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Map of Bingham Canyon
       -- Before Open-Pit Mining

Where the open pit copper mine now gapes wide and deep, in past years there were several communities extending in a long narrow string down through the canyon: Copperfield, Telegraph, Dinkeyville, Jap Camp, Greek Camp, Carr Fork, Highland Boy, Frog Town, Lower Bingham, and others.

During the past century the mountains on the sides of the canyon have been mined to uncover the copper ore. As the mine grew larger, it eventually became necessary to start digging in areas where homes, schools, and businesses stood.

Copperfield was one of the first communities to be affected. The people were told that they would have to move, all of the buildings were torn down, and the ground that the town once stood on was dug away. By the late 1950's, there was nothing left to show that anyone had ever lived there.

The other communities soon shared the same fate. Today, all that can be seen is the huge pit taking up the space. But if you use your imagination, (and if you know exactly where to look), you can still see the ghosts of the little canyon mining towns floating in the air above the pit.

Lower Bingham Copperfield Area