Acker At Maple Valley, Oct. 21, 1906; 5 mos. Son of Wm. Acker. WT 10-25- 06 p.8 c.4

Acker, Adelbert Of Charlotteville. Inf. son of Emerson Acker, Jan. 24, 1906; 22 mos. WT 2-1-06 p.4 c.1

Acker, Frazier Of Oneonta; 51 yrs. Formerly of E. Worcester. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Acker, Melvin In Worcester, May 15, 1905; 35 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Acker, Mrs. Melvin Children seeking adoptive parents. WT 6-21-06 p.5 c.2

Albert, Mrs. John H. Near Seward on the 16th inst; abt 68 yrs. Interred E. Worcester. Mom of Mrs. Hiram Spooner. WT 10-24-07 p.8 c.3

Allen, George Of Charlotteville, near Rochester. WT 8-1-07 p.4 c.2

Allen, Harriet H. In Worcester Oct. 25, 1905; 81 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Alverson, Tacy At E. Worcester, Nov. 28, 1906; 77 yrs. Interred Worcester. WT 12-6-06 p.8 c.4

Alvord, Henry In Worcester, Feb. 13, 1905; 46 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Aney, Mrs. Orrin Of So. Valley; abt 50 yrs. Mom of Mrs. Prof. Edward VanDeusen. WT 6-7-06 p.1 c.4&5

Aney, Oren D. Sale of property at So. Valley. WT 7-5-06 p.1 c.2

Angle, Mrs. Austin At Cobleskill. Widow of Austin Angle. WT 5-10-06 p.4 c.1

Antisdel, Delphine Of Roseboom. Will contested. WT 6-27-07 p.1 c.3

Armset, David Near Kingston. Dying. WT 9-20-06 p.4 c.1

Armstrong, Ira G. At Utica. WT 11-8-06 p.4 c.2

Armstrong, Win At Pittsburg; 20 yrs. Son of John H. Armstrong. WT 9-5-07 p.5 c.3

Atherton, Edwin Of Little Falls. WT 11-29-06 p.2 c.1

Atkins, Mrs. Abram B. Of Poughkeepsie. WT 2-15-06 p.1 c.3

Babcock, Emily J. In Los Angeles CA, June 17, 1906. Wife of Rev. Chas. W. Babcock. Dau of Henry & Caroline Sperry. Mom of Mrs. C.L. Rider, Mrs. M.B. Chapman and Fred Babcock. Obituary. WT 7-19-06 p.5 c.3

Babcock, J.Jay Of. E. Worcester, Dec. 11, 1906; abt.74 yrs. Son of Russell & Sarah Babcock. Bro. of Mrs. Harvey Waldorf. Uncle of Alice Barnes Burial, Richmondville. WT 12-13-06 p.5 c.2; WT 12-20-06 p.8 c.3; obituary WT 12-27-06 p.1 c.5

Badgley, Stephen Of No. Blenheim. WT 3-28-07 p.2 c.2

Baker At Oneonta. Dad of Mrs. James Welch of Decatur. WT 2-8-06 p.5 c.1

Baker, J.H. Of Elmira; 80 yrs. WT 1-31-07 p.2 c.3

Baker, R.M. Former editor of Oneida Union. Will contested. WT 10-31-07 p.2 c.1

Baldwin, Aaron In Worcester, Mar. 21, 1905; 55 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Baldwin, Lewis J. Of Breakabeen; 71 yrs. WT 1-25-06 p.5 c.2

Banks, William H. Of Turnwood. WT 10-31-07 p.2 c.3

Barney, Mrs. Edgar S. In Brooklyn, April 17, 1906. Wife of son of Ansel Barney. Obituary. WT 4-26-06 p.1 c.3

Barney, Eli Of Worcester, at Binghamton; 70 yrs. Bro. of Ansyl and Cyrus Barney. WT 4-12-06 p.5 c.2

Barney, Julia Ann Of Worcester, June 8, 1907; 51 yrs. Wife of Cyrus Barney. Obituary WT 6-13-07 p.1 c.4&5

Barnum, Katherine At Tiffin, OH. Funeral, Cobleskill. WT 12-6-06 p.5 c.1

Bartlett Dau. of Jesse Bartlett of New York Mills near Utica. WT 1-18-06 p.3 c.4

Bassett, Dr. DeWilton Funeral So. New Berlin. Uncle of Mr. & Mrs. Ira Lawyer. WT 8-15- 07 p.1 c.2

Beach Dau. of Frank Beach of Oakland. WT 6-20-07 p.2 c.1

Beams In Oneonta. Mom of Mrs. Ira Beams. WT 12-19-07 p.1 c.4

Bedford, Albert E. A.K.A. Joseph Bedford. Inquest into his death on Jan. 28, 1907. WT 2-7- 07 p.5 c.2

Bedford, Joseph Of Oneonta. Near Worcester. WT 1-24-07 p.1 c.2

Bedford, Joseph. A.K.A. Albert E. Bedford. Inquest into his death on Jan. 28, 1907. WT 2-7- 07 p.5 c.2

Bellew, Catherine On So. Hill, 78 yrs. Nee, Casey; widow of Jospeh Bellew. Obituary WT 6-20-07 p.1 c.2&3& p.5 c.3

Bennett, Betsey On So. Hill. Funeral, Schenevus. Widow of Winthrop Bennett. WT 7-25- 07 p.5 c.1

Bigelow, Charles Funeral, Albany. Cousin of Mina Mellick. WT 3-8-06 p.1 c.1

Bila, Mrs. John Of Gloversville area. WT 1-25-06 p.4 c.2

Bingham, John In Worcester; 68 yrs. Hus. of Sarah J. Bingham. WT 2-21-07 p.5 c.2; WT 2-28-07 p.4 c.2; WT 3-7-07 p.1 c.3; Legal ad. WT 7-25-07 p.3 c.2

Blair, Nora In Worcester, Aug. 17, 1905; 5 d. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Bodener Mother of 2-yr old Ray Bodener of Syracuse, who after mom died was sent to Neb. to live with relatives. WT 4-25-07 p.2 c.1

Boorn, Ansel C. In Worcester, Dec. 20, 1905; 58 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3; Legal ad. WT 2- 22-06 p.4 c.2

Boorn, James E. Of E. Worcester, abt. 72 yrs. Dad of Fred Boorn of MI. WT 1-24-07 p.8 c.3

Borst, Beulah May Dau. of Hiram Borst. Interred Worcester. WT 3-21-07 p.1 c.2&p.5 c.1&4

Bourne, Dr./Mrs. Henry Of Corning. WT 11-15-06 p.2 c.1

Boyce, Flora At Maryland, Dec. 29, 1906. Wife of Chas. Boyce. Interred, Westford. WT 1-3-07 p.1 c.4

Boynes, William In Middletown. WT 5-31-06 p.4 c.1

Brazee, Barney Interred, E. Worcester. Dad of Henry Brazee and Mrs. Alice Potter; 84 yrs. WT 3-15-06 p.8 c.3

Breen, Mrs. John Near Worcester; 74 yrs. Buried Albany. WT 2-14-07 p.5 c.1

Breen, John Of Tuscan; abt 90 yrs. WT 11-7-07 p.1 c.3; personal property sale WT 11-14-07 p.5 c.1; WT 11-21-07 p.5 c.1

Breese, Mrs. Welthie On Nov. 9, 1906, 80 yrs. Interred, Westford. Sis. of Mr. & Mrs. Hiram Ottman of Seward. WT 11-15-06 p.8 c.5

Breille, Mr. Owner of Breille's Hotel in Otego. (see Briffle?) WT 4-4-07 p.5 c.1

Brewster, Annie At E. Coldenham. Nee Meeker? WT 10-18-06 p.1 c.2

Briffle, Albert Hotel sold in Otego.(see Brielle?) WT 8-29-07 p.5 c.1

Briggs, Theodore Funeral, Oneonta. Vet. of 121st NY Regt. in civil war. WT 4-26-06 p.1 c.2

Brombard, A. Of Brushton, NY, 21 yrs. WT 11-8-06 p.4 c.1

Brower, Mrs. P.O. Funeral at N. Korthright. Sis of Adelbert Turner of Davenport and Frank Turner. WT 6-21-06 p.8 c.5

Brown, George Of Oneonta; 12 yrs. WT 6-20-07 p.5 c.2

Brown, Grace At Big Moose Lake last July. WT 10-11-06 p.8 c.5; WT 12-6-06 p.1 c.2; WT 1-17-07 p.2 c.1; WT 6-20-07 p.2 c.2

Buckley, James Of Elmira. WT 3-7-07 p.2 c.3

Bunn, Mrs. Fred Of Fly Creek area. WT 5-31-06 p.4 c.1

Burke, John Of Little Falls; 9 yrs. WT 11-21-07 p.2 c.2

Burnside, Samuel Of Worcester on So. Hill. Dad of Mrs. E.B. Rathbun, Mrs. Freeman Waters, Mrs. Edward McGarrity, Edgar and Edward Burnside. Obituary. WT 2-28-07 p.5 c.3; WT 3-7-07 p.1 c.2&p.4 c.2; prop. appraisal WT 3-14-07 p.5 c.1; Legal ad. WT 7-25-07 p.3 c.2

Burnside, Sarah Of So. Hill; 54 yrs. Wife of Samuel Burnside. Nee, Bressee. Mom of Mrs. Rathbun, Mrs. Magarity, Edward Burnside, Edgar Burnside and Mrs. Waters. Obituary. WT 5-24-06 p.1 c.2& p.5 c.3

Bush, Mrs. Robert Funeral, Schenevus. WT 12-20-06 p.8 c.5

Bushnell, David Near Port Jervis. Civil war vet. WT 2-1-06 p.2 c.1

Butler, E.G. Funeral, Bainbridge. WT 8-22-07 p.1 c.5

Butler, Mrs. Lydia C. On April 25, 1907; 87 yrs. Wife of Rev. W.S. Butler. Mom of John R. Butler (deceased) Mrs. Clara A. Brown and Mrs. Chas Fredenburgh. Obituary. WT 5-2-07 p.1 c.3

Butler, Martha Funeral, Deposit. Wife of Edward Butler. Aunt of C.E. Babcock. WT 10-4-06 p.1 c.2

Cain, Wilma June In Worcester, Feb. 9, 1905; 2 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Campbell, Mrs. Amos W. At Schenectady on the 17th., 68 yrs. Formerly of E. Worcester. Mom of Miss Cora & Daisy Campbell. WT 9-27-06 p.8 c.3

Carberry, Geo. At Syracuse; 30 yrs. WT 9-6-06 p.2 c.2

Carr, Leon Of Edmeston, July 24, 1906. WT 8-30-06 p.1 c.4

Carroll, David In Roseboom; 27 yrs. Bro. of Merton, George and James Carroll, Mrs. Clinton Wilsey, Mrs. Arthur Potter and Mrs. Frank Grosfent. WT 2- 21-07 p.5 c.2

Carswell, Allen In Worcester, Apl. 26, 1905; 76 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3; Legal ad. WT 8-9-06 p.8 c.5

Cary, Mary Of Brooklyn. Mom of Mrs. R.D. Mitchell of Worcester. WT 2-7-07 p.5 c.1

