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Dinosaur Adventure 3-D

Reviewed by Jane Guild
Published by Knowledge Adventure

Age Group: Age 2 to 5, Age 4 to 8
Type: Thinking Games, Arcade, More Fun
Price: $20

PC version requires:
Windows 95/98, P90, 4x CD, 16 MB RAM, 16 MB HD, SVGA 256-color graphics, MPC-compatible sound

Mac version requires:
PowerPC, 120MHz, 4x CD, 16 MB RAM, 256-color graphics, 13" color monitor, system 7.5.1


Knowledge Adventure's Dinosaur Adventure 3-D is for any child with a love of dinosaurs! From the start it is a fun-filled, easy to navigate adventure. Rolf the Parasarolophus and Pterrance the Pteranadon guide kids through a 3-D island of movies, games and activities. Arcade style games as well as thinking games will keep them entertained for hours. And there's a workbook that you can print out for even more fun. The 3-D rendering is very good, flying kids over mountains, rushing down rivers and running through valleys. Overall, it covers all the best aspects of children's software - thinking, doing, and of course, having fun!


  • 2 arcade style games, 4 thinking games
  • Nice 3-D animations and movies
  • 3 skill levels
  • Closed captioning
  • Great encouragement from characters

Technical Aspects:

The software installs from auto-start, and went in really easily and quickly. The game then runs from auto-start when you put in the CD, or from an icon the installer creates. There was a trouble-shooting guide in the booklet and technical support phone numbers and web site address, but we didn't need them. The booklet has screen captures of the game, so it gives a very accurate feel for the software.

Report and Conclusions:

Once I installed the software, my 4-year-old did everything by himself. I think that pretty much says it all! The interface was very friendly and easy to use, the animations are great, and the number of games and skill levels means it won't get boring next week. For older kids there's also the overall challenge of gathering all the eggs and defeating T-Rex, which takes some patience. The opening scenes might look scary, but don't worry, the rest of the game is quite G-rated. Well thought out software with a great look equals lots of fun!

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