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Posted by Fanto/RKO on July 26, 2001 at 12:34:49:

In Reply to: Re: It's All True posted by Jack Moss/ Charles Keorner on July 25, 2001 at 09:28:20:

At the end of July 1942, shooting on the final episode of It's All True, "4 Men On A Raft", was finished. This memo shows how bitter relations had become between Welles's Mercury people and the RKO regulars, like George Shaefer's chief spy Lynn Shores.

July 29, 1942 George Fanto to Richard Wilson

Orson left this morning. I hope when he tells you the story he is going to laugh about it, but the Shores gang prepared a last dirty trick, very unpleasant for Orson. After Orson left on the 23rd, with many witnesses around, poor Santos had an accident which he cannot be blamed for. Shooting on rocks, suddenly a heavy rainstorm came. To protect the camera, Santos picked it up and ran to a nearby shelter but, for the hurry he slipped with the camera and damaged it a little. Insignificant, but Shores is already trying to make allusions that Orson gave orders to break it, so don't let anybody be wise on you.

Three months later Welles was invited back by RKO to shoot a new ending for Journey Into Fear

Oct. 19, 1942 To Orson Welles from RKO Studio (excerpt)

Dear Mr. Welles,
This will confirm our agreement as follows: You will go to Hollywood, to arrive there not later then Oct. 23rd, to do recutting on Journey Into Fear. This work shall be finished within 14 days after your arrival in Hollywood and during this period you shall have the use of an office and a cutting room and the exclusive services of one cutter, or two if necessary. It is understood that you shall make no retakes or additional scenes except for one additional scene to be made in one day. This scene shall require the services of no actors except Joseph Cotton and a bit player, and no set expenses shall be involved in excess of $800. The making of this scene is conditioned upon your securing gratis the services of Mr. Cotton. Your work at the studio shall be under the supervision of Mr. Charles Keorner. The cutters, cameramen and others whose services shall be used shall be people assigned by Mr. Keorner. You shall be allowed reasonable travel and living expenses, but shall receive no compensation for this work. A press release acceptable in form to you and to us shall be issued by us, and otherwise no statements or publicity shall be given out by you or us unless by mutual agreement.
There exists a controversy over your employment by us in the making of the picture It's All True. It is expressly understood between us that the additional work on Journey Into Fear herein contemplated, shall in no way affect this.

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