd Battalion, 20th Regiment of Foot
1758.06.15 67th Regiment of Foot
1782.08.31 67th (the South Hampshire) Regiment of Foot
1881.07.01 united with 37th (North Hampshire) Regiment of Foot, to become  
2nd Bn, The Hampshire Regiment
History of the 67th Regiment, 1756-1782, by Paul Jerrard.
History of the 67th Regiment, 1782-1881, by Paul Jerrard.
  2nd Battalion [1803-1817]
  History of 2nd Battalion, by Paul Jerrard
  Reserve Battalion [1846-1848]
Barrosa, Peninsula, India1, Taku Forts, Pekin 1860, Charasiah, Kabul 1879, Afghanistan 1879-80

1. the Royal Tiger badge superscribed "India", awarded for services 1805-1826

1758.04.21 Maj-Gen. James Wolfe
1759.10.24 F.M. Lord Frederick Cavendish
1760.10.30 Lt-Gen. Sir Henry Erskine, Bt.
1761.05.29 Lt-Gen. Hamilton Lambert
1774.03.11 Gen. Edward Maxwell Browne
1803.02.25 Lt-Gen. Francis D'Oyly
1803.03.09 Gen. Peter Craig
1811.02.07 Gen. Sir William Keppel, GCB
1828.08.25 Lt-Gen. Sir John Macdonald, GCB
1844.01.15 Lt-Gen. John Clitheroe
1852.10.30 Lt-Gen. John Frederick Ewart, CB
1854.10.24 F.M. Sir Colin Campbell, 1st Lord Clyde, GCB, KCSI
1858.01.15 Gen. Francis John Davies
1874.12.05 Gen. Henry Phipps Raymond
1877.07.11 Gen. William Mark Wood
Victoria Crosses, by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).
VCs in the Royal Hampshire Regimental Museum, by Iain Stewart.
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 Our chronicle.  Monthly.  1873-1881.
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