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Perspectives on Sexual Orientation

Perspectives on Sexual Orientation

The following resource guide is not intended to be exhaustive; it is intended to represent a variety of views from a variety of disciplines and faith perspectives. The purpose is to provide the College with as wide a range of resources as possible for becoming informed on this important topic.



    *Beyond Gay or Straight: Understanding Sexual Orientation (Jan Clausen)

    *The Churches Speak On-Homosexuality: Official Statements from Religious Bodies and Ecumenical Organizations (1991) (J. Gordon Melton)

    *Coming Out While Staying In: Struggles and Celebration of Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals in the Church (Leanne McCall Tigert)

    *Congregations in Conflict: The Battle over Homosexuality (Keith Hartman)

    *Congregations Talking about Homosexuality: Dialogue on a Difficult Issue (Beth Ann Gaede)

    *Conversations on Human Sexuality (video series recorded at Hope College)

    *Facing Our Differences: The Churches and Their Gay and Lesbian Members (Alan A. Brash)

    *"Gay No More?" (Barry Yeoman). Psychology Today March/April 1999. On Reserve at the Library.

    *The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart (Peter Gomes)

    *"The Holy Bible and Sanctified Sexuality: An Evangelical Approach to Scripture and Sexual Ethics." (Allen Verhey). Interpretation January 1995. On Reserve at the Library and fulltext on Periodical Abstracts.

    *"The Holy War on Gays." (Robert Dreyfuss). Rolling Stone March 18, 1999. On Reserve at the Library.

    *Homosexuality (audiotape of Ralph Blair's 1983 talk at Hope College)

    *Homosexuality and Christian Community (Choon-Leong Seow)

    *Homosexuality in the Church: Both Sides of the Debate (Jeffrey S. Siker)

    *Homosexuality: Seeking the Guidance of the Church(Reformed Church in America)

    I Love the Woman (Walter Trobisch)

    *Is the Homosexual My Neighbor?: A Positive Christian Response(Scanzoni and Mollenkott)

    *The New Testament and Homosexuality (Scroggs)

    Not Afraid to Change (John Paulk)

    *Out of Order: Homosexuality in the Bible and the Ancient Near East (Donald J. Wold)

    Politics of Truth (Geoffrey Satinover)

    Pursuing Sexual Wholeness (Andrew Comiskey)

    Same-Sex Partnerships? A Christian Perspective (John Stott)

    *Sex, Cells, and Same-Sex Desire: The Biology of Sexual Preference (De Cecco and Parker)

    *Straight and Narrow (Thomas Schmidt)

    *Welcoming But Not Affirming: An Evangelical Response to Homosexuality(Stanley J. Grenz)

*This item is available in the Hope College Library, Western Theological Seminary Library, or the Joint Archives of Holland. Please check the catalog for the location and call number.

Finding Information on Sexual Orientation Issues in the Hope College Library

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