Cavanaugh, Anna Of Worcester, Oct. 16, 1907. Widow of Capt. James Cavanaugh. Dau. of Martin and Mary Fryer. Mom of Dr. Wm John Cavanaugh. Obituary. WT 10-24-07 p.1 c.2 &4 and.p.5 c.3; Tribute WT 10-31-07 p.5 c.2; Memorial WT 11-21-07 p.5 c.1

Chase, Lydia Ann In Worcester, Oct. 28, 1906. Dau. of Joshua and Ann Salisbury. Widow of William R. Chase. Mom of Mrs. Melville Griggs and Mrs. Charles Bell. WT 11-1-06 p. 1 c.5

Chase, Lydia Ann In Worcester, Oct. 28, 1906; 78 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Cheeseboro, Mrs. Mary J. At Fond Du Lac Wis., June 7, 1906; 88 yrs. Sis of C.B. Chase. WT 6-21-06 p.5 c.1

Cheney, Dewey Son of Philip Cheney of Clinton; 7 yrs. WT 2-1-06 p.2 c.2

Childs, Libbie In Chazy NY. Formerly of Worcester and interred there. WT 12-6-06 p.5 c.2

Choate, Mrs. In Worcester, April 10, 1907. Mom of Mrs. Clara Merriam, Mrs. Mary Chamberlain, Ferris, Ira, Jay and John Peck. Interred Stamford? WT 4-18-07 p.1 c.4&5 and p.5 c.1

Cibberly, James H. At Trenton NJ. Son of Rev. J.A. Cibberly, pastor of Worcester Baptist Church; 25 yrs. WT 7-18-07 p.5 c.2

Clapper, Ward Funeral Charlotteville. Son of James L. Clapper; 15 yrs. WT 2-21-07 p.8 c.4

Clark In Deposit. Mom of Fred Clark. WT 1-25-06 p.5 c.2

Clark, Adeline At Deposit, Jan. 24, 1906. Nee Simmons, formerly of E. Worcester and buried there. WT 2-1-06 p.8 c.3

Clark, Anna Of Jersey City, at Otisville NY. WT 5-10-06 p.1 c.2

Clark, Nelson At Richmondville. Interred in Hall Dist. Cem on So Hill, formerly of Westford. WT 4-12-06 p.5 c.1

Cleveland Funeral, Davenport. Dad of James Cleveland. WT 3-22-06 p.8 c.5

Cleveland, Adaline In Worcester, Jan. 12, 1907; abt 85 yrs. Widow of A. Cleveland. Nee, Shultus? Mom of Mrs. Henry Wood, Miss Mattie Cleveland and Rev. J.S. Cleveland. Obituary. WT 1-17-07 p.1 c.2&4 & p.5 c.3

Cleveland, Adeline Wor. Baptist Church mem.; 84 yrs. Died in last yr. WT 8-1-07 p.5 c.1

Cleveland, Mrs. In Franklin OH. Wife of Rev. John S. Cleveland. Sis-in-law of Mrs. Henry Wood and Miss Mattie Cleveland of Worcester. WT 2-1-06 p.5 c.2

Coffin, Maj. Eugene In Manilla, Philippines. WT 7-25-07 p.4 c.1&2

Cole, Mrs. C. In Oneonta. Buried, Davenport. WT 8-2-06 p.8 c.5

Conerty, Annie Of Schenevus. Interred Worcester. WT 9-5-07 p.5 c.1

Conklin, Grace Of Mt. Vernon. At Johnstown. Sis. of Wm. G. Conklin. WT 8-19-06 p.5 c.1

Connors, Freeman At Valpariso, Ind. Chicago Zouave in civil war. Bro-in-law of Dr. Goodenough and Mrs. Chas. Platts of Worcester. Obituary. WT 4- 5-06 p.1 c.4

Conrow, Grace Of Worcester. Dau. of Erskine Conrow; 3 yrs. WT 8-15-07 p.5 c.2; WT 8-22-07 p.5 c.1

Conrow, Rufus B. In Worcester, Mar. 23, 1906; 78 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Cook, Lena Near Amsterdam. WT 11-8-06 p.4 c.1

Cooley, Mrs. J.B. Of Worcester; 87 yrs. Mom of Duane Cooley and sis of Mrs. John R. Boyce. Dau. of Philip & Sally Crippen.WT 3-21-07 p.5 c.1; funeral & obituary WT 3-28-07 p.1 c.2; legal ad WT 4-4-07 p.4 c.2

Cooley, Sarah E. Of Worcester. Legal ad. WT 7-25-07 p.3 c.2

Cornell, Fred At Oneonta; 28 yrs. Formerly of Charlotteville and So. Worcester. WT 4-26-06 p.5 c.3

Cossaart, Mrs. Perry At Pleasant Brook. WT 11-21-07 p.5 c.1

Costanzo, Fanny Dau. of Samuel Constanzo of Middletown; 3 yrs. WT 7-25-07 p.2 c.4

Costello In Beerston. Child of Will Costello. WT 12-26-07 p.2 c.1

Craig, Chas. Near Bainbridge. WT 6-20-07 p.4 c.1

Crapser, Mrs. Chas. Funeral Charlotteville. Sis of Mrs. D.I. Eckerson. Formerly of Worcester. WT 12-26-07 p.1 c.2& p.5 c.2

Crippen, Emmett Of Worcester; 62 yrs. Dad of Mrs. Clara Empie and John Crippen. Bro. of Mrs. Clara VanCamp. Obituary. WT 11-28-07 p.5 c.2

Crippen, George Of E. Worcester. Near W. Richmondville. Interred E. Worcester. Dad of Claude Crippen. WT 4-18-07 p.8 c.3

Crippen, Sophronia In Worcester, Sept. 26, 1905; 63 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Crosby, George Bro. of Walter Crosby and Mrs. A.D. Simmons of Davenport area. WT 5-17-06 p.8 c.4

Croswell, Kellogg Of Gilboa; 81 yrs. WT 1-25-06 p.5 c.2

Cummings, Alexander Estate loses house in Westford fire. WT 11-28-07 p.4 c.1

Cummings, Schulyer Of So. Worcester area, April 9, 1906; 86 yrs. Interred, Maryland. Dad of J.D.& M.R. Cummings, Mrs. J. Queal amd Mrs. Henry Smith. WT 4-19-06 p.8 c.5; Obituary WT 4-26-06 p.1 c.2

Cummings, Schuyler In Worcester, April 1, 1906; 86 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Dante, Lydia M. In Worcester, Jun. 1, 1905; 77 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Darling, Amarilla At Madison OH, of Westford. Mom of Mrs. John Baldwin of Worcester. Sis of Mrs. Saxton. (See Darling, Emerilla) WT 2-7-07 p.5 c.1

Darling, Emerilla Of Westford. House & furniture sold. (see Darling, Amarilla) WT 5-2-07 p.5 c.1

Davenpeck, Margaret Of Worcester, Sept. 7. 1906. Wife of Charles Davenpeck. Nee, Russ. Sis of Mrs. V. Whittier of Chicago. Obituary. WT 9-13-06 p.1 c.3& p.5 c.2

Davenpeck, Margaret In Worcester, Sept. 7, 1906; 82 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Davidson, Arthur Of Oneonta, at Howes Cave; 21 yrs. WT 11-29-06 p.1 c.2

Davis In Delmar. Father of Dr. D.H. Davis of E. Worcester. WT 12-12-07 p.1 c.2

Day Mom of Rodney Day of Syracuse. Will matter. WT 7-5-06 p.2 c.4

Day, Celeste Of Decatur. Widow of Asa Day, Feb. 25, 1906; 66 yrs. Nee, VanAuken. Mom of Mrs. Fred Clark, Mrs. Clarence Mower and Mrs. William Mereness. Obituary. (see Day, Celestia) WT 3-1-06 p.8 c.4; WT 3-8-06 p.5 c.2

Day, Celestia Of Decatur. Legal ad. (see Day, Celeste) WT 4-12-06 p.3 c.2

Day, George Funeral, Fergusonville. Interred Worcester. Uncle of Mrs. David Winne. WT 9-5-07 p.1 c.2&p.4 c.1

Delong, Mrs. Chas. Funeral, Summit. WT 9-20-06 p.1 c.2; WT 10-11-06 p.4 c.1

Dempster, William In Sharon on the 12th inst; 75 yrs. Funeral Sharon Springs. WT 2-21- 07 p.8 c.3

Dennis, Joe Son of Joseph Dennis of Port Crane; 3 yrs. WT 1-17-07 p.1 c.2

Denny Funeral, Franklin. Grandma of Mrs. W. Denny. WT 1-25-06 p.4 c.1

Denny, Alonzo In Worcester, Jun. 23, 1905; 69 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Denny, Nathaniel Of Charlotteville; 78 yrs. Father of Mrs. John T. Overing. WT 2-1-06 p.4 c.1

DeVenny, Gertrude In Worcester, Nov. 26, 1905; 37 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Dickenson, Frank L. Widow wins suit agst. U.S. Express Co. in Syracuse after death of husband. WT 6-14-06 p.2 c.4

Dodge, Isaac Of E. Worcester; 85 yrs. Dad of Charles Dodge and Mrs. Lucy Chadwick. Interred Worcester. WT 3-22-06 p.8 c.3

Dodge, Isaac In Worcester, Mar. 18, 1906; 83 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Downey, Julia Of NYC. Near Port Jervis? WT 7-19-06 p.4 c.1

Downey, May Of NYC. Near Port Jervis? WT 7-19-06 p.4 c.1

Driggs, Alice Mary Inf. dau of Mr. & Mrs. Alozo Driggs, at Washington NJ. Burial Schenectady. Kin of F.E. Golden and Gladys Munson. WT 1-18-06 p.4 c.1

Dufendorf, Margaret Wor. Baptist Church mem.; 82 yrs. Died in last yr. WT 8-1-07 p.5 c.1

Duff, Archibald In Pittsburg. Dad-in-law of Mrs. M.A. Burd of Clairton. WT 5-31-06 p.4 c.1

Duizewake, Andrew Of Schenectady; 15 yrs. WT 7-11-07 p.1 c.4

Dugan, James Near Waterville. WT 3-29-06 p.2 c.2

Dyckman, George Of Charlotteville; 70 yrs. WT 2-1-06 p.4 c.1

Dygert, George Of Verona, Oneida Co. WT 5-17-06 p.4 c.1

Eckler Child of George Eckler of Little Falls. WT 7-19-06 p.2 c.5

Elwell Funeral Laurens. Niece of Will Elwell, 1 yr. WT 2-14-07 p.1 c.2

Elwell, Cora Remains reinterred from Davenport to Worcester. Died 32 yrs ago. Sis. of Will and Harrison Elwell. WT 11-21-07 p.5 c.2

Elwell, Julius F. Of Maryland, 57 yrs. Formerly of Worcester. Husband of Alice E. Foote. Dad of Mrs. Grace Grady, Harrison and Wm. Elwell. WT 1- 17-07 p.1 c.4

Elwell, Polly B. Of Davenport, July 7, 1906; 86y 2m 7d. Aunt of Della Evans. Sis of Nelson & William Kellogg and Mrs. A. Evans (deceased). Obituary. WT 7-12-06 p.8 c.5

