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Bronica C/C2 Bronica S2
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Bronica C Manual Courtesy of Sam Sherman!
Bronica S2 Manual Special Thanks to Bob Lai!
Bronica S2 Sales Brochure BR-302 Special Thanks to Bill Barton!
Bronica S2A Manual Special Thanks to Mike Bond!
Bronica S2A Manual (courtesy Jeremy Sutton!) [1.1 Mb pdf]
Bronica EC-TL Manual Special Thanks to Michael Buchstaller!!
Bronica S2/S2A TTL Metering Prism Manual (.jpg) [12/2002]
Thanks to David Goldfarb -!!
Bronica L-Grip Instructions (.jpg) [12/2002]
Thanks to David Goldfarb -!!
Bronica EC Metering TTL Prism Manual (.PDF)
Thanks to Ron Bennett -!!
Bronica S2/S2A Polaroid Film Pack Manual Special Thanks to Robert Lai
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Bronica Related Articles

Bronica Bonanza article by Ivor Matanle [Feb. 10, 2001 issue]
courtesy of Amateur Photographer magazine and the author, Ivor Matanle
Special Thanks to Sam Sherman for securing permission to share this with you!
Photographer's Sites Featuring Classic Bronica Photos [new - 7/2002]
Wim van Velzen's Site landscapes, portraits.. (Bronica EC, 50/80/150/250/2X, etc.)
Great Photos of Scotland.. and landscapes... etc. (taken with Bronica ECTL)
Update: New Photos of Ireland using Bronica EC (and rolleicord)...
Bronica Camera Model Resources
Bronica Model Identification Tips (John Craig)
Bronica D Review Page (Special thanks to Stephen Gandy!)
Bronica D Notes - Brit. Amateur Photogr. (thanks to Mick Doe)
Bronica Deluxe Features
Bronica Deluxe Ads (1959)
Bronica S Page (Stephen Gandy Classic Camera Profiles)
Bronica S Review - Brit. Amateur Photogr. (thanks again to Mick Doe)
Bronica S Ads (1961)
In Praise of the Bronica C by Sam Sherman
Bronica C Magazine Reviews Thanks again to Sam Sherman!

Bronica Model P - Does It Exist?
Why Bronica S2a.. and S2.. and C Thanks to Sam Sherman for this Review!
Bronica S2 Hi-Resolution Images (Thanks to Oleg Volk!)
Minty S2a Photos (7) - Thanks to Bob
Bob Shell of Shutterbug on S2A...
*Bronica S2/S2A Model Differences (gears on earlier vs. later S2a)
Stephen Gandy's Bronica EC Page
Bronica *EC features
Bronica EC-II review article summary (Thanks to Mick Doe)
Bronica EC-TL Review Article
Bronica Z to EC Camera Site (Japan) [3/2001]
Bronica Lenses
Anamorphic Lens Adapters for Bronica Panoramic Photography
Auxiliary Wide Angle and Telephoto Adapters
Big List of Bronica's 80+ Lenses
Bronica Lenses [all the specs and details...]
Cheap Fisheye and Ultrawide Adapters [adapters fit on lens filter threads...]
Depth of Field Calculator for Bronica (Michael Gillett)
Fields of View of Bronica Lenses
Leaf Shutter 105mm Nikkor Manual (courtesy of David Goldfarb - Thanks!)
Leaf Shutter 105mm Nikkor Lens - How to Use Posting
Leaf Shutter Nikkor 105mm Operation
Lens Cleaning Techniques
Lens Fault Hierarchy (dust, scratches, fungus..)
Lens or Prism Recoating FAQ
Myron A. Seiden's Lenses for Classic Bronicas (Rev. 3) (great review!)
Nikkor Bronica Lens Resolution Tests Thanks again to Sam Sherman!
Nikkor Bronica Lens Site (Japan) [3/2001]
Shinsaku Hiura's Nikkor for Medium Format
(Bronica EC, Makina 67..)
Nikon to Bronica Lens Mount Adapter
Telephoto Converters
Testing Bronica ETR/GS-1 Lenses By Rick Rieger
Ultrawide Angle Lens Options, Prices Study (35mm Nikon)..
