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Posted by Jack Moss/ Charles Keorner on July 25, 2001 at 09:28:20:

In Reply to: Re: It's All True posted by Herbert Drake/Jack Moss on July 25, 2001 at 08:56:43:

With Ambersons printed and being made ready for release, Moss turns his attentions to Journey Into Fear, a picture that he himself had an important role in. He finds himself dealing with George Schaefer's replacement, Charles Keorner, a stooge of the New York bankers that have now seized control of RKO-

June 15, 1942 Jack Moss to Charles Keorner

Again I appeal to you for help. it was clearly my understanding that we here at Mercury would edit Journey Into Fear in accordance with Mr Schaefer's suggested cuts and change of ending. This work was to be performed upon return of the film from New York. Subsequently, I learned that not only had the film returned, but that editing was completed, and that the film was screened for the sound and music departments. The natural conclusion can only be: Mercury can go fishing. I called Mr. Armour and he confirmed the foregoing details. I asked to bring to your attention that there are points to discuss regarding Mr. Schaefer's editing. Also there were ideas for sound and music that we wished to offer. The reply came the next day when Mr. Armour phoned to say that the studio would complete the editing, scoring and dubbing without Mercury's help. I will not introduce any arguments over rights, legal and moral. Courtesy alone should be enough to cause Mercury to be included in any function concerning Journey Into Fear. The present action is unwarranted. I want very, very much to talk with you. It will be better then boring you numb with lots of written words, if I haven't already done so. If my persistance is annoying, truly I am sorry. I must risk being annoying rather then risk losing your respect for Mercury because I failed to follow through on something I believe is just and right. What I ask of you IS just and right. Will you see me? When?
Jack Moss

June 16th Charles Keorner to Jack Moss

Dear Jack,
Believe me, I realize your situation very definitely and clearly. Nevertheless, never for a moment can I imagine that RKO has, at any time, failed to extend every possible courtesy to Mercury productions. In fact, the extent of RKO's help to Orson Welles and The Mercury Productions would, in many circumstances, be considered somewhat fantastic. In regards to Journey Into Fear, I simply followed very definite and clear-cut instructions. There was no other alternative, and as far as I'm concerned, the matter is permanently closed.
Charles Keorner

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