Emmons, Addie At Perth Amboy NJ. Funeral, Oneonta. Buried Otego. WT 9-26-07 p.1 c.2

Emmons, Carrie On Sept. 25, 1906; 48 yrs. Wife of A.L. Emmons. Nee, Thomas. Mom of Mrs. John D. Bulson. Sis. of Mrs. John Baldwin. WT 9-27-06 p.1 c.5

Emmons, Carrie E. In Worcester, Sept 26, 1906; 48 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Empie, Mrs. Meta In New Orleans; 28 yrs. Dau. of Hamilton Wilber. Wife of Homer Empie of Cobleskill. Sis of Ralph Wilber of Sidney. WT 7-4-07 p.5 c.2; WT 7-11-07 p.5 c.3; WT 8-1-07 p.5 c.2

Fahey, James Of Abany. Near Worcester. WT 8-8-07 p.1 c.5

Fancher, Mrs. Geo. Formerly of Worcester. In Ottawa IL area. Sis-in-law of Eugene Fancher. Sis. of John Murphy. WT 11-15-06 p.1 c.4

Ferguson, James Near Kingston. Dying. WT 9-20-06 p.4 c.1

Fern, James Funeral, Cooperstown. Cousin of Mrs. Charlotte & Mrs. Mary Fern. WT 9-20-06 p.1 c.2

Fern, Jennie Mae In Cooperstown, Nov. 6, 1907. Dau of late James I. and Armitta Cheney Fern. Sis of C.C. Fern. Funeral, Fly Creek. Obituary. WT 11-28-07 p.5 c.2

Finkle, Charles Near Poughkeepsie; 30 yrs. Bro of Harry Finkle of Chicago. WT 12- 26-07 p.2 c.3

Firman, Thomas Of Oneonta, at Delanson WT 10-4-06 p.1 c.5; WT 10-11-06 p.1 c.3

Fisher, Mrs. Rev. At Ithica. WT 9-6-06 p.8 c.3

Flint, John R. In Worcester, June 14, 1907. Widower of Nancy Barns. Dad of Wm. Flint, Mrs. Harry Shafer and Miss Lillian Flint. Obituary. WT 6-20- 05 p.1 c.2&3 & p.8 c.3&4

Flint, Lester M. In Worcester, Jan. 28, 1906; abt. 70. Son of Jacob and Frances Flint. Widower of Ann E. Weiting. Dad of Frank C., Orin Q., and Howard W. Flint. Obituary. WT 2-1-06 p.1 c.2 and p.5 c.2; WT 2-8-06 p.5 c.3; Legal ad. WT 3-1-06 p.4 c.2; Auction. WT 2-21-07 p.5 c.1

Flint, Lester M. In Worcester, Jan. 28, 1906; 69 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Flint, Riley T. Of Schenvus. At Pheonix Mills, Oct. 27, 1906; 66 yrs. Buried Decatur. Bro. of John R. Flint of Chazy. Obituary. WT 11-1-06 p.5 c.2

Flogaus, Elizabeth Of E. Worcester; 50 yrs. Wife of Charles Flogaus. Nee, Moot? Mom of Flora, Hattie, Floyd and Harry Flogaus. WT 11-28-07 p.8 c.3

Forbes, Garret A. At Canastota. WT 9-27-06 p.8 c.5

Foster, Theodore Near Seward. Formerly of E. Worcester and interred there. WT 2-14-07 p.8 c.3

Fox, David Monument E. Worcester Cem. WT 9-5-07 p.8 c.4

Fox, Orrin Of Charlotteville; 19 yrs. Bro. of Mrs. C.O. Pierce of Worcester. Interred Worcester. WT 9-5-07 p.5 c.2; WT 9-12-07 p.8 c.5

Frank, Solomon At Gloversville. Entire family perishes. WT 10-17-07 p.4 c.1

French, Dwight At Lisle, Broome Co. Dad of Margaret French & Wm. H. French of Worcester. Obituary. WT 4-11-07 p.1 c.1&5

Frisbee, Edna At Sidney Center. WT 2-14-07 p.2 c.1

Fritcher, David At Sharon. Dad of Peter Fritcher, Mar. 22, 1906. Uncle of Geo. Stam of Worcester; 99 yrs. WT 3-29-06 p.5 c.2

Fritchler, Peter At Sharon, Mar. 12, 1906;81 yrs. Son of David Fritcher. WT 3-29-06 p.5 c.2

Fuller, Mrs. John At Itaska. WT 1-31-07 p.2 c.3

Gadwood, Wm. Of Walton. At Hurleyville. WT 2-21-07 p.1 c.4

Gage, Benjamin Near Charlotteville, April 14, 1906; 82 yrs. Dad of Isaac Gage. Funeral, Lutheranville. Bro. of Mrs. D.W. Cornell. WT 4-19-06 p.1 c.2& p.8 c.3&4

Galer, Amanda At So. Valley. abt. 70 yrs. Widow of George Galer. Mom of Mrs. George Stringer. WT 11-21-07 p.5 c.2

Gallup, Geo. At Amsterdam. Of Charlotteville area? WT 12-13-06 p.8 c.4

Gallup, Silas Near Lutheranville; 87 yrs. Interred Morrisville. WT 2-15-06 p.8 c.5; WT 2-22-06 p.8 c.5

Gardiner, Martin Near Esopus NY. Bro. of William Gardiner of Troy. WT 7-12-06 p.4 c.1

Gardner, Andrew Of Masonville. Will provisions. WT 10-17-07 p.1 c.4

Garrison, Bernice Dau. of S. B. Garrison of Walton. WT 8-30-06 p.1 c.5

Gaughan Son of Philip Gaughan. WT 2-22-06 p.5 c.1

Gaylor, Amanda M. In Worcester, Nov. 7, 1905; 57 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Gaylor, Clarence In Worcester, Nov. 22, 1905; 3 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Genung (inf) In Worcester May 7, 1906; 1 d. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

George, Simon Near the Onondaga reservation. WT 5-2-07 p.1 c.5

Gibson, Sarah In Worcester, Feb. 3, 1905; 85 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Gifford, Mrs. Carey Near Oneonta. Dau of J.W. & Anna Moak. Niece of J.E. Moak. Sis of Mrs. M.L. Peck and Herbert Moak. WT 3-14-07 p.5 c.1; WT 3-21- 07 p.1 c.2

Gile, Peter Funeral Oneonta. Uncle of Mrs. Geo. B. Crippen. WT 2-28-07 p.1 c.1

Giles, Gilbert Of Delmar, at Ballston; abt 65 yrs. Dad of John Giles of Chicago. WT 10-24-07 p.5 c.2

Giles, Thomas Of Richmondville, Sept. 18, 1906; 23 yrs. WT 10-4-06 p.8 c.4; Heir matter. WT 10-18-06 p.8 c.3

Gillette, Culver Of Oneonta Pines; 79 yrs. Uncle of David Winne of Worcester. WT 8- 22-07 p.5 c.2

Goodwin, Mrs. James In Castleton NY. Sis of Emanuel Roads and Mrs. Wm. R. Robbins of Worcester. WT 12-26-07 p.1 c.2

Gordon, Joseph At Ogdensburg. WT 5-20-07 p.2 c.2

Gott, German Of E. Worcester; 80 yrs. Dad of Henry Gott WT 5-23-07 p.5 c.2; WT 5- 30-07 p.8 c.3

Gott, Wm. Bro. of German Gott & Mrs. John Stever of E. Worcester. Son of Harry Gott of E. Worcester. Hus of Mrs. Merrills. WT 1-18-06 p.8 c.3; Funeral WT 1-25-06 p.8 c.3

Gott, William T. In Worcester, Jan. 15, 1906; 67 yrs.WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Gove, Geo. Funeral Westford. WT 12-19-07 p.1 c.4

Graig, Jennie Interred, Davenport; 33 yrs. Wife of James Graig. Mom of Lavern & Arthur Graig. Sis. of Charles and Wesley Zeh. WT 6-21-06 p.8 c.5

Grant, Sophia Miller At Glens Falls; 102 yrs. WT 7-12-06 p.4 c.2

Graves, Bert Of Norwich, at New Berlin. WT 1-11-06 p.1 c.4

Green, Claude Near Peakville; 22 yrs. WT 3-29-06 p.2 c.1

Green, Edward Of Middletown, dying? WT 11-15-06 p.2 c.1

Groat, George Of Hartwick. WT 12-13-06 p.1 c.2

Groff, John Of Schenevus; 67 yrs. Bro. of O.P. Groff of Schenevus. WT 7-5-06 p.1 c.1

Groff, Lydia Widow of Nathaniel Groff of Westford. WT 7-25-07 p.1 c.3

Guernsey, Mrs. Matthew Funeral, Howes Cave, 70 yrs. Sis of Mrs. Chas. M. Clark. WT 9-13- 06 p.1 c.2

Guernsey, Mrs. Richard Of Worcester; 93 yrs. Sis of Mrs. Henry Miller. Obituary. WT 10-4- 06 p.5 c.1; WT 10-18-06 p.5 c.2

Guernsey, Betsey Wor. Baptist Church mem.; 93 yrs. Died in last yr. WT 8-1-07 p.5 c.1

Gurnsey, Betsey In Worcester, Oct. 3, 1906; 93 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Hadsell, Mrs. Harrison Funeral, So. Valley. WT 5-23-07 p.4 c.1

Haines, Vivian In Oneonta, June 18, 1906. Buried Westford. Dau. of M.W. Haines. WT 6-28-06 p.8 c.5

Hall, George Of Middlefield, Dec. 31, 1906; 59 yrs. Hus. of Martha J. Bigelow of Worcester. Dad of Robert, William and Bessie Hall. Obituary. WT 1- 10-07 p.1 c.4; Funeral, Middlefield Center. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.1

Hall Mrs. Alice C. Hall of Oneida, receives compensation for death of husband at Oneida last fall. WT 2-7-07 p.2 c.1

Hamil, Ruth Of Amsterdam. WT 11-1-06 p.2 c.1

Hannis, Robert Of Norwich; 78 yrs. Formerly of Worcester. Hus. of Ruth J. Brown. Obituary. WT 1-25-06 p.5 c.2; WT 2-1-06 p.1 c.3

Hart, John Of Newburgh. WT 2-21-07 p.4 c.1

Hartwell, Caroline In Worcester, Oct. 23, 1906; abt 84 yrs. Dau. of Joseph Utter of RI. Widow of Seneca Hartwell. Obituary. WT 10-25-06 p.5 c.2; WT 11- 1-06 p.1 c.2 & p.5 c.1 & p.8 c.4; legal ad WT 11-22-06 p.3 c.2; Seneca Hartwell est. sale WT 11-22-06 p.8 c.4; farm sale WT 12-13- 06 p.5 c.1; estate sale WT 12-20-06 p.4 c.2; legal ad WT 1-10-07 p.4 c.2

Hartwell, Caroline In Worcester, Oct. 23, 1906; 84 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4; Real estate auction. WT 2-7-07 p.5 c.3; Real est. auction. WT 2-14-07 p.5 c.3; sale of house WT 2-21-07 p.5 c.1; Sale of house. WT 2-28-07 p.5 c.2; Estate matter. WT 3-7-07 p.1 c.1