Vivitar 2x Teleconverter for S2/EC
Zoomar 170-320mm f/4 For Bronica S/S2/EC (Stephen Gandy)
Bronica Lens Related Postings
A 55mm f/4 Auto-Zenzanon for Bronica S2/EC [3/2002]
Thanks to Daniel Martin for supplying this new lens listing!
*Bronica Lens Design Unique (no retrofocus needed..)
*Bronica Lens Saturation and Contrast in MF vs 35mm
*Bronica Lenses - Interchangeability, quality
Carl Zeiss Jena made some Zenzanon lenses post
Curing Lens Envy (living with normal lens..)
Fast Medium Format Lenses and Bronica Nikkors
*Hassy Owner Galled by Bronica Lens Quality
*Komura Lenses - quality, focal lengths
*Medium Format has less Depth of Field than 35mm
*Medium Format Lens Test - Bronica vs. Hassy, Kowa, Rollei..
*Nikkor 150 sharpest lens?
*Opinion on Bronica Lenses vs. Zeiss
*Q and A about lenses, repairs, reliability..
*S2a lacks 2 features but lenses as good as Hasselblad..
*S2+ Nikkors vs. Hasselblad
Bronica Filters and Lens Hoods
Filters FAQ
Homebrew Lens Hoods Tips
Fast bayonet mount filter adapters?
*Gelatin Filters in rain? Use gels inside lens..
Series Filter Sizes (VIII+IX used on Bronica Lenses)
Series VIII Lens Hoods for Bronica (Darryl Schaeffer)
Accessories - General
Bronica Special Accessories
Bronica S2A Viewfinder Accessories (photos)
TTL meter (7kb), Magnyhood (16kb), Prisms (22 kb)
Contributed by Greg Erker - Thanks Again Greg!
Bronica ECTL Accessories Listing (Thanks to Mick Doe)
Bronica EC/ECTL Straps from Mamiya RB67 & ETRS (Thanks to Ron Bennett)
Accessories - Film Backs:
Bronica Film Backs
Bronica Film Back Insert Variations by Sam Sherman
Bronica Flat Film Plane and Sharpness by Sam Sherman (back insert types..)
Bronica S2a Film Back Variations by Sam Sherman
*Film Back Glitches in Current Bronica Backs
Film Spool Differences and Film Back Mis-spacing
Film Flatness Issues Pages
*Notching Backs Helps Identify Problem Backs Fast
Accessories - Dark Slides:
Bronica Dark Slides
Found - Dark Slide Source and Review
Accessories - Prisms:
Bronica Prism Diopter Lens Substitution Post
*Dark Bronica Prism Finders - 70s technology limits
Mini-prism mounts on Waist Level Finder
New Prism, Magnifying Hood, and Extension Tube photos (thanks, Bob!)
Bronica Prism A and B
Secret Prototype CdS Bronica Meter (1966)
Bronica S2A TTL Meter Finder
Those Horrible Old Bronica Prisms by Sam Sherman
(history of prisms and medium format alternatives..)
Accessories - Polaroid Backs:
Bronica's First Polaroid Back (1964)
*Mamiya Polaroid Back converted for S2
Polaroid Back for Bronica Photos
Bronica S2A Polaroid Back Manual
Accessories - Specialty & Underwater Housings
Bronica Aquaflex Underwater Housing
Bronica EC Microscope Adapter Photo
Bronica goes to War!
Bronica Underwater!
Historical Notes
Bronica - The Early History and Definitive Collector's Guide by Tony Hilton
Reviewed by Sam Sherman
History of the Medium Format SLR
Origin of Bronica Name by Mr. Taketeru Yoshitake
Romancing the Rare Earths - A History of the Enhancing Filter
by Howard G. Ross (special thanks to John W. Horton)
Why Medium Format? by Sam Sherman (history, format changes...) [3/2001]
Film Flatness and Vibration
Bronica Focus Problem - How To Fix It!
by Sam Sherman -
Clever Test Shows S2.. Vibration After Exposure
by Sam Sherman (no need for sandbags)
Film Flatness Issues by Sam Sherman [updated 11/2000]
Focus Alignment in Med Fmt Cameras by Sam Sherman
In Search of Crisp Images...
