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Guyton Mundy stylin' his  Natural Selection;
Eve Yeaton demos MIL's Hot Temptation ... clips courtesy of CJ
Neil Hale demos his newest line dances: Curtain Call and Las Pistola

Happy 7th Birthday
(Line Dance Fun as it looked in July 2000 ...July 2000 Top 20!)
This website was first published as an AOL home page in June of 1996. It was black text published on a HOT PINK background and consisted of a list of all dances being down in the S F Bay Area prior to 1995 and a list of the 'new' dances (which included links to original dance sheets in .pdf format) that were created or taught in the S F Bay Area in 1996. It took 2 months of reading manuals to learn how to write html, make all the .pdf files and prepare the list of "oldie standard" S F Bay Area dances. After the list was as complete as I could make it from my collection of sheets and my 'observations' of the local dance floors, I asked Knox Rhine for his help in filling in the missing names of the choreographers from his collection of dance sheets. Knox Rhine was THE most knowledgeable dancer I knew and was 'keeper of all accurate information' relating to line dance.
The home page was averaging 50 hits a day simply through word of mouth. Because of that response and because of the extremely primitive way AOL provided users with sending files to the Internet, Line Dance Fun went domain in October 1996. The Super Information Dance Floor was the largest 'library' website to visit for line dance step sheets in 1996. Dancers emailed the steps (re typed from original sheets) to the publisher, Don Deyne. 
Line Dance Fun was the first line dance website to publish .pdf files of original signed dance sheets with the permission of the choreographer, the first on the Internet with line dance video clips and the first to offer downloadable music files.
The purpose of this website was to share orginal line dance steps with the dance community and secondly to preserve the local San Francisco Bay Area line dance history. The opening line of the website was: If you want to have TOO MUCH FUN Dancin' in The San Francisco Bay Area, you gotta know the dances we dance.. Line Dance Fun as it looked in April 1997 and as listed in Yahoo in April 1997. As line dance evolves so will this website.

new steps + streaming mp3
Need sheets?... use GOOGLE  - video? email CJ
Can't Take That Away - Charlotte Skeeters
Chase The Sun - Yvonne Anderson
Curtain Call - Neil Hale
Don't Keep Me Waiting - Bracken Ellis (Braken's website)
Don't Mean Dallas - Bob Boesel
Going Postal - Carmel Hutchinson
Hot Temptation - MIL
In This World - Mike Sliter
Las Pistolas - Neil Hale
Losing The Blues - Terry Hogan
Mid Life Crisis - Ernie Hutchinson
Miss Lizzy - Michele Perron -
Mr. President - Ward/Jenkins/Dunn
One Good Love - Terry Hogan
Over You - June, The Lady in Black. She will be at Cool Country in September.
Palisades Park - Mark Cosenza His demo here.
Skin Deep - Simon Ward
He will  be teaching at Windy City
Teacher and the Preacher - Trish Boesel
That Wasn't My Chair - Evelyn Khinoo
The Believers - Doug & Jackie Miranda
The Next Best Thing - Sliter/Ashley
Travellin Soldier - Ward/Glover
Walking The Floor - Terry Hogan
Winter Waltz - Terry Hogan
Yeeee Haaaaa! - Simon Ward
He will be teaching at Windy City
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom - Charlotte Skeeters

Cool Country - Sept 26-28  Laughlin, NV w/Doug & Jackie Miranda 
Sept 20
Irene Shiroma presents a dance workshop w/T Slemmons and S Ward in Vegas. Inquiries to Terri
GGC - Oct 3-5  registration - w/Charlotte Skeeters at the San Mateo Marriott. Inquiries to Charlotte
Windy City - Oct
10-12 w/Mark Cosenza, Eve Yeaton & Glen Pospieszny
Fall Fling - Nov 14-16 in Ventura, CA w/JP Potter
Dancin' In Waikiki in Hawaii Jan 14-21, 2004 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
Dancin' in the Desert - Feb 20-21 w/Netty's Line Dancing
Aloha with Ohana in Hawaii April 14-21, 2004 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda

Lessons? San Francisco Bay area line dance instructors listed by their TEACH Cities
Gary Clayton's website - dances taught in the S F Bay area + instructors' comments
Line Dance Clubs:  Boots'n Buckles -> Cactus Corners -> Country Hustlers -> Quick Steppers
Socials: Afternoons w/Shirley & Gary Keller -> Friday Mornings w/Doris Volz -> Heart Dance w/Gina Mello & John Bowen (July schedule) -> Keep on Dancin' w/Bob & Trish Boesel -> Menlo Park w/Jamie Hogan -> Pacifica Fridays w/Diane Montgomery -> San Bruno Sunday w/Diana Ward -> The Y w/Evelyn Khinoo (Summer schedule) or Hedy McAdams
Line Dance OLDIES on S F Bay Area request lists for 2003

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