Hartwell, Caroline Wor. Baptist Church mem.; 84 yrs. Died in last yr. WT 8-1-07 p.5 c.1

Hebbard, Rodney Of Davenport. WT 7-26-06 p.8 c.4; WT 8-2-06 p.8 c.5

Hemperly, Rev. G.M. At Cobleskill, 87 yrs. WT 12-13-06 p.4 c.1

Hemstraught, Charles Near Binghamton; 70 yrs. WT 3-22-06 p.4 c.2

Henderson, Mrs. At Gothicville, Nov. 29, 1906. Formerly of Westford and interred there. WT 12-6-06 p.4 c.2

Henderson, Joseph At Middletown. WT 4-11-07 p.2 c.1

Herron, Mrs. T. Funeral, Cobleskill, Aunt of George Chriss. WT 1-18-06 p.1 c.1

Hickock, David Of Stamford. Grandpa of Florence McMullen and dad of Mrs. Geo. L. Baldwin.. WT 1-11-06 p.1 c.1& p.5 c.2; WT 1-18-06 p.5 c.1

Higgins In Oleans. Ex-gov. WT 2-14-07 p.1 c.3

Hill, Mary In Philadelphia. WT 10-11-06 p.1 c.4

Hodge, Rev. Dwight In Monson, Mass., June 11, 1906. Bro. of Mrs. Osmer Leonard. WT 6-28-06 p.5 c.1

Hoffman Of Gloversville. Son of John Hoffman, 6 mos. Funeral So. Valley. WT 12-5-07 p.8 c.3

Hollenbeck, Edwin Of Worcester, Aug. 18, 1907; 55 yrs. Dad of Willliam Hollenbeck. Obituary. WT 8-22-07 p.5 c.2; WT 8-29-07 p.1 c.3&5&p.5 c.3;

Legal ad. WT 9-12-07 p.4 c.3; Tribute WT 9-19-07 p.5 c.2

Holmes In E. Worcester. Dad of Hiram Holmes. WT 3-29-06 p.8 c.3

Holmes, James E. Near E. Worcester on the 13th inst. Interred near Warnerville. WT 3-22- 06 p.8 c.3

Holmes, John K. Of Westford; 79 yrs. WT 2-28-07 p.8 c.4

Holmes, Mary Jane In Brockport; 79 yrs. Obituary. WT 10-10-07 p.4 c.2

Hoose, Stephen Funeral, Schenevus. Cousin of Mrs. T. Wickham. WT 8-9-06 p.1 c.1

Hotaling, Wm. In Columbia Co., NY. WT 5-17-06 p.2 c.1

Houck, John B. In Worcester, Aug. 22, 1905; 79 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Houghtailing, Mrs. Daniel. Near So. Worcester. Interred near Broome Center. WT 11-1-06 p.8 c.5

Howland, George Near Gothicville on the 24th inst; 68 yrs. WT 3-28-07 p.8 c.3

Howland, Pearl At Oneonta on the 16th inst; 20 yrs. Interred E. Worcester. Wife of Claude Howland. Dau. of Brownell Holmes. WT 6-21-06 p.8 c.3; WT 6-28-06 p. 8 c.3&4

Hoyt, Mrs. Mary Of Schenevus. Aunt of George A. Benedict. WT 2-1-06 p.1 c.1

Hubbard, Samuel At Schenevus, April 11, 1907; 78 yrs. Dad of Clara Hubbard, Mrs. Cora Jenkins and E.J. Goddard. Bro. of Mrs. Louis Tompkins and Mrs Orwen. Obituary. WT 4-18-07 p.1 c.4

Hubert, Chas. Of Oneonta. At Binghamton. Dad of Harold and Florence Hubert. Hus. of Cora DeLong. WT 8-9-06 p.1 c.5

Hudson, Elizabeth D. In Worcester, May 9, 1905; 78 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Hulse, Mrs. Mary L. Of Ithica. WT 2-15-06 p.1 c.5

Hummell, Ross C. At Lestershire. Of Boston, Mass. WT 6-14-06 p.5 c.2

Hunt Son of Philo Hunt (of E. Worcester?); 6 yrs. Interred So. New Berlin. WT 8-8-07 p.8 c.3

Hunt, Francis Of Delanson? Son of Peter Hunt; 19 yrs. WT 8-23-06 p.5 c.3

Hunt, Wheeler At Central Bridge. Nephew of Mrs. W.E. Hollenbeck. WT 2-22-06 p.5 c.1

Husband, Anna D. At Myerdale PA, Jan. 31, 1906; 57 yrs. Dau. of David Anthony and sis of late Mrs. George Stam, Almeda Snyder and Emmet Anthony. WT 2-15-06 p.5 c.1; WT 2-22-06 p.8 c.3

Ingerick, Alice Near Middletown, Oct. 6, 1905. WT 10-31-07 p.1 c.5; WT 11-14-07 p.2 c.3

Ismond, Mrs. Polly At Pheonix Mills, 80 yrs. Formerly of Worcester. Burial, E. Worcester. WT 10-18-06 p.5 c.2

Ismond, Polly Wor. Baptist Church mem.; 80 yrs. Died in last yr. WT 8-1-07 p.5 c.1

Ives, D. Auction of property. WT 3-22-06 p.5 c.2

Ives, Jacob Of Binghamton, Jan. 16, 1907; 88 yrs. Dad of Mrs. E.S. Dickenson, Mrs. J.S. Dibble, Mrs. H.M. Vonanken, Mrs. S.J. Stinson and F.J. Ives. WT 1-24-07 p.5 c.2

Ives, Nathaniel Of Binghamton, 52 yrs. Bro. of Daniel Ives, W.B. and G.O. Ives, Mrs. Truster and Mrs. Truesddell. Obituary. WT 9-26-07 p.1 c.5

Ives, William In Worcester, Sept. 3, 1906; 84 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Ives, William On Sept. 3, 1906; 85 yrs. Interred Worcester. Dad of Frank, Chester and Isaac Ives. WT 8-30-06 p.5 c.1; WT 9-6-06 p.5 c.3; WT 9-13-06 p.5 c.2

Jackson, Geo. Funeral, Albany. WT 1-17-07 p.1 c.2

Jackson, Geo. W. Nephew of Isaac Ostrander. WT 1-24-07 p.5 c.1

Jaycox, John Of E. Worcester, April 16, 1907. Civil war vet. WT 4-18-07 p.1 c.4

Jaycox, John Henry In Worcester; 63 y 3m. Bro. of Lorenzo, Samuel, Chester, Adelbert and Sarah Jaycox and Mrs. Edgar Hill. WT 5-9-07 p.5 c.2

Jaycox, Samuel Of E. Worcester on the 14th.. Bro. of late John H. Jaycox. WT 5-16-07 p.5 c.2; WT 5-23-07 p.8 c.3

Jenkins, Irving Of Clintondale. WT 9-19-07 p.2 c.1

Jennings, Hiram Of Norwich area. WT 9-27-06 p.2 c.2

Johns, Howard In Worcester, Oct. 16, 1906; 2 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Johnson, Ferris In Worcester, Mar. 3, 1905; 49 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Johnson, Frank Of Kingston; 35 yrs. WT 5-10-06 p.1 c.2

Johnson, Iva Dau. of Elmer Johnson of Coventry; 5 yrs. WT 9-12-07 p.2 c.5

Johnson, Mrs. Mary Funeral, Charlotteville; 79 yrs. WT 7-5-06 p.1 c.3

Johnson, W.V. At Portland, Oregon. Dad of Carl Johnson, M.J., William and Gertrude Johnson. Bro. of James Johnson of Worcester. Obituary. WT 4-26-06 p.1 c.3

Jones Son of Minard Jones of E. Worcester; 3 yrs. Interred Lutheranville. WT 10-25-06 p.8 c.3

Jones, Mrs. Willard Funeral, Cherry Valley. Cousin of Harrison Elwell. WT 1-18-06 p.1 c.2

Judd (inf) In Worcester, May 27, 1906. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Kahn, Mrs. Charles Funeral, Charlotteville; 19 yrs. WT 2-21-07 p.8 c.4; WT 2-28-07 p.8 c.5

Keck, Mrs. George Of Utica. WT 2-21-07 p.2 c.1

Kegler, M. Of Carbondale, near Bainbridge. WT 6-20-07 p.4 c.1

Kenworthy, Frank At Fowlersville. Of Winterton, abt. 30 yrs. WT 11-7-07 p.4 c.2

Kieffer, Mrs Leon Of Elmira. WT 5-31-06 p.2 c.4

Kilts Inf. son of Bert Kilts of E. Decatur. WT 9-27-06 p.8 c.3

Kingsland At Nichols, near Binghamton. Dau of Prof. Chas. F. Kingsland of NYC; 3 yrs. WT 7-25-07 p.2 c.1

Kipp, Silas Near Pine Plains; 60 yrs. WT 3-1-06 p.1 c.5

Kleine, Carl Of NYC, 20 yrs. Near Port Jervis? WT 7-19-06 p.4 c.1

Kniffen, Emilne M. In Worcester, Mar. 24, 1905; 65 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Kruger, Walter Of Amsterdam area. At Ft. Hunter, 20 yrs. WT 8-22-07 p.8 c.5

La France, Bessie At Utica; 10 yrs. WT 8-9-06 p.4 c.1

Lamb, Wm. Of Downsville, at Cochecton. WT 12-6-06 p.2 c.1

Lambert Bro. of Mrs. Burdell Lambert of Long Branch NJ. WT 5-16-07 p.1 c.2

Langdon, Clarissa In Worcester, Mar. 3, 1906. Dau. of Clarissa and David Wilber. Widow of Justice Langdon. Mom of Calvin and James Langdon. Sis.. of Hamilton Wilber and Amanda Russ. WT 3-1-06 p.1 c.2; Obituary WT 3-8-06 p.1 c.1,2&4

Laurence, Ferrin Of Cortland area. WT 2-8-06 p.4 c.2

Lee, George Of Norwich. Former slave. Estate matter. WT 4-12-06 p.2 c.1

Lee, Katherine Dau. of Peter Lee of White Mills; 3 yrs. WT 1-25-06 p.2 c.1

Leiber, Louis Of NYC, at Newburgh. WT 10-18-06 p.1 c.4

Leonard, Alida In Newport NY, Nov. 5, 1907. Wife of Madison Leonard. Dau. of Edward Ackley. Obituary. WT 11-14-07 p.5 c.2; WT 11-21-07 p.8 c.3

Leslie, Joseph At Wellsburg. WT 2-22-06 p.8 c.5

Limerick, Jeanette Funeral, Troy. Wife of Charles Limerick. Nee, Lansing. Niece of Mr. H. Herrick. WT 5-3-06 p.1 c.2

Lovejoy, Allen At Gloversville. WT 2-7-07 p.5 c.1

Loveland, Mrs. E.S. Of Oneonta. Mom of Mrs. Bickford; 62 yrs. WT 4-4-07 p.5 c.2

Lum, Sanford In Worcester, Mar. 4, 1905; 17 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Lynes Inf. dau. of Wm. Lynes of Westford, April 8, 1907. WT 4-11-07 p.4 c.1