& Adventures in Tuning Focus - Thanks again to Sam Sherman!
*Mirror dampening foam fix for focusing problems comment
*Mirror Flips - S2 vs. EC
Mirror Noisy but 25 Years of Great Pics
New Medium Format Cameras (flatness..)
A review of the NYC Photo Expo Plus by Sam Sherman
*Suggested tests for sharpness problem troubleshooting
Testing and Optimizing Crisp and Accurate Bronica Focusing Tips and
Sharp Focusing Tips by Sam Sherman
*Tricks to minimize shutter vibration effects on sharpness
*Unfixable Mirror focusing Problem - and how-to-fix-it
*Unsharp images - camera or operator?
Vibration Unsharpness NOT observed on Bronicas
Screen Related Notes
Best Options for Failing Vision - diopters, brighter screens, viewfinders...
Bronica Screen Fixes by Sam Sherman
Bronica SQAI Screen Transplanted into S2A
Bronica S2 gets Accumate Screen +TTL Kiev Prism Mount - Ron Baker
Diopter Lenses (for prisms, WLF..)
*Helping Older Eyes Focus - Beattie screens, faster lenses..
Screen Replacement Tips by Sam Sherman
Classic Bronica versus Kiev-88
Kiev-88 versus Bronica S2A by Sam Sherman [3/2001]
Testing a Brand New Kiev 88CM by Sam Sherman [4/2001]
Feature by Feature Comparison by Sam Sherman [3/2001]
Medium Format Focal Plane Shutters
by Sam Sherman (Kiev88, Hasselblad 200/x vs. Bronica)
Kiev-88 Predecessor (Salyut-C) Upgraded by Sam Sherman
Kiev-88, Kiev-60, and Kiev Lenses
*Picking Bronica over Kiev Reasons
Bronica Quality
*Bronica mechanics vs. Hasselblad
*Bronica Quality Note
Repair Related Resources
Batteries for Photographers (sources, HG..)
Buyers How-to Tests for Cameras and Lenses
Camera Repair Shops (zipcode..)
Camera Repair Tools
Camera Repair Workbooks, Guides..
Bronica Back Foam Sealer Replacement (Don Teat)
Bronica EC/ECTL Foam Replacement &
EC/ECTL Focus Adjustments
by Richard Urmonas
Camera Bellows Repair Tricks
Camera Bellows Restoration Tips
Camera Gasket Repairs
Camera Repair Tips and User Tests
*Camera Storage Idea - Tupperware against Humidity
*Camera Storage - Shutter Exercise Idea
Ground Glass Screen Repair Notes
Ground Glass and Foam Replacement
PVC Tube Development Tanks for Large Prints (how-to build)
Replacing Deteriorated Camera Foam
Service Centers (Current) for Bronica
Shutter Speed Tester (under $5)
Tamron/Bronica SQAM, SQA, S lens parts/service dropped issues...
(along with Bronica ETR early models support losses)
(Bronica/Tamron's 10 Year Limit on Camera Service Support?)
Thinner Tmax film eliminates problems
Warnings on Parts for Older Bronica ETR/SQ/GS-1 models...
Bronica X-synch Field Test
Bronica Macrophotography Accessories (photos)
Mk2, Ext. Tubes, Lens Reversing Rings
Contributed by Greg Erker - Thanks Greg! (175kb)
Bronica Bellows Type 2 Review by Mahlon Haunschild
Bronica Bellows Type 2 Spacer for EC/ECTL
Bronica S Bellows (photo thanks to Greg Erker)
Has lens board rise but no fall, side to side tilts
Bronica Bellows Blurb
Bronica EC Tilt/Shift Bellows Photos
*Bronica EC TTL benefits for Macrophotography (EC, ECTL)
Bronica Macrophotography Options
*Macrophotography and Bellows notes
*Macrophotography using an Enlarger Lens
Medium Format Macrophotography
Novoflex Bellows for Bronica
*What lenses to use on the deluxe bellows with rise/shifts?
