The ProLife Market
Long Distance Telephone Service

There are a lot of good deals out there for long distance telephone service. The problem is they keep changing all the time. If you will send me one of your typical long distance bills or just tell me approximately what your calling habits are, I will recommend the best deal for you. As things change I will recommend changes to you when appropriate. You won't have to try to keep up with the everchanging market. I will do it for you. In exchange I will get a small percentage of your long distance bill and you will be supporting me in my pro-life ministry.

The various ways of contacting me are listed below. If you send me a phone bill, you can cover the last 4 digits of all the phone numbers on the bill. All I need is the area code and local exchange to make a recommendation. If you want to pick a plan yourself, CLICK HERE but check back often for changing deals.

In His service,
Meredith Raney

PO Box 362384, Melbourne, FL 32936-2384
Phone (407)254-5481, FAX (954)301-0256