Lyons Funeral, Port Jervis. Aunt of E.M. Lyons. WT 2-14-07 p.1 c.1

Mackey, Emma In Worcester, Nov. 8, 1906; 37 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Macomber, Mrs. Emily Of Hunterland; 83 yrs. WT 3-22-06 p.3 c.5

Magee, Louella M. In Worcester, Feb. 27, 1905; 2 mos. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Mallette, Mrs. Reinterrment from Worcester to Cobleskill. WT 5-9-07 p.5 c.1

Mallette, Amanda At Cobleskill. Interred Worcester. Dau of F.P. Draper. WT 2-1-06 p.5 c.2

Manchester, Kate Of Schoharie. Nee, King? WT 5-3-06 p.1 c.5

Mann, Albert In Worcester, Jun. 12, 1905; 56 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Manning Funeral, Corning. Sis of Mrs. Rev. C.H. Manning of E. Worcester. WT 2-22-06 p.8 c.2; WT 3-1-06 p.8 c.3

Markham, Wm. A. At Sioux City S.Dak? or Iowa? Cousin of Emma Cook of Worcester. Son of Luther and Esther Markham of Worcester. Hus of Emma Magee. Obituary. WT 10-17-07 p.5 c.2

Marks, John H. In Schenevus, abt. 35 yrs. Married 1 yrs. ago to Addie Graig, dau. of James Graig of Davenport. Interred Davenport. WT 8-1-07 p.1 c.4

Martin, Jimmy Near Worcester and interred there; 55 yrs. WT 3-21-07 p.1 c.2

Mascovatro, Joseph At Afton. WT 12-12-07 p.2 c.3

Matthews Child of Lauren Matthews of Jewett Center. WT 5-23-07 p.2 c.1

Mattice, Louisa Widow of Geo. Mattice, 69 yrs. Sis of Luther Empie. Mom of L.D. Mattice, Mrs. W. Sperry, Mrs. W. Tator, Mrs. B. Sperry and Mrs. Chas. Eitapence. Obituary. WT 12-13-06 p.1 c.5

Mattice, Louisa In Worcester, Dec. 8, 1906; 69 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Mattice, Ward At Richmondville; 18 yrs. WT 11-15-06 p.1 c.5

May, George In Philadelphia. WT 7-19-06 p.1 c.4

McCabe, Elizabeth At NYC, July 24, 1907. Dau. of Montgomery Crampton of Orange Co. Wife of Lawrence L. McCabe. Sis-in-law of Dr. V.V. McCabe. WT 8-1-07 p.5 c.2

McClintock, Alex Of So. Hill; 77 yrs. Bro. of Wm. McClintock of Worcester. Obituary. WT 8-15-07 p.1 c.3 & p.4 c.1& p.5 c.1

McClintock, Charles Of Franklin, formerly of Worcester. Uncle of Andrew McClintock. WT 1-11-06 p.5 c.2

McClintock, James Funeral So. Worcester. Dad of Dr. Leonard McClintock of Mattewan. WT 7-5-06 p.1 c.3

McDonald, James In Worcester, May 4, 1905; 74 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

McElhinney, Daniel In Brooklyn. WT 12-19-07 p.5 c.1

McGowan, John J. Near Ithica; 76 yrs. WT 9-26-07 p.1 c.4

McGregory, Geo. Of Springfield Mass; 75 yrs. Formerly of E. Worcester. Dad of Mrs. Geo. Taylor, Miss Effie, Harry W., G.H. & Dr. A.C. McGregory. Obituary. WT 6-7-06 p.4 c.1

McHarg, John In Binghamton. WT 12-26-07 p.5 c.1

McIntryre, Mrs. J. B. In Oakland CA. Sis of Mrs. Hamilton Robinson. WT 4-26-06 p.5 c.2

McKay, Donald Of Troy; 31 yrs. WT 10-25-06 p.1 c.4

McLachlin, Wm. E. Near Cranesville. WT 8-1-07 p.8 c.5

McMaster, Susan Of Oneida Ill, Mar. 30, 1907. Dau. of Philip Multer. Wife of David McMaster. WT 4-11-07 p.1 c.4

McMurdy, Helen In Oneonta. Dau of late William Stewart of So. Worcester. Wife of Robert McMurdy of Wadington D.C. Sis of James Stewart and Mrs. Emma Robertson. WT 12-5-07 p.1 c.5

McNamee, Mary Funerral, Stamford. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.1

Meehan Twin son of Peter Meehan. Funeral, S. Jefferson WT 7-12-06 p.1 c.3 & p.5 c.2

Mellick, Peter E. Of Worcester. Hus. of Jane Graff & Mary D. Barney. Dad of Howard and Erwin Mellick and Mrs. Frank Snyder. WT 4-11-07 p.1 c.2&3

Melville, Rev. At Fayetteville NY. Former Worcester Baptist pastor. WT 3-14-07 p.5 c.2

Melville, Rev. Ernest Will probate matter in Syracuse. WT 5-9-07 p.1 c.2

Merrihew, Edward Of Worcester, interred. WT 12-6-06 p.1 c.3

Michaels, Anita P. Of Worcester, in Albany; 18 yrs. Dau. of A.H. Michaels of Worcester. Obituary & Tribute. WT 6-13-07 p.1 c.3; WT 6-20-07 p.1 c.3& p.5 c.3

Mickle At Long Bridge near Pulaski. Dau. of Bert Mickle; 2 yrs. WT 4-25-07 p.2 c.2

Mickle, Wesley Of Worcester, 70 yrs. Dad of Harrison and Edward Mickle. Obituary. WT 5-24-06 p.1 c.2

Mickle, Wesley In Worcester May 22, 1906; 69 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Miller, Caroline Wor. Baptist Church mem.; 86 yrs. Died in last yr. WT 8-1-07 p.5 c.1

Miller, Frank W. In Brooklyn in the 1860's. His sis. Mrs. Robert F. Thompson of Bovina inherits. WT 8-22-07 p.1 c.5

Miller, Henry L. In Worcester, Sept. 13, 1905; 91 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Miller, Mrs. Henry In Binghamton; abt 90 yrs. Of Worcester. Step-mom of Mrs. L.M. Weeks. WT 10-4-06 p.1 c.2; WT 10-18-06 p.1 c.3

Miller, Howard T. In Lestershire; 20 yrs. WT 2-28-07 p.2 c.1

Millias, Ralph In Oneonta; 17 yrs. Son of Wm. Millias of Worcester. WT 2-14-07 p.4 c.1; WT 2-21-07 p.1 c.2& p.5 c.2

Mills, Thomas Of Hartwick. WT 12-13-06 p.1 c.2

Millspaugh, Mrs. Peter In Newburgh. Interred Liberty. Mom of L.H.Millspaugh. WT 12-5-07 p.1 c.2

Mistrata, Frank In Florida, Montgomery Co. WT 11-8-06 p.1 c.4

Mitchell, Amos L. On Dec. 9, 1906; 21y 2m 9d. Son of Charles V. and Mary P. Mitchell. Bro. of Kenyon, Laura Jean, Donald Grant. Lillian and Walter D. Mitchell. Obituary. WT 1-3-07 p.1 c.3

Mitchell, Mrs. Peter At So. Worcester; abt 84 yrs. Mom of Mrs. F.L. Palmer, Mrs. James Bellew and Mrs. Fox. WT 8-1-07 p.5 c.1; WT 8-8-07 p.8 c.4

Moak, Jacob M. At Johnstown. Funeral, Leesville Schoharie Co. Dad of Eugene, John & Harlan Moak and Mrs. J.S. Wood. WT 11-7-07 p.5 c.2; WT 11- 14-07 p.1 c.1

Mondure, Polly Of Jefferson. Sis of Mrs Chas. Kahn(of Charlotteville?). WT 2-14-07 p.8 c.4

Mondore, Sylvester Buried, Prattville; 24 yrs. Bro. of Mrs. Charles Kahn. WT 3-1-06 p.4 c.1

Montgomery, Harvey D. Formerly of Hobart; 65 yrs. WT 5-9-07 p.1 c.2

Mooney, William Of Troy, formerly of Worcester. Uncle of Philip Mooney. WT 5-10-06 p.5 c.1

Moore, Curtis F. Of Utica. WT 7-26-06 p.4 c.1

Moore, Jacob Funeral, Davenport. WT 5-3-06 p.8 c.5

Moore, Lyman Funeral Charlotteville, 56 yrs. Bro-in-law of Geo. W. Gage of E. Worcester. WT 7-12-06 p.8 c.3&4

Morrell Child of Claude Morrell of Little Falls; 4 yrs. WT 4-12-06 p.2 c.4

Morrell, Abram In Worcester, Mar. 8, 1905; 27 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Morrell, Flossie In Worcester, Mar. 21, 1905; 9 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Mullen, Martin Near Luzon. Of Middletown. WT 2-21-07 p.1 c.4

Multer, Howard In Worcester, Jan. 17, 1905; 10 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Murphy, John In Ottawa IL area. Bro. of Mrs. Geo. Fancher; 55 yrs. WT 11-15-06 p.1 c.4

Murray, Margaret In Worcester, Dec. 1, 1905; 86 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Neer, Edna Wife of Dr. Neer of Beaucorp IL. Nee, Anthony of E. Worcester. Sis of late Mrs. Geo. Stam. Dying? WT 1-11-06 p.5 c.2

Neer, Lester Of Jefferson. WT 2-28-07 p.5 c.1

Nelson, Oscar In the Phillipines. Son of Mrs. Nicholas Nelson of Ogdensburg. WT 6- 20-07 p.2 c.5

Newton, Louis Son of Wm. H. Newton of Hamilton Center, Madison Co. WT 11-29-06 p.8 c.4

Nolan, Thomas Of Mechanicville. Near Hoosick. WT 4-4-07 p.4 c.2

Noonan, Mrs. William At Schenevus. Dau. of late James McDonald of Worcester, and formerly of Worcester. WT 11-8-06 p.1 c.5

Northup Mom of William Northrup of Binghamton. Funeral, E. Worcester. WT 12-13-06 p.8 c.3

Northrup, Amanda Dau. of William Northrup of Lestershire, formerly of Worcester. WT 3- 8-06 p.5 c.1; WT 3-15-06 p.8 c.3

Northrup, Amanda In Worcester, Dec. 4, 1906; 65 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

O'Connor, Dennis Of Waterdown Center. WT 2-8-06 p.8 c.5

O'Connor, John In Delhi. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.2

Odell, Benjamin At Jamestown, ND, Dec. 17, 1906. Dad of Mrs. Fredrus Baldwin. WT 1- 3-07 p.5 c.1

Olmstead, John In Worcester, Oct. 30, 1906; 81 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Olmstead, Julia At Oneonta, Sept. 23, 1906; 65 yrs. Dau. of John Mason. Interred Westford. WT 9-27-06 p.4 c.1&p.5 c.2

Olney, Fred Near Middletown, Oct. 6, 1905. WT 10-31-07 p.1 c.5; WT 11-14-07 p.2 c.3

Olney, Willis C. Near Middletown, Oct. 6, 1905. WT 10-31-07 p.1 c.5; WT 11-14-07 p.2 c.3

