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February 19, 2002

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Dr. Khidir Hamza used to be the HMWIC of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons research program.  I guess we could say that he knows something about Hussein’s plans.  Yesterday Hamza told Sean Hannity that Hussein will have a “Hiroshima sized” nuke within about 24 months.

So, what do you think?  Do we go ahead and take care of Saddam now?  Do we take care of him before he explode a nuke in downtown Tel Aviv?  Or do we wait until he actually kills a few hundred thousand people before we rid the world of this menace.


Did you know that California has 55 Electoral votes?  That is 20 percent of the total that is needed to elect a president.  This is the state of Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein.  This is the state of Henry Waxman.  This is the state where state law mandates that government school students be taught positive images of transgendered people.  This is the state of the Hollywood left.  This is the state with 20 percent of the electoral votes needed for victory?  Are you frightened yet?


Arguments and testimony starts today in the Atlanta trial of former Black Panther H. Rap Brown. It’s a death penalty murder case.  Brown, who now calls himself Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, is accused of killing a cop.  The jury has been seated.  Nine blacks.  Three whites.  No white men. 

I’ll go on the record now.  No way in hell he gets convicted.  The only thing that this trial is going to show is that there will be at least one juror who will refuse to vote “guilty.” 

I hope I’m wrong.  But don’t count on it.


This story came out of California.  It seems that there is some sort of an anti-discrimination law in California that some school districts interpret as a mandate to teach their captives (you might want to call them students, not me) all about lesbianism, homosexuality and transgenderism.  (My spell-checker didn’t like that one even a little bit.)  The little rug rats are supposed to be exposed to positive images of homosexuality.  Yeah, that ought to help them find jobs, right?

Anyway … the little captives are ushered into a room and shown skits with the catchy little title of  “Cootie Shots.”   In one of these skits you hear a transsexual boy say “Let them say I’m like a girl.  What’s wrong with being like a girl?  Let them laugh, let them scream, they’ll all be beheaded when I’m queen.”  Then you have a little girl say “The one I love, she wears a dress.”  And so forth … you get the picture. 

Well, some parents are more than a little upset.  In fact, they’re filing lawsuits!  They say that the school district violated their rights because their kids weren’t allowed to opt out of the Cootie Shots class.

Now … here comes some woman from the UCLA Teacher Education Program named Rosa Futomoto.  She has something to say about the parents who are suing the school district.  Futomoto says:

“If they really feel that way their children maybe should be home schooled.  And if that would be their choice then maybe they can afford a private school where they can practice racism and sexism and whatever they want to practice.”

There you have it, folks.  The incredible arrogance you find among those holier-than-thou academic types who just can’t understand why any parent would want to exercise control over their child’s sexual and social upbringing.  This snide, officious woman is telling you that if you don’t want your children to learn all about gays, lesbians and other sexual oddities then you should just take your children to some private school where, of course, everybody knows they teach racism and sexism.

How much longer are you folks going to put up with this?  How much longer are you going to stand by while the government takes your children for hours a day and indoctrinates them with this type of garbage?  How much longer are you going to put up with the arrogance of people like Rosa Futomoto?

Just when was the last time you wrote to your Congressman or Senator demanding school choice?

I thought so. 


You heard about this one, didn’t you?  It happened at LaGuardia in New York.  The federal screeners … now professional federal government employees … set aside a bag that they wanted to look at a bit more.  The passenger thought they were through with the bag, so he picked it up and walked to his gate.  He boarded.  The door to the airplane was closed.  The airplane taxied to the end of the runway.  The plane took off!  The plane headed toward Cleveland.  About 100 miles out of New York the plane was ordered back.  All the passengers with all of their carry-on luggage were ordered off and all the passengers had to go through security again – including the man who’s bag they didn’t search properly.

Amazing!  Your new and improved federalized and professionalized screeners at work.


Correct me if I’m operating under a misconception here … but we’re having a bit of a problem with threats of terrorism, right. This means that law enforcement officers might be watching things --- like nuclear reactors, for instance --- a little more closely, right?  Well, here’s a scenario for you.  It’s half-past midnight on the campus of Georgia Tech.  A car pulls up and stops on a street across from university’s nuclear reactor.  Someone is getting something out of the trunk of the car.  Here come the campus police to see what’s going on.  Sound OK to you?  Evidently it wasn’t OK.  It was racism!  It was racial profiling!  See for yourself.  Read this letter from Jaheru Kehuti to the Georgia Tech student newspaper:

Letters to the Editor
Racism a reality at Tech

February 15, 2002

It was about 12:30am on Sunday, February 10, 2002. You can call me Jah, and my friend is one of Atlanta's bravest firefighters. My friend was dropping me off at my car which was parked in the B07 parking deck. We had just come back from a long road trip from my hometown of St.Louis, MO.

I got into my car and came out of the parking deck. I was pulling around to get my bags out of my friend's car when the Georgia Tech Police Department rolled up on us, three cars deep. Supposedly they were there to tell us that we could not park across the street from the B07 parking deck in the A15 parking spaces in front of the Georgia Tech facilities building.

As soon as the officer stepped out of his car, I yelled, "What's the problem officer? I am a student here." He asked me what I was doing. I told him that my friend had just dropped me off to pick up my car at the B07 lot, and was getting my bags out of his car because we have just come back from a road trip.

