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Heavy Metal War ... Become One With The War! Heavy Metal War ... Become One With The War! Heavy Metal War ... Become One With The War!

Welcome to Heavy Metal War

03 Jun 2003 - Armor Upgrades by Vir4030
I fixed the Armor cost bug. You now actually have to spend money on armor - it's no longer free.

Also, I have added Ceramic (Rank: 2) and Steel (Rank: 3) armor. The Steel is all-around better than the Ceramic. The Ceramic is all-around better than the Iron.

02 Jul 2003 - Site Speed by Vir4030
The site has been running pretty slow lately. I think it's a given that this is because of Heavy Metal War and the amount of traffic that it has been generating. Beginning tonight, I will be going through the game systematically and removing or optimizing anything that costs too much server time to display. I know off the top of my head that the following items will happen over the next few days and into the weekend:

  • The overall autobot vs. decepticon stats that were in the title bar have been removed. I will work these back in as best as I can.
  • The "win-loss" stats and "Ranking" on the character page have been removed. They will be re-worked and re-integrated into the page in a way that doesn't kill the server.
  • The registry page will be re-worked to run faster and to allow you to activate four Transformers with one page load.
  • The arena page will be re-worked to remove the couple of bugs that are in it, to run faster, and to allow you to put up to four Transformers into the arena with one page load.
I know that this delays the overall development of the game, and there are features you guys are missing out on temporarilly, but it's necessary for the health of as a whole. That, after all, is the most important thing. I ask for your understanding and your patience in this process. Thanks!

29 Jun 2003 - Heavy Metal War Status by Vir4030
We lost the last two days. That sucks - there's nothing we can do to get that back. I spoke with Ryan at length about this, and it was decided that we should do a reset. The main reason is that no matter what we do, we can't get back the two lost days. We all knew a reset would have to happen at some point, this is a perfect opportunity. I do this with the hope that we will not have to do this again for a very long time. Also, this was the fairest way that I could think of to bring it back up.

I'm resetting it now. When I'm done, I'll open the game back up.

EDIT: Another note - if you signed up for a new account within the last two days, you may have to re-sign up for one. Your registration may have been lost as well.

MORE EDIT: I do not plan to do another one of these resets, although this is still a beta game. If I change something that would affect how much XP you spend on upgrades or something, I will instead simply reset all of the characters (give you all your XP back and un-buy everything) instead of doing this. I do realize how extreme this action is -- that's why I took the opportunity to do it now.


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