O'Mara, James Of Loon Lake Station. WT 8-2-06 p.1 c.3

O'Neil, Charles Son of M.G. O'Niel of Centerville; 12 yrs. WT 1-3-07 p.2 c.1

Palmatier, Minnie Funeral, Richmondville. WT 11-28-07 p.1 c.1

Palmatier, Mrs. Nathan In Westford, Mar. 15, 1907; 75 yrs. Mom of Orrin Plamatier and Mrs. Frank Weldon. WT 3-21-07 p.8 c.4

Palmer, Mrs. Olive In Westford, Sept. 20, 1906. Buried Elk Creek. Mom of Archie & Jay Palmer. WT 9-27-06 p.4 c.1

Pardoe, Edward B. Of Oneonta. Legal ad. WT 5-30-07 p.3 c.2

Parslow, Gift M. Of Cobleskill; 39 yrs. At Albany. Son of Alonzo Parslow of Blenheim. WT 9-12-07 p.1 c.4

Payne, Mary E. In Worcester, Sept. 5, 1905; 52 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Pearson, S.F. Of Decatur. Burial, Cherry Valley. WT 2-21-07 p.8 c.5; WT 2-28-07 p.1 c.5

Pepper, Jennie In NY. Formerly of E. Worcester. Nee, Snow. Wife of Carey B. Pepper. Mom of Mrs. Ellen Schofield. Interred E.Worcester. WT 3- 15-06 p.8 c.3&4

Peters, Wm. Funeral, Norwich. WT 10-11-06 p.1 c.1

Philips, Mrs. Jane Near Binghamton; 80 yrs. WT 3-22-06 p.4 c.2

Phillips, Albert At Lockport; 21 yrs. WT 4-25-07 p.2 c.1

Phillips, James Near Paris Hill; 50 yrs. WT 4-11-07 p.1 c.5

Phillips, John Of Wolcott. WT 4-19-02 p.2 c.1

Pickett, David In Worcester, Mar. 17, 1905; 71 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Piddian, Corrine Of Brooklyn, at Lake George. WT 8-2-06 p.4 c.1

Piddian, Sophia Of Brooklyn, at Lake George. WT 8-2-06 p.4 c.1

Pierce, Sarah At Worcester. Dau. of Jacob and Ruth (Green) Treat. Widow of Martin Pierce. Mom of Addie M. Pierce & Mrs. Howard Flint. Obituary. WT 5-10-06 p.5 c.1; WT 5-17-06 p.1 c.2& p.5 c.3

Pierce, Sarah M. In Worcester, May 6, 1906; 62 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Pierce, William Of Unadilla. WT 9-13-06 p.5 c.3

Pierce, Wm. At So. Worcester. Interred, Worcester. WT 11-22-06 p.5 c.2& p.8 c.3

Pierce, Wm. Funeral, Worcester. Step-dad of Mrs. H. Stevens of Westford. WT 11-29- 06 p.8 c.5

Pierce, William A. In Worcester, Nov. 19, 1906; 77 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Pitcher, Geo. Of New Berlin, July 24, 1906; 26 yrs. WT 8-30-06 p.1 c.4

Pitcher, J.N. Of Decatur. Sale of Property. WT 12-5-07 p.5 c.1

Pitcher, Joseph Interred Worcester.WT 10-17-07 p.1 c.4& p.8 c.4

Planck, Irving Funeral Sharon Springs. Cousin of Dr. P.G. Wieting and Mrs. Lester Flint. WT 9-19-07 p.1 c.2

Platts, Amanda Wor. Baptist Church mem.; 70 yrs. Died in last yr. WT 8-1-07 p.5 c.1

Platts, Amanda In Worcester, Oct. 26, 1906; 70 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Platts, Mrs. Thomas On West Hill, Oct. 27, 1906; 70 yrs. Dau. of late John Jaycox. Mom of Bert and Chas. Platts and Mrs. Horace Davis. Obituary. WT 11-8-06 p.1 c.4

Platts, Thomas On Sept. 8, 1907; 75 yrs. Dad of Albert and Chas. Platts and Mrs. Horace Davis. Interred Worcester. Obituary. WT 9-12-07 p.5 c.3

Post, Matilda Ann In Worcester, Oct. 3, 1906; 51 yrs. (see, Post, Tilda) WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Post, Tilda In E. Worcester, Oct. 3, 1906; 53 yrs. Obituary. WT 10-11-06 p.8 c.3

Powers, Rhoda A. In Worcester, Jan. 18, 1905; 76 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3; WT 4-26-06 p.4 c.1

Preston, Harriet On Jan. 20, 1906; 84 yrs. Nee, Brown. Wife of Lewis Preston. Mom of Adelbert H. and Manley J. Preston and Amanda J. Herdman (deceased). Obituary. WT 1-25-06 p.1 c.2 & p.5 c.3

Preston, Harriet E. In Worcester, Jan. 20, 1906; 84 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Putnam, Mrs. Louis Funeral, So. Valley. Mom of Mrs. John R. Dana Jr. WT 9-5-07 p.8 c.3

Quackenbush, Isaac Funeral, W. Davenport. Dad of Mrs. Geo. Fuller. WT 12-6-06 p.5 c.1

Queal, Orin H. In Worcester. Son of Wm. C. and Mary Graves Queal. Hus. of Elma A. Gillespie. Dad of Sheldon G. & Irving W. Queal. Obituary. WT 12- 13-06 p.1 c.4

Queal, Orin H. In Worcester, Dec. 7, 1906; 69 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Quinn Newborn of Mrs. John Quinn of Carners Corners, Albany area. WT 2- 8-06 p.1 c.4

Race, George At Oneonta. Hus. of Lulu M. Moak. Dad of Mildred. Son of Robert Race. Obituary. WT 4-5-06 p.1 c.2&5; WT 4-12-06 p.1 c.4; Suit agst. D&H & Funeral WT 4-12-06 p.5 c.1 and p.8 c.3

Race, Mrs. George Reinterrment of remains from E. Worcester to Worcester. WT 5-17-06 p.5 c.2

Reck, Hans At Bridgeport. WT 11-1-06 p.4 c.2

Reynolds, D. Remains brought from Springfield to Worcester for burial. WT 4-12-06 p.5 c.1

Reynolds, Harry Son of Vert Reynolds of Ripley; 4 yrs. WT 9-5-07 p.4 c.1

Rich, William In Worcester, Sept. 6, 1905; 22 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Richards, Anson Near Charlotteville and interred there. WT 6-14-06 p.8 c.4&5

Richardson Son of Mervin Richardson of Troy; 12 yrs. WT 7-5-06 p.3 c.4

Rickard, Will Funeral, Howes Cave. WT 9-13-06 p.1 c.2

Ridge, Edward On So. Hill, Mar. 4, 1906; abt. 73 yrs. Dad of Willie F. (deceased), Lucy E. Mooney (deceased), Arilla C. Wolcott, Charles E., William and Edward Ridge. Bro of John, Frank and Elizabeth Ridge. Obituary. WT 3-8-06 p.1 c.4; WT 3-15-06 p.1 c.2 & p.4 c.2

Ridge, Edward Of Worcester. Legal ad. WT 4-19-06 p.3 c.3; WT 5-10-06 p.8 c.5

Ridge, Edward In Worcester, Mar. 4, 1906; 72 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Ridge, Libbie Buried, Worcester, 68 yrs. Sis of Frank and John Ridge. Obituary. WT 12-5-07 p.8 c.4; WT 12-12-07 p.1 c.4

Ridge, Libbie On So. Hill, abt. 62 yrs. Sis. of Frank Ridge. WT 11-28-07 p.5 c.2

Rifenbark, Mrs. Hiram Interred, Charlotteville. WT 2-28-07 p.8 c.5

Ritton, Milo In Cobleskill; 33 yrs. Formerly of Decatur and Schenectady. Son of Angevine Ritton. WT 2-21-07 p.5 c.1; WT 2-28-07 p.8 c.3

Roach, Joseph Of Brooklyn. Interred E. Worcester. WT 5-17-06 p.8 c.3

Robbins. Lucia In Worcester, Apl. 10, 1905; 63 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Roberts, John Of Laurens. Legal ad. WT 6-28-06 p.3 c.2

Roberts, John B. In Oneonta. Dad-in-law of Postmaster Charles F. Shelland of Oneonta. WT 12-26-07 p.5 c.1

Robinson, Almira Of Lowville. Chas. Butts heir. WT 5-20-07 p.2 c.2

Robinson, Chester At Valley Falls. WT 1-24-07 p.8 c.4

Robinson, James W. In Worcester, Jan. 17, 1905; 63 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Robinson, Dr. John A. Of Elmira. WT 6-27-07 p.2 c.1

Robinson, Samuel In Worcester, Mar. 22, 1905; 71 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Roe (inf) In Worcester, Mar. 13, 1905. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Roe, James At Westford, Feb. 15, 1907; 63 yrs. WT 2-21-07 p.8 c.5

Root In Mexico. Dau. of Nelson Root of Brackett's Pond (Norwich?). Inheritence matter. WT 11-15-06 p.1 c.5

Rose, John Funeral Maryland. WT 5-16-07 p.1 c.2

Rose, John J. Of Maryland. Estate appraisal. WT 9-12-07 p.5 c.1; Probate matter. WT 10-17-07 p.5 c.2

Roseboom Funeral, Westford. Bro of Peter Roseboom of York. WT 1-25-06 p.8 c.5

Roseboom, Horace In Maple Valley, Jan. 13, 1906. WT 1-18-06 p.4 c.1

Roshter, Edward Of Greene. WT 9-26-07 p.1 c.4

Rubenstein, Morris Near Syracuse? WT 7-5-06 p.4 c.1

Russ, Amanda In Worcester. Nee, Wilber. Wife of Alonzo Russ. Mom of Mrs. Levi Johnson, Wallace & Abram Russ, Mrs. Anna Houghkirk of Albany and sis of Hamilton Wilber. WT 1-31-07 p.5 c.2

Russ, Wm. H. In Worcester, Oct. 28, 1905; 39 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Russell, Alice At Troy, Nov. 9, 1906. Formerly of Westford. Wife of Lavern W. Russell. Sis. of Misses Mary and Bridget Cox, Mrs. Thomas Burke, Mrs. Michael Sullivan, Mrs. William Flynn and James Cox. Obituary. WT 11-15-06 p.5 c.2 & p.8 c.5

Ryder, Edward M. In Worcester, Nov. 3, 1905; 53 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Ryder, Fred Of Richmondville, 34 yrs. Inquest. Formerly of Worcester. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.2

Salisbury, Wm H. In Albany, June 20, 1907; 60 yrs. Interred Worcester. Bro. of Mrs. Paul Waterman, Mrs. Wm. Stanley, Mrs. Leonard Elmore and John Salisbury of Waycross GA. WT 6-27-07 p.1 c.3&p.5 c.1

Sammis, George Son of William Sammis of Commack, 20 yrs.. WT 5-3-06 p.1 c.5

Sammis, Louis Son of William Sammis of Commack, dying? WT 5-3-06 p.1 c.5

Schermerhorn, Estella In Schenectady, Dec. 29, 1906. Wife of Emerson Schermerhorn. Nee, Hogan. Grandaughter of late Samuel Grant of Worcester. WT 1-10- 07 p.5 c.1

