Creatures Life Kit #1
Good news for busy Norn breeders
by Peter Smith
REVIEW: Creatures

Shot One he Creatures Life Kit #1 adds some functionality to the original Creatures, as well as new Norns and objects. If you're getting sick of feeding your Norns lemons and carrots, you'll welcome several new foodstuffs, including coconuts for the desert island and Beelacanth trees. The true masochist will enjoy letting loose hordes of Cave Flies and Albian Carrot Beetles (which spread disease and chow down on carrots, respectively). And Norns will love their new Bedtime Bears and Smashing Jugs.

More pragmatic additions include Grendel Chaser spray. It looks like an airhorn and shoots a cloud of fumes that chase Grendels back to the trees. A cage sounded like a great idea, but every trapped Grendel simply opened the cage and walked out. Back to the drawing board on that one. Two new tools are provided: an object injector allows the installation/removal of all these new items, plus others you can download off the net. An Observation tool gives you a running list of the status of all your Norns, but would've been more helpful if you could jump right from this list to the Norn that needs your attention.

The new Norns include a pair of Forest Norns, which are purple headed critters related to the "Purple Mountain Norns" of 'net fame, and a pair of Ron-Norns, derived from the original Norn of 1995.
Shot Two While the Creatures Life Kit #1 adds lots of desired features to the original game, the dark secret here is that most of this stuff can be downloaded from the many Creatures websites, if you don't mind digging a bit. Busy Norn breeders will appreciate the savings in time, but the frugal among us should just fire up those web browsers.

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Posted 01/31/1998

Creatures Life Kit 1 IBM CD ROM 01/98 $14.99
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