Buying Bronica - Then and Now
Albro's IMPACT Used Dealer Links Pages (and auctions..)
Availability & Prices of Current Bronica Lenses - SQA, ETRS, GS-1
Bronica Price Guide (and dealer links)
Bronica Prices on Ebay
Bronica Used Gear Ads (3 year prices, dealers..)
Budget Guide to Medium Format
Deja Vu - Bronica's Stable Prices - 1982 vs. 1987 vs. 1997
Medium Format Camera Features and Camera Selection Guide
Online Price Guides (EBAY) and Books
Those Awful Final 1970s Bronica Ads
Those Great Early 1960/70s Bronica Ads
Price Analysis 1975 vs 1997
Values in Medium Format
Film Related Resources
120/220 Films for Medium Format (links, reviews..)
Obsolete Historical Film Sizes List
Resolution of Various Films (tables..)
Sources of 127 Film
S2a lightweight film problem (Ilford..) - mirror vacuum (EC fixed)
Thick Films like Tmax.. (see below, no longer a problem)
Thinner Tmax film eliminates problems
Miscellaneous Postings
Camera Bag Alternatives (coolers etc.) and Photo Gadgets Listings (travel..)
Bronica Classic Camera Notes and Net-Wisdom Index (* sources)
Death Spiral of Serious Photography (local article)
Fresnel Lenses for MF/LF (sources..)
Homebrew Photo Gear Tips and Tricks
InfraRed Films for 120 and larger (posting and link)
Loupes from Toys, Enlarger Lens, or Normal Lens
*Medium Format Digest Links (archives, search engine..)
Medium Format Digest Bronica Related Postings
Medium Format In Cold Weather by Sam Sherman [11/2000]
Panoramic Photographs from Classic Cameras
Photography Sites with Many Links
Psychology of Photography - Bronica vs. 35mm by Sam Sherman [4/2001]
Projects Underway
Sighting - Bronica S2a in Movie Austin Powers...
Slide Projectors for Med Fmt (new/used)
Sound of Bronica S2A's (In)famous Shutter vs. Kowa 6 (.wav)
Superslide Cutter (was $29 at KEH) related superslide article
Superslide Cutter Manual Photo courtesy R. Bender
Theft Prevention and insurance and Stolen Camera Registry
Top 10 Myths of Photography
Umax Astra 2200 Scanner Review by Sam Sherman (budget MF) [4/2001]
Ultraviolet Photography using Older Bronica Lenses
What Camera Rating Terms Really Mean! (hysterical)
From Popular Photography Dec. 1995
Cheapskate's Guide to Medium Format
Where does this leave the 6x6-er on a budget?
Look for a clean Bronica S2 or S2A
(tank-like, all mechanical)...Jason Schneider

(n.b. JS is the Camera Collector's Collector ;-)
Bronica Related Books and Resources
New Source for Mr. Tony Hilton's Bronica Book [8/2000]
Bronica - The early History and Definitive Collector's Guide
Petra Kellers Photo/ACR Book Service
Boulder Creek CA 95006
Phone/Fax: 831 338 1350
Mr. Hilton's Book is $31.95 - Kellers Photo/ACR site
(select Medium Format, Bronica)
Covers Z, C, S, S2, EC and VX series (35mm)
also Nikkor, Zeiss and Zenzanon lenses (166 pg)

In the U.K., contact Hove Foto Book rep:
Newpro UK Ltd.
Old Sawmills Road,
Faringdon Oxon SN7 7DS, England
Phone (01367) 242411 or Fax (01367) 241124

New Source for Mr. Hilton's Book (save 30% on Amazon, only $17.50!)
Other U.S. sources for Mr. Hilton's Bronica Book
Mr. Ian Parker (of Hove Publishers) suggests:
Jimmy Koh's in New York - (516)826-9556
price is $29 US in Koh's Shutterbug Ads.
You may also order via Mr. Ian Parker in the U.K. directly.
Cost is #16 (16 U.K. Pounds or circa $24 US)
Visa or Mastercard okay - price includes postage.