Schmidt, Anna Of Valatia, Columbia Co., 9 yrs. WT 2-8-06 p.1 c.5

Schoonhoven, John Died in civil war. Buried Louisville Nat'l Cem. Dad of Prof. Northrup. WT 3-15-06 p.1 c.3

Schrann, Otto Of NY, at Cranberry Lake. WT 11-1-06 p.4 c.2

Scott Near Burlington. Son of Ellsworth Scott; 3 yrs. WT 2-21-07 p.8 c.5

Scott, Clifford Of Fosterdale; 3 yrs. WT 8-1-07 p.4 c.1

Scott, Eva Near Amsterdam, 25 yrs. WT 11-8-06 p.4 c.1

Scott, W.H. Of Ninevah. At Scranton PA, May 8, 1907. Dad of Mrs. Bushnell. Burial Peckville PA. WT 5-16-07 p.5 c.2

Scutt, Jacob Of Gloversville/Middleburgh.At Hyndsville. WT 7-19-06 p.1 c.3

Selkirk, John At Lordsville. Dying? WT 7-26-06 p.2 c.1

Shaule, Burleigh At Schoharie. Son of Clarke Shaule. WT 6-7-06 p.8 c.4

Shaw, Ferdinand Funeral, Stockport Center. WT 7-26-06 p.2 c.1

Sheets, Albert At Lestershire. WT 6-20-07 p.4 c.2

Sheldon, Mr. At Norwich. Interred Worcester. WT 8-9-06 p.5 c.1

Sheldon, Mrs. Jas. Funeral, W. Laurens. Mom of A.L. Sheldon. Interred, Davenport. WT 5- 10-06 p.4 c.1

Shelland, Clara On Jan. 10, 1906. Wife of Benjamin E. Shelland. Dau of Joel Chamberlain. Sis of Mrs. Lucy Thurber. Obituary. WT 1-11-06 p.5 c.2; WT 1-18-06 p.1 c.2 & p.5 c.1; Legal ad. WT 3-22-06 p.3 c.3

Shelland, Clara In Worcester, Jan. 10, 1906; 69 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Shepard, Francis In Cooperstown. Uncle of William Shepard. WT 2-21-07 p.1 c.1

Sherwood, Margaretta In NY. Wife of Wm. Sherwood. Nee, Roberts? Mom of Mrs. E.A. Elliott of E. Worcester. WT 8-1-07 p.5 c.1

Sillman, Mrs. James Near So. Valley; 65 yrs. Sis of Seymour Schutt WT 10-17-07 p.5 c.2; WT 10-24-07 p.4 c.1

Silvernail, Jacob Of Charlotteville area? Age, 68 yrs. WT 6-14-06 p.8 c.5

Silvernail, Jacob Of Worcester. Legal ad. WT 7-26-06 p.4 c.1

Silvernail, Jacob In Worcester, June 9, 1906; 68 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Simonson, Charlotte Mrs. Of Liberty; 43 yrs. WT 7-11-07 p.2 c.3

Simmons, Wm At Oneonta; 22 yrs. WT 12-13-06 p.1 c.2

Simpson, Mrs. A.H. In Davenport. Interred, No. Korthright. WT 4-12-06 p.8 c.5

Sissum, Lavern In Spokane, WA; 30 yrs. Funeral, Cobleskill. Son of Arlington Sissum

WT 12-26-07 p.5 c.2

Sisum At Brooker Hollow, April 21, 1906. Child of John Sisum. Interred E. Worcester. WT 5-3-06 p.8 c.3

Skinner Mom of Mrs. Leslie Skinner. WT 4-11-07 p.1 c.2

Skinner, James At Rome, dying? WT 4-5-06 p.8 c.3

Skinner, James Of E. Worcester, Aug. 9, 1907; 65 yrs. Dad of Elmer Skinner. Bro. of John and William Skinner. Interred E. Worcester. WT 8-15-07 p.4 c.1 & p.8 c.3

Sloan, Wm. J. Of Worcester, Mar. 10, 1907. Widower of Margaret France. Dad of Fanny Sloan. Bro of Edward, Joseph and Thomas Sloan, Mrs. Susan Pierce and Mrs. Margaret Mitchell. Obituary. WT 3-14-07 p.1 c.2&3

Small. Fred Of Little Falls. Will matter. WT 12-12-07 p.2 c.2

Smith Funeral Charlotteville. Aunt of Mrs. Payne Smith. WT 2-8-06 p.8 c.4

Smith Inf. child of John Smith. WT 3-14-07 p.5 c.1

Smith, Albert H. Near Karner. WT 5-17-06 p.1 c.3

Smith, Ann M. In Worcester, Jan. 21, 1905; 72 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Smith, A.T. At Delanson. WT 1-24-07 p.1 c.5

Smith, Caroline In Worcester. Widow of Samuel R. Smith. Nee, Russ. Sis of Mrs. Margaret Wilber and James & Samuel Russ. Obituary. WT 12-19-07 p.1 c.3; WT 12-26-07 p.5 c.3

Smith, Catherine At E. Worcester. Widow of Abram Smith; 70 yrs. WT 6-27-07 p.8 c.3

Smith, Charles At Schenectady; 16 yrs. WT 7-11-07 p.1 c.4

Smith, Charles H. In Washington. Civil war vet. Bro. of Marcia Day of Decatur. Obituary WT 1-11-06 p.1 c.2&3; WT 1-18-06 p.1 c.2&5

Smith, David B. Of Decatur, Jan. 26, 1906; 57 yrs. Son of John and Anna Smith of Worcester. Bro. of Mrs. Milo Ritton and Peter Smith. Hus of Mary Daily. Dad of John Smith. Obituary. WT 2-1-06 p.1 c.3

Smith, David Of Westford. Legal ad. WT 2-22-06 p.4 c.2

Smith, David Of Westford. Legal ad. WT 6-14-06 p.3 c.2

Smith, Gilbert At Seward; 90 yrs. Formerly of Worcester and interred there. WT 7- 18-07 p.5 c.2

Smith, Henry H. Son of Theabold Smith. Hus. of Nancy M. Winegard. Dad of Alvin and Sarah Smith and Mrs. Jennie Power. Obituary & Photo. WT 2-22-06 p.1 c.2&3; WT 3-1-06 p.1 c.3& p.5 c.2&3

Smith, Henry Of Otego. Cousin of A.L. Emmons of Worcester. WT 7-25-07 p.5 c.1

Smith, Inez At Pulaski; 5 yrs. WT 3-29-06 p.2 c.3

Smith, Lena Of Philadelphia. Wife of James Smith. WT 2-28-07 p.1 c.4

Snell, Jacob Of Fonda. WT 1-11-06 p.1 c.2

Snow, Elanson At Whitney Point on the 20th. Formerly of E. Worcester. Interred, Charlotteville. WT 2-28-07 p.8 c.3

Snyder, Philo Of Roseboom; 83 yrs. Dad of Frank Snyder. Buried So. Valley. WT 1- 31-07 p.5 c.2

Snyder, Mrs. Wm. Funeral, Pleasant Brook. WT 12-12-07 p.8 c.3

Somers, Ivy Of Dorloo; 78 yrs. Dad of Charles E., Lavern & William Somers, Mrs. Cora Fenn and step-dad of Mrs. Elmer Somers and Thomas Green. Interred E.Worcester. WT 8-9-06 p.5 c.2 & p.8 c.3

Southard, Clarence In Worcester, Mar. 1, 1905; 17 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Spellman, William Funeral, Troy. WT 5-17-06 p.1 c.5

Sperry, Mrs. Schuyler Of W. Oneonta, at Oneonta; 42 yrs. Dau of Harlow Cole of Oneonta. Formerly of Worcester and interred there. WT 5-9-07 p.5 c.2

Springstead, Mason At W. Fulton; 88 yrs. Interred, Worcester. WT 8-2-06 p.5 c.2

Spurbeck, Orlando In Worcester, Oct. 18, 1905; 62 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Squires, Mrs. G.P. Of Marathon; 66 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.5 c.3

Stack, Thomas At Unadilla. WT 2-8-06 p.5 c.3

Stam Funeral Sharon. Bro-in-law of George Stam. WT 2-21-07 p.1 c.1

Stam, Levi F. Of Oneonta, 67 yrs. Dad of Harry Stam. Bro. of Geo. Stam, Mrs. William Rury, Mrs. William Dempster and Mrs. John Moak. Obituary. WT 1-24-07 p.1 c.5

Stanley, Florence Of Oneonta 3y 2m. Dau. of W.W. Stanley. WT 7-19-06 p.5 c.2

Starkweather, Elizabeth In Worcester, Mar. 26, 1905; 80 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Steele, Katherine Dau. of James Steele of Solvay; 4 yrs. WT 10-11-06 p.2 c.3

Stilwell, Stephen J. On Oct. 30, 1907; 67 yrs. Dad of Winthrop Stilwell and Mrs. John Taite. Interred Worcester. WT 10-31-07 p.5 c.2; Obituary WT 11-7- 07 p.1 c.4& p.5 c.2

Sullivan, Margaret Of Chatam Center; 20 yrs. Dau. of Cornelius Sullivan. WT 7-11-07 p.4 c.2

Sullivan, Michael Of Troy. Formerly of Elk Creek. Buried Worcester. WT 2-21-07 p.5 c.1

Sullivan, Michael Of Troy, Feb. 14, 1907. WT 2-21-07 p.8 c.5

Swartout, Aaron In Worcester; 85 yrs. Dad of Ida and Jennie Swartout. Obituary. WT 2- 21-07 p.5 c.2; WT 2-28-07 p.1 c.4

Sweatland, Mabel At Rome, 4 yrs. WT 1-17-07 p.1 c.4

Tabor, George H. At Glenwood Springs, Col.; abt 73 yrs. Married Mary A. Smith of E. Worcester. Dad of Mrs. E.T. Taylor. Obituary. WT 7-4-07 p.4 c.1

Tallmadge, A.E. Estate sells Maryland hotel. WT 4-11-07 p.1 c.5

Taylor, Kate At Matteawan. WT 11-28-07 p.1 c.4

Taylor, Mr. At Centerville, Sullivan Co., Jan. 26, 1903. WT 11-28-07 p.1 c.4

Terpening, Smith In Worcester; 18 yrs. Son. of Geo. Terpening of E. Worcester. WT 12- 6-06 p.5 c.3

Terpening, Smith In Worcester, Dec. 1, 1906; 18 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.4

Thomas Children of Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas, near Palmyra. WT 12-5-07 p.2 c.3

Thompson, Ann E. Auction sale. WT 2-8-06 p.5 c.2

Thompson, Harry Near Andes; 25 yrs. WT 12-12-07 p.1 c.5

Thompson, Judson Of Decatur/Butler's Corners, Sept. 7, 1906. Funeral So. Valley. WT 9- 13-06 p.5 c.2 & p.8 c.4

Thompson, Judson Of Roseboom. Legal ad. WT 11-22-06 p.4 c.2

Thompson, Niram Sale of farm. WT 1-11-06 p.5 c.1

Thompson, S.D. In Florida, Jan. 2, 1906. WT 1-11-06 p.4 c.1

Thompson, Seldon At E. Worcester, Feb. 12, 1907; 75 yrs. Dad of George, Charles and James Thompson. WT 2-21-07 p.8 c.3; WT 2-28-07 p.8 c.3; Legal ad. WT 3-21-07 p.8 c.3

