See the messages we're broadcasting to the stars!

TV and radio broadcaster Hugh Downs will begin Cosmic Call 2003 with a special greeting from planet Earth. See his videotaped message:
Real Media (2Mbs)
Windows format (3Mbs)

Everyday people are including two types of messages in Cosmic Call 2003:
1. Brief text messages
2. Humanity's First Starship messages – text and photos that will also fly on our interstellar spacecraft.

We’re broadcasting carefully crafted scientific messages, including:
1. Our Interstellar Rosetta Stone – Uses a special mathematical language to convey information about Earth, humanity, and ourselves.
2. The historic 1974 Arecibo message – a brief scientific message sent to stars 25,000 light-years from Earth.
3. Award-winning artificial intelligence software called “Ella.”

Children are our future. And children worldwide are sending their own messages to the future in Cosmic Call 2003. See the messages from:
The International Education and Resource Network
The British National Space Center
Elementary school students in Japan , Brazil, Texas, and New York.

An eclectic selection of art, music, and special messages from Earth:
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
David Bowie
KFT (a Hungarian rock band)
Hello to ETI (a website inviting ET to communicate)
Artist Rob Kritkausky

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