Zenza Bronica Handbook by Terence Sheehy and Derek White
Petra Kellers' Photo/ACR books (select Medium Format, Bronica)
A history from 1958 to 1980 (ETR intro) of Z, S, EC cameras
full specifications of the Nikon, Zenzanon and Komura lenses
even a complete instruction manual of Bronica EC (90 pgs, $35)
Zenza Bronica Handbook - Book Review by Sam Sherman [9/2000]
Mr. Michael Beard's Current Bronica Models Guide
Kellers' Photo/ACR books (and ordering) [select Medium Format, Bronica]
ETRSi, SQA-i, GS-1 models covered in 160 pg. guide ($29.95)
New Bronica S2A Guide Book for early 2001!!
Kellers' Photo/ACR Books (select Medium Format, Bronica)
Zenza Bronica S2A Camera System by Terence Sheehy (70 pg. $35)
Lens Hacking
Adapt Oddball Lenses for Better TeleShots by Howard G. Ross
Bronica Lens Hacking Article from May 1970 Modern Photography
Special Thanks to Howard G. Ross and John W. Horton
Adapter Mount Lens Discussion
Adapting 400mm f/6.3 lens from 35mm
to Bronica Focal Plane Models
(+Results +Improvements)
by Sam Sherman (ultralow cost long lens!)
Adapting Mini Komura 200mm lens to Bronica Mounts
Thanks to Sam Sherman for this adaptation tip!
Ari Pesonen's Bronica to Rollei Med Fmt Mount Conversion
Bronica Threaded Lens Mount Adapters
Fisheye and Ultrawide Adapters Projects Pages
Fisheye 30mm Kiev Lens to Bronica Auto-Diaphragm S2/EC Mounts
Thanks to Ken Ruth of Bald Mountain - See Sam Sherman's Posting
Fisheye to 120 Rollfilm Project by Greg Erker
(using 17mm f/4 Pentax for 35mm on adapted Franka body)
Focusing Mount Telephotos for Classic Bronica S2/EC
Homebrew Cameras and Pinhole Cameras pages
Long Focus telephoto nikkors for Bronica (Rich Kurtz)
Long Teles for Old Bronicas
by Sam Sherman (addendum to above)
Low Cost 30mm Kiev Fisheye for Bronica
Need a medium format 30mm fisheye for $200+ US?
A happy user reports on his project!
Lens Mount Converters FAQ ver. 1.2
My Adventures in Hacking, Slashing and Adapting Odd Lenses
by Sam Sherman -
Perspective Control Shift Lens Adapter
Preserves Infinity Focusing with Wide Angle Lenses
Offers Panoramic Photography Options - Cost $5!
Pinhole Body Caps
Telescopes Under $10 Article (Astronomy May 1987, by Bob Monaghan)
Using Polaroid Camera Lenses on MF and 4x5 Cameras
Zeiss Lenses Adapted to Bronica Cameras
Sam Sherman shares his experiences in adapting a Zeiss 180mm Sonnar!
Update: Zeiss 300mm f/4 Sonnar lens adapter photos! [4/2002]
Zoom Lenses for Bronica Medium Format SLRs
Converting 2 1/4 Slide Projector Zoom lenses for 6x6cm
Homebrew Bronica Lenses Article
  • Mike Bond's Bronica Body Cap Adapter for Barrel Lenses
  • $15 Body Cap Adapter mounts 35mm Nikon MacroLens (photos)
  • 57mm Thread Mount Adapter for Leaf Shutter Xsynch Lenses
  • Tom Fuller's 500mm Super Tele: 12 cents/mm using Process lens
  • Telescope and Microscope eyepiece mounting adapter options
  • Using 8mm/16mm movie lenses in eyepiece projection mounts
  • Perspective Control Bellows trick provides infinity focus
  • Surplus Repro Lens becomes Bronica's missing flat field lens
  • Converting tele-lens in T-mounts to Bronica mount adapters
  • Macrophotography with variable length zoom extension tubes
  • Using discarded Disc/110 camera lenses in macrophotography
  • Tips and rules on using generic lenses with Bronica adapters
  • * = under Bronica Net-Wisdom and Notes Pages; Previous Page Format Listing by Date Posted