Thompson, Seldon Of Decatur. Legal ad. WT 7-25-07 p.3 c.2

Tice, Frank Funeral, Schenevus. Nephew of Nathan Boorn WT 11-14-07 p.1 c.2 & p.8 c.3

Tipple, Lucinda In Manchester, Jan. 28, 1907; abt 74 yrs. Wife of J.S. Tipple. Mom of Mrs. Lottie Hazard. Sis of Mrs. L.A. Sewell, Mrs. C.A. Farr. P.G. Wieting and Mrs. Lester Flint. Dau. of John C. & Catherine Wieting. Obituary. WT 2-7-07 p.1 c.4

Tompkins, John Of Ohio. Buried, Schenevus. WT 7-26-06 p.8 c.5

Toohey, Jane L. Of Monticello. WT 2-14-07 p.2 c.5

Treat, Julia In Worcester; 76 yrs. Sis of Hamilton R. Wilber of Sydney, Mrs. Clarissa Langdon and Mrs. Amanda Russ. Widow of Sam Fuller and Russell Treat. WT 2-1-06 p.1 c.5& p.5 c.2; WT 2-28-06 p.4 c.2&p.5 c.1; Property auction WT 2-15-06 p.1 c.3; WT 2-22-06 p.4 c.2; Supreme Ct. Legal ad. WT 4-19-06 p.3 c.3

Treat, Julia In Worcester, Jan. 31, 1906; 76 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Truax, Edna May In Worcester, Mar. 8, 1905; 1 mo. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Truax, Isaac In Afton? Funeral & interment in Charlotteville. WT 11-15-06 p.8 c.4

Tubbs, Lee In Maryland; 30 yrs. Nephew of Mrs. Jerusha Schutts of Worcester, and formerly of Worcester. WT 7-25-07 p.5 c.2

Tyler, J.K. Of Worcester, Jan. 29, 1907. Hus. of Frank Davis. Bro. of Mrs. Amanda Platner, Ann, Charles, Azro and Waldo Tyler. Civil War vet. Obituary. WT 1-31-07 p.1 c.2&4; WT 2-7-07 p.1 c.1; WT 2-7- 07 p.5 c.2

Unknown In Worcester, May 7, 1905; abt 40 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Valquette, J.D. Of Cadosia. Near Luzon. WT 2-21-07 p.1 c.4

Van, Claudet Twin dau of Fernando Van of Chinchesters NY. WT 5-23-07 p.1 c.4

VanAllen, Elizabeth In Worcester, Oct. 17, 1905; 82 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

VanBuren, Heity In Worcester, Jan. 17, 1905; 1 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

VanEtten, John Of Little Falls; 102 yrs. WT 3-7-07 p.2 c.1

VanHoosen, L.Y. Funeral Charlotteville. Dad of Mrs. Chas. Curtis and Mrs. Cinda Van Patten, Lemuel and Levi VanHoosen. WT 12-6-06 p.4 c.1

VanKeuren, Catherine In Germany. Andes NY family stands to inherit. WT 12-26-07 p.2 c.1

VanSlyke, Cpt. James At Malden, Ulster Co.; 55 yrs. WT 10-24-07 p.1 c.2

VanTuyl, Eleanor In Richmondville, Jan. 1, 1906; 80 yrs. Mom of Mrs. Dr. Simmons. WT 1-4-06 p.5 c.2

VanValkenburg, Kate Of Van Ellen, NY; 25 yrs. WT 1-25-06 p.1 c.2

VanVoorhis, Harriet At Decatur? Dau of David Crippen. Widow of Samuel. Interred Worcester, 87 yrs.. Mom of Peter VanVoorhis. WT 8-22-07 p.4 c.3& p.8 c.3; Obituary WT 8-29-07 p.5 c.2&3

VanVoorhis, Ray At Butlers Corners. Interred Worcester. WT 5-16-07 p.1 c.5

VanVoorhis, Samuel Of Worcester. Legal ad. WT 3-1-06 p.4 c.2; Legal ad. WT 6-14-06 p.3 c.2

VanZandt, Joseph Funeral Schenevus. WT 2-8-06 p.1 c.2

Vaughn, Euryla In Worcester, Apl. 14, 1905; 66 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Vaughn, Niram Of Worcester, May 25, 1907; 65 yrs. Dad of Ulysses and Charles Vaughn, & Mrs. Emma Holmes. Bro. of Eli and Ira Vaughn. Obituary. WT 5-30-07 p.5 c.2; WT 6-6-07 p.5 c.3; auction WT 6-20- 07 p.5 c.2

Veit, Anna Near Syracuse? WT 7-5-06 p.4 c.1

Wait, William A. Of Glens Falls. WT 11-1-06 p.1 c.4

Wales, Harriet Of Westford, April 4, 1906; 85 yrs. Mom of Mrs. William Wales. WT 4- 12-06 p.8 c.5

Walker, Wm H. In Worcester, Mar. 19, 1905; 79 yrs. WT 1-4-05 p.1 c.3

Walsh Funeral, Cobleskill. Sis of Mrs. John Walsh of So. Worcester. WT 11-21-07 p.8 c.3

Washburn, Silas H. At Elmwood IL, June 29, 1906; 85 yrs. Bro. of Mrs. Paulina Holmes of Westford. WT 8-2-06 p.8 c.4

Waterman, Anna E. Of Decatur. Legal ad. WT 1-18-06 p.4 c.2

Waterman, Henry In Oneonta. Son of John Waterman of Worcester. Hus. of Harriet Houck. Dad of Mrs. Rudolph A. Persons and Mrs. Emey W. Coe. Bro. of Paul and John Waterman, Mrs. B. Preston and Nancy Donaldson. WT 5-16-07 p.5 c.3

Wayman, Leonard Hus. of Elmira Burton, then Emma Griggs. Bro of Mrs. Polly McMullen. Dad of Mrs. Lucy Warner. Obituary WT 3-14-07 p.1 c.3

Wayman, Richard On April 2, 1906; 80 yrs. Interred, the Dugway. Dad of Henry Wayman of Charlotteville. WT 4-12-06 p.4 c.1

Webster, Harvey A In Worcester, Oct. 3, 1905; 55 yrs.WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Weed, Mr. Of Binghamton, a few weeks ago. Estate appraised. WT 4-4-07 p.2 c.3

Wells, Wm Of Newark Valley. WT 8-29-07 p.2 c.1

Wessell, Silas R. At Carlisle, May 27, 1907. Dad of Laura Wessell. Obituary. WT 5-30-07 p.5 c.2; WT 6-27-07 p.5 c.2

Weteil, Axtell Of Turnwood; 58 yrs. WT 1-31-07 p.2 c.1

Wharton, Lovina Of Worcester. Wife of Charles H. Wharton. Dau. of Stephen Lewis. Sis of Mrs. Azro Bliven. WT 8-16-06 p.1 c.5 & p.5 c.2&3

Wharton, Levina E. In Worcester, Aug. 10, 1906; 58 yrs. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.3

Wheeler, Edward Of Litchfield; 12 yrs. WT 10-17-07 p.1 c.3

White, Mrs. Geo. S. Of Bullville area. Dying? WT 3-21-07 p.1 c.4

Wieting, Philip G. At Daytona Fl., Feb. 12, 1906; abt 70. Son of John C. Wieting. Hus. of Helen Wilder. Obituary. WT 2-15-06 p.1 c.2&3 and p.5 c.2; photo & funeral. WT 2-22-06 p.1 c.3&4; legal ad. WT 3-1-06 p.4 c.2; Legal ad. WT 5-23-07 p.8 c.3

Wight, Dr. Thomas Of Andes. Dad of Herbert, Jennie and Agnes Wight. WT 4-4-07 p.1 c.5

Wilcox, Mrs. John D. Collection of poems printed. WT 6-21-06 p.5 c.1

Wilkie, Geo. Of Utica, 42 yrs. WT 12-27-06 p.1 c.4

Williams, Ella At Verona, 13 yrs. WT 11-28-07 p.1 c.4

Wilsey, Albert Of Ballston Spa. Near Little Falls. WT 10-10-07 p.5 c.2

Wilsey, Jack Near Salisbury, Herkimer Co.; abt. 50 yrs. WT 10-10-07 p.1 c.3

Wilsey, Margrette In Worcester, Mar. 23, 1905; 70 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Wilson, Mrs. Mary A. Funeral Schenevus. Aunt of Mrs. & Mrs. Charles Wilcox and Mr. & Mrs. Frank Callender. Sis of John D. Wilcox of Worcester. WT 1-25- 06 p.1 c.2; WT 1-25-06 p.5 c.1

Wing, Frank L. Near Jamestown. WT 8-9-06 p.2 c.1

Winne, Mr/Mrs Wm Of Worcester, Feb. 6 & 10th, 1907; 86 and 83 yrs. Dad & mom of David Winne & Mrs. Jane Utter. Nee, Matilda Gillett. Obituary WT 2- 7-07 p.5 c.1; WT 2-14-07 p.1 c.2&p.5 c.2; WT 2-21-07 p.5 c.2

Winne, Alva Auction of property. WT 12-19-07 p.5 c.1

Winsor, Alden C. Son of Edgar D. Winsor of Portlandville, April 17, 1907; 3 wks 4d. WT 4-25-07 p.5 c.2

Winter, Mr./Mrs. Wm. In Delhi. WT 1-10-07 p.1 c.2

Wock, Mrs. Oscar Of Ft. Plain; abt. 60 yrs. WT 11-7-07 p.2 c.2

Wood, Chas. S. Of Alma Neb., formerly of Worcester; 42 yrs. WT 3-7-07 p.1 c.3; WT 4-25-07 p.1 c.2

Wood, Myrtle Dau. of Lucius Wood of Herkimer; 6 yrs. WT 3-22-06 p.1 c.2

Wood, Wallace W. Of Ilion. WT 6-14-06 p.2 c.1

Wright, Flavel At Westford, April 20, 1906. WT 4-26-06 p.4 c.1

Wright, Harold Of Port Byron. Dying? WT 4-25-07 p.2 c.1

Wright, J.W. Farm auction. WT 2-14-07 p.5 c.1

Wright, Martin Of Dorloo; 70 yrs. Funeral Worcester. Bro. of Mrs. Sophronia Wilsey of Worcester. WT 9-12-6 p.1 c.4 & p.8 c.3; WT 9-19-07 p.5 c.2

Wright, Mary Of Westford, 62 yrs. At Flushing L.I. Widow of John D. Wright. Dau. of Payne Smith. Mom of Floyd & Leroy Wright. Mrs. Fred Whiteman, Mrs. Ira Snyder and Mrs. J. Tyler. Obituary. WT 11-1-06 p.1 c.2 &4, & p.8 c.3&4; Legal ad. WT 11-8-06 p.3 c.2

Wright, Samuel In Worcester, July 6, 1905; 16 yrs. WT 1-4-06 p.1 c.3

Yager,Mrs. John Of Charlotteville. Sis. of Hiram Jeffers of Afton. WT 3-21-07 p.4 c.1

Yerger, John At Rochester; 67 yrs. WT 4-25-07 p.1 c.4


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