I asked him if he wanted to see my student ID because he was looking at my braids and my friend's gold teeth with disbelief that we were doing nothing wrong. Officer Ricker proceeded to insult my intelligence as he walked back to his police car by saying, "You can't park there in front of the reactor; we just don't let people park in front of the reactor, that's all."

The real deal was that I was a black man in a parking deck late at night when students' cars have recently been burglarized. Approximately 75 cars were broken into over winter break alone. So they decided to crack down. They decided to take action. They decided to profile. I would expect more from Tech's police department because of the ethnic diversity at this school. But times have not changed, and because it is Black History Month it just stands out more in my mind. 

I have to speak my peace in the Technique because I know that there are plenty of minority students that can relate to similar situations in the dorms, around campus or at many other places. But sometimes people just remain quite. At the Campus Police Station they asked if I wanted to file a complaint. I said "no", I wanted my complaint to be heard. Officer Ricker must have thought I was one of those 'House Negroes' walking around here.

Nobody wants to defy the system. Too many of our ancestors died not to address these issues. I am speaking today for the first three black students that were admitted to Georgia Tech back in September of 1961. I am sure they endured lots of struggle despite all of the good press the school wants to put out about its integration process. We all know the real deal. It's still apparent 41 years later. Jaheru Kehuti


So, there you have it. All the campus cops did was to check out the situation.  Someone was parked across the street from the Tech nuclear reactor, they were getting something out of the trunk.  Once the cops were satisfied that nothing was amiss they walked off saying “You can’t park there in front of the reactor.”  And this is racism?  This is racial profiling?  Suddenly Jaheru Kehuti becomes the self-appointed spokesman for the first three black students that Georgia Tech admitted in 1961? 

Poor Jaheru.  Everybody’s picking on you, right?  And it’s all because you’re black, right?  By the way, people speak their “piece,” not their “peace.”  And people remain “quiet,” not “quite.”  That, by the way, is something you may want to consider trying. 


It would appear so from a fundraiser last week in L.A., which honored Bono of U2 fame for his "extraordinary philanthropy."  There was a video tribute to the politically active singer hosted by Mick Jagger and projected on a giant screen above the stage.  That was followed by President Bubba's pre-taped introduction of Bono, also on the video screen.  But something strange happened on this night.  When Clinton appeared on the screen his first words were drowned out by the crowd’s laughter. 

"It was embarrassing, to say the least," said a spokesperson for the Entertainment Industry Foundation, which helped organize the event. "Clinton got less respect here than Sylvester Stallone, and that's saying something with this crowd." 

Then to add insult to injury, Clinton buddy Kevin Spacey took the stage a few minutes later and did a dead-on impression of Clinton, complete with "his usual pieties [and] his trademark squint." 

"It was hysterical, especially coming from Spacey, who's supposed to be a big fan of Clinton," said the EIF staffer.  Say what you will about Spacey's politics, if you've ever seen him do his impressions, you know he nails whomever he does.  I hope there's a tape of the ceremony somewhere. 


Last week House minority leader Dick Gephardt held a press conference praising the Meehan-Shays Campaign Finance Reform bill.  Then he rushed off to join in on a DNC conference call with many big-money Democrat Party donors, including the AFL-CIO.  You see, the bill doesn't really kick in until after the fall elections, and the Democrats plan to do whatever it takes to exploit the current system before then.   It’s odd, isn’t it?  It’s as if the Democrats are praying “Oh Lord, make me chaste!  But not quite yet.”

"This reform bill has moved so swiftly that no one is prepared for what may happen after next November," said a House Democratic leadership aide. "Gephardt and Daschle and Terry McAuliffe want to regain the House and hold on to the Senate, and they want some big-money donations in the bank before it all dries up." 

Democratic leaders are mapping out plans for a series of DNC-sponsored fundraisers in the spring and throughout the summer to build up the party war chest. "They'd like to have more than $100 million cash in the bank by September 1," says one DNC source. "That amount is unheard of this time of year, perhaps any time. It would mean taking money from every sleazeball we know from the Clinton era. But if that's what it takes to match the Republicans, then that's what we have to do."

So the ideal scenario for the Dems is to retake the House, hold on to (or improve the lead in) the Senate, then have the Incumbent Protection Act kick in after November, and it's all downhill from there...literally.  If they succeed, look for the appearence of John Galt around 2010, or so. 


Rosty Incarnacion, 23, of Queens (sounds kinda like Lengthy Incarceration) got a little upset this past weekend when he was kicked out of a night club for fighting with a female patron.  He left.  Unfortunately for him, he returned with a 5-gallon can of gasoline, poured it on the sidewalk in front of the club and threatened to ignite it.  Police were summoned and promptly arrested poor ole’ Rosty.  He was arraigned Sunday night and was charged with attempted murder for each of the 120 people that were inside the club at the time.  He was also charged with several other more minor crimes (attempted arson, etc.).  With a minimum sentence of 25 years for attempted murder, the total possible sentence adds up to 3,000 years.   He should have just gone home to sleep it off.


The new Euro coin shows all the countries that are part of the European Union.  Unfortunately for Sweden, their neighbor Norway opted out.  The result is that on the new Euro coin, Sweden, without Norway by its side, tends to look like a...uhh..a...ummm...well, as London's Sun tabloid calls it, a "limp willy."  But anyone who is familiar with Swedish women knows that this image is grossly inaccurate.