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01. Ghate Lagaiya Dinga
02. Krishno Pokhho
03. Kalare
04. Tomar Ghorey
05. Shohoj Manush
06. Mon Tore
07. Aami Opar Hoye
08. Ki Kori
09. Moriley Kandish Na
10. Nokol Chini
11. Tui Gaan Ga
12. Naamaj Aamar
13. Dhormo Bujhey


Bangla. The word was always there, embracing our roots, our everyday life like anything else but never got to be chosen to be a name for any band, until recently around 2000 when a group of talented musicians finally decided to take it as a name and form a band. Since then, they have come a long way and established them as one of the most popular bands of recent times. Their debut album 'Kingkartobbobimur' (I will refer it to as 'KKB' throughout the review) has been widely appreciated and raved about by the music community as well as their fans.

Line-Up of Bangla:

Anusheh - Vocal
Ornob - Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal, Percussion, Esraj
Kartik - Guitar, Vocal
Shantonu - Drums, Dhol, Tabla, Ghol, Percussion, Kongo, Bongo, Harhi, Vocal
Buno - Bass, Guitar, Vocal, Percussion, Jura, Harhi.

The type of music the album 'KKB' presents is not new to us, in the 90's we have seen the famous band 'Feedback' with their album 'Bauliana' trying to represent the rich traditional folk songs adorned by the wealth of modern sounds and instruments. Another great example of such kind of expression would be the collaboration album by 'Paban Das Baul' and 'Sam Mills' called 'Ashol Chini' or 'Real Sugar'. But again, 'KKB' would be unique in its own contexts as the amount of exploration and experimentation done with the presentation of the album to be more inclined to classify it as a fusion rock album. A great production with a modest thought. Our folk music rocks. So does 'KKB'. By the way, I loved the name of their album too!
AG rates this album: 8.5/10 and recommends this album to anyone or everyone who appreciates the wealth of both the eastern and western music worlds.


I emailed Bangla, they never replied. I wish they did, so I would have more insight of them from their own eyes, but that doesn't make them a lesser band at all. The type of music they do, how could we classify it? I would personally think they are a modern fusion rock band, with elements of Indie Rock, Acid Jazz, and Folk present in their music, to make me think like that. Final words: they sound trendy, classy, and cool. One should try them out. At least to see the progress and change that is happening to modern Bangla music.




***** = Excellent
**** = Good
*** = Average
** = Fine
* = Poor

01. Ghate Lagaiya Dinga ****
Originally composed and performed by Sachin Dev Barman, the song is more inclined to the folk genre, uses more traditional instruments. Introduces us to Anusheh's unique vocal. She is great.

02. Krishno Pokhho ****
A traditional folk song, pretty well known, presented with modern arrangement of musical instruments with a fast tempo. Great sound! And you find out how familiar is Anusheh with her vocal chords.

03. Kalare ****
Another beautiful folk song, mellow, melancholy. Speaking of the pain of 'Radha' while she waits and complains about 'Krishno' referred as 'Kala' in this song. A great example of how nice fusion could sound. One of the better songs of the album.

04. Tomar Ghorey *****
Loved it! One of the best in the album. I heard it sometime last year, when I was in Dhaka for the summer and this song hooked me up! Fast tempo. But the lyrics was the best part! So deep, that it even surpassed Anusheh on mic...

05. Shohoj Manush *****
Who could sing this deep Lalon song better than Anusheh Anadil? Introduction to Lalon and Anusheh has gathered some respect from me. My favourite song in the album.

06. Mon Tore ****
I don't know who sang this song, wasn't mentioned in the CD. Is it Buno? Ornob? anyone else? But who ever did, did a great job. Anusheh did a great job as the backing vocal. Loved the Guitar-Tabla combination.

07. Aami Opar Hoye *****
Another great reawakening of Lalon values and philosophy in Anusheh's vocal. Another great rock-folk fusion. Even though it sounds modern, it still rejoices the folk character of itself to the fullest.

08. Ki Kori ****
The second Sachin Dev song in the album, beatifully mixed and arranged. Great song, striked me with its Acid Jazz explorations and great guitar.

09. Moriley Kandish Na ****
I personally loved the thought provoking lyrics that Bangla chose. This is one of the modern songs of the album with very attractive music. One of the best in the album.

10. Nokol Chini *****
A song that Anusheh wrote herself, loved the theme. The music is great and purely 'Bangla', awesome production. Nothing more to say. Anusheh has the best bangla pronunciation out of all the vocals of recent times.

11. Tui Gaan Ga ****
Another pure 'Bangla', great music and excellent vocals... very jolly and catchy. But no reference to the singer. We want to know if it is Buno, Ornob, Shantonu... or someone else?

12. Naamaj Aamar *****
My second best favourite song in the album. Lyrics by Durbin Shai, excellent choice. The music is exceptional. Loved the bass. Way to 'Bangla'!

13. Dhormo Bujhey ****
Another song by written Anusheh, and she sounds like a true veteran of the soul surfers. I loved the music, I loved the vocal, and I really loved the lyrics, yet it was the only song that sounded incomplete. Maybe its just me.

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Discussed and Reviewed by Farhan Sajjad
Media Director


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