2nd Bn, The Queen's Regiment: Service
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2nd Battalion,
The Queen's Regiment
United Kingdom  
Note:This is a battalion history of the Regular Army. See the main regimental page for full lineage and other information.
Colour Key
War service
Overseas service
Home service
  1961.03.01 1st Battalion, The Queen's Own Buffs, Royal Kent Regiment
formed by amalgamation of 1st Bn, The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment), and 1st Bn, The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment
  1961.01 England: Shorncliffe  
  1964.12 [West Indies]  
  1965.07 England: Shorncliffe  
  1965.12 Hong Kong  
  1966.12.31 2nd Battalion, The Queen's Regiment (Queen's Own Buffs)
redesignated upon formation of "large" regiment from Home Counties Brigade
  1967.10 England: Horsham  
  1968.04 Northern Ireland: Holywood  
  1968.07.01 2nd Battalion, The Queen's Regiment
  1970.09 England: Canterbury  
  1971.01 Germany: Werl 6 Armd Bde
  1971.08 (Northern Ireland)  
  1971.09 Germany: Werl 6 Armd Bde
  1972.07 (Northern Ireland)  
  1972.11 Germany: Werl 6 Armd Bde
  1973.11 (Northern Ireland)  
  1974.02 Germany: Werl 6 Armd Bde
  1975.10 England: Bulford 5 Inf Bde
  1977.01 Bulford 8 Field Force
  1976.01 (Northern Ireland)  
  1977.02 Bulford 8 Field Force
  1977.02 (Northern Ireland)  
  1977.06 Bulford 8 Field Force
  1977.09 Gibraltar  
  1979.08 England: Colchester 7 Field Force
  1980.04 (Northern Ireland)  
  1980.08 Colchester 7 Field Force
  1982.01 England: Colchester 19 Inf Bde
  1983.01 Northern Ireland: Londonderry 8 Inf Bde
  1984.11 England: Oakington 54 Bde
  1986.03 Germany: Minden 11 Armd Bde
  1988.04 (Northern Ireland)  
  1988.09 Minden 11 Armd Bde
  1991.01 England: Canterbury  
  1992.01 (Northern Ireland)  
  1992.02 Canterbury  
  1992.09.09 amalgamated with 1st Battalion, 3rd Battalion, and 1st Bn, The Royal Hampshire Regiment, to form 1st Bn, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, and 2nd Bn, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment