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Port Mozilla, Collect $3696
The Internet
The Almighty Buck
Posted by timothy on Wednesday June 11, @08:10AM
from the but-to-amiga dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The goal of the AmiZilla effort is to raise such an obscene/huge amount of money to give away to the first programmer/team that can port Mozilla to Amiga that Amiga programmers will be falling over themselves getting this application coded in record time. The booty currently stands at $3696. Parties interested in making some extra cash to pay off student loans/go on a wild bender can find more infomation here."


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I would rather see it coded well (Score:5, Insightful)
by earthforce_1 (454968) <earthforce_1&yahoo,com> on Wednesday June 11, @08:13AM (#6169679)
(Last Journal: Friday May 30, @09:04PM)
Than coded fast. Code that is cranked out in record time ususally isn't efficient or stable. How do you verify that the winning code contains no major bugs?
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Obscene? (Score:2, Funny)
by emo boy (586277) <hoffmabc.jmu@edu> on Wednesday June 11, @08:14AM (#6169691)
Is $3676 an obscene amount of money now?
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  • Re:Obscene? by MickLinux (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @08:20AM
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  • Re:Obscene? by emo boy (Score:1) Wednesday June 11, @08:21AM
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Great Idea (Score:4, Insightful)
by Jedi1USA (145452) on Wednesday June 11, @08:15AM (#6169692)
Nothing like cold hard cash to get someones attention. This isn't "pay off the mortgage" kind of money, but better than a poke in the eye with a stick.

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  • Now you know by lpret (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @10:25AM
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$3696 / 160 =~ $23/hr for one month (Score:5, Interesting)
by Speare (84249) on Wednesday June 11, @08:16AM (#6169708)

If the port should take four man-weeks to do, that works out to about $23 dollars per hour. Somehow I think they're going to need to collect more bounty before developers would "fall all over themselves" for the task.

That said, if I had extra cash, I'd offer bounties for small programming tasks. My home life doesn't afford enough hacking time to do all of the ideas I write down, and I would love to parcel them out for a hobby-sized bounty to students or other junior coders who also want to use it as a learning opportunity.

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$3696 is a huge amount of money! (Score:1, Funny)
by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday June 11, @08:17AM (#6169715)
That prize amount is pretty big, considering that it is larger than the total profits from selling Amiga computers for the past 10 years.
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My Mail to Bill. (Score:4, Interesting)
by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday June 11, @08:20AM (#6169738)
I have contacted Bill already about this some weeks ago and suggested that it may be better to port either Webcore or GRE to Amiga. Here an excerpt of my email. I think it's quite illusionary requesting a port of Mozilla to Amiga specially now where the entire roadmap of Mozilla changes. Read on.



I don't know if you are the person responsible for the


I would like to contact you because I think there are better ways to help the Amiga getting a good Webbrowser. There was a german Article about this on www.amiga-news.de which I have read and replied to.

http://www.amiga-news.de/de/news/comments/thread /A N-2003-05-00184-DE.html

Message 18 and 21. Sorry It's written in german Language so you may need to translate it using babelfish. I think you will understand it and the
contents of it.

But here a little summary.

I used to be a member of the Amiga community from 1984 - 1996 and left for Linux. I am following the Mozilla development process for various years now, contributed to it with bugreports and some minor patches, then went over to support the GALEON people.

My personal opinion is that porting Mozilla is a wrong way to go because of complexity and the required maintainership.

The mozilla approach was always criticised by many people of the open source community because of it's bloat. e.g. it's an entire development
plattform (basically a whole os and widgetset) that was also the reason why browser such as galeon, skipstone, epiphany or k-melon showed up,
they all used the embedded mozilla component and used their native window which fits pleasingly into the environment what many people simply wanted was a fast webbrowser which either fits into their desktop environment either GNOME or KDE.

Over the time the SAFARI people showed up and they have decided to take the KHTML component from KDE (supports DOM, CSS1 and CSS2, HTML4, JS,
SSL and so on), they ripped the library out of KDE, wrote a wrapper around it and called it webcore:

http://developer.apple.com/darwin/projects/webco re /

the kde people then got told about this after safari got released and the safari and kde people are now working on one unified component e.g.
2 teams are working on one library, they are now up to separate the backend from the engine so you can simply take the library and have it used on whatever plattform you like. The link above shows you an old version of the webcore, it's not the same as they are using now.

During the time Safarit was announced the Mozilla people got heavily pissed off and decided to change their entire roadmap because they
finally realized that XUL (their widgetset) and their way of doing things wasn't attractive to the public thus their new roadmap is to create a separate suite the email client and then the webclient (in the means of phoenix (firebird)). they are also working now to separate the
frontend from the backend and thus they work on the GRE component called Gecko Runtime Environment which offers alternative browser to use a
light library instead the requirement to install the whole mozilla stuff.

http://www.mozilla.org/projects/embedding/GRE.ht ml


The point is, that I think it would be better to work together with one of these two teams either the KHTML team or the GRE team and have these
libraries ported to the Amiga rather than porting the entire mozilla project. The problems with Mozilla port could be various. On the one hand is that you need to deal with the Maintainers of mozilla. A lot of individual people that you need to explain why you want to have Amiga support in it and then the various complex problems that may show up. I know from various developers who tried to port Mozilla to GTK2+ plattform that this caused an neverending flame wether they go Pango (for fontrendering, language and AA) or wether they use the postscript way of

Read the rest of this comment...

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Simple. (Score:2, Funny)
by tomstdenis (446163) <tomstdenis@ia[ ]ca ['hu.' in gap]> on Wednesday June 11, @08:22AM (#6169761)
(http://tom.iahu.ca/ | Last Journal: Wednesday June 04, @10:02PM)
1. Make an x86 emulator.
2. Boot Windows....er... linux.
3. Install Moz.


Heck I'd pay 3639$ to see Moz ported to my Gameboy Color [the Z80 one] that in itself would be a feat!

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  • Re:Simple. by DrXym (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @08:30AM
    • Re:Simple. by kasperd (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @03:34PM
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thought it might be a interesting project... (Score:5, Interesting)
by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday June 11, @08:24AM (#6169782)
and then fell to the floor laughing uncontrolable because i found what i was looking for (its in the FAQ):

Q: What will be the requirements and the minimum spec for the Amiga version.

A: Well that will depend a lot on the programming team that tackles the port and their skillset but the spec I would like to see is Amiga OS 3.9 and above and/or WinUAE/Amiga Forever/Amithlon/AROS/MorphOS. 68030+ CPU, faster the better, 24 bit Graphics card, 32MB of RAM. I would also like the coders to try hard to make it work with AGA.

get it ! get it ! they are talking about the original amiga series, not the new one with the 600mhz PPC !
mozilla isnt even running lag free on my dual P3 with 512mb ram omg omg this is so over the top :DD

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Booty?! (Score:2, Funny)
by lawpoop (604919) on Wednesday June 11, @08:25AM (#6169785)
You mean, I can finally get *gulp* booty for programming?!
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  • Re:Booty?! by trikberg (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @08:35AM
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  • Re:Booty?! by stor (Score:1) Wednesday June 11, @09:46AM
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scary stuff (Score:2, Funny)
by Timesprout (579035) on Wednesday June 11, @08:26AM (#6169787)
Working very hard on the soon to be released AmiZilla Mascot, she is very sexy

I'm almost temped to donate 10K to see just what sort of wild bender someone who finds a green lizard sexy would actually go on.
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Take the money and run! (Score:5, Funny)
by WwWonka (545303) on Wednesday June 11, @08:26AM (#6169789)
$3676? Hmmm....

$40 to build a shocking Xbox controller.
$100 to buy a Dremel Powertool to explode Steve Miller Cds to infinity
$300 emergeny room visit to have a RN look at your electrical burns on your hands and to pull CD shards out of your ass.
$3236 To start litigation against /. for insipring your creative genius to aforementioned experiments.

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Arguments... (Score:3, Insightful)
by Psiren (6145) on Wednesday June 11, @08:29AM (#6169802)
No doubt this will end in the usual arguments about who did what and when. It always does when money is involved. Humans are just too greedy.
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  • Re:Arguments... by irc.goatse.cx troll (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @08:53AM
Teens need cash. Machines cost cash. (Score:2)
by Zapdos (70654) on Wednesday June 11, @08:30AM (#6169813)
This is more then the average kid makes all year. The 12-16 year old computer literate kids will be all over this. That is if they had a machine to work on. Hope that machine cost considerable less than 4K$

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it's just like monopoly (Score:2, Funny)
by lastfuture (595105) <slashdot@lastfuture.de> on Wednesday June 11, @08:33AM (#6169842)
first place:
> Port Mozilla,Collect $3696

second place:
go directly to /dev/null
do not pass go
do not collect $3696
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The easier route (Score:2)
by DrXym (126579) on Wednesday June 11, @08:37AM (#6169874)
I would guess the most straightforward way of porting to the Amiga would be via some X11 port on that platform and reuse most of the X11/GTK widgets. Treat the Amiga as a weird Unix variant, use gcc, gmake and as many GNU tools as are required to make things easy on yourself.

You still have the NSPR and Makefile system, and some assembly used by XPCOM to contend with, but the length task of writing widgets and gfx classes from scratch would go away.

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Advice for the students who got busted by the RIAA (Score:2)
by Unominous Coward (651680) on Wednesday June 11, @08:41AM (#6169902)
...get coding, jailboy!
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In 2 years... (Score:2)
by jkrise (535370) on Wednesday June 11, @08:43AM (#6169918)
Port Mozilla to Linux (Linux without SCOde) --> Show code to SCO --> Collect $1,000,000. SCO sues Mozilla, collects $1,000,000,000 from AOL!

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Sponsors (Score:2)
by richie2000 (159732) <`slashdot2' `at' `webhackande.se'> on Wednesday June 11, @08:47AM (#6169945)
(http://www.gpz1100.com/ | Last Journal: Saturday March 22, @06:53AM)
One of the sponsors in their list gave 5 bucks and a link back to his site; www.sendmeapound.com [sendmeapound.com]. Go check out his Pound-O-Meter. I love an optimist, but not enough to give him money. :-)
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Port Firebird/Phoenix to Classic Mac (Score:3, Interesting)
by jetsetscoot (578227) on Wednesday June 11, @08:48AM (#6169961)
Or make even more people happy - somebody please port Firebird/Phoenix to Mac OS9. There are a ton of us who have not made the jump to OS X, and I for one have gotten to really like Phoenix on my work pc. The last Mozilla port to the old mac is 1.2.1 from last December. I feel abandoned.


-I can't hear the forest now for all the falling trees
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That title made me think of Slashdot Monopoly... (Score:2)
by Dutchmaan (442553) on Wednesday June 11, @08:51AM (#6169986)
What a cool version of the game that would make, eh?
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Righto (Score:5, Interesting)
by zakezuke (229119) on Wednesday June 11, @08:52AM (#6169991)
It's good to see someone interested in mozilla for Amiga, something that could be considered to be a standard up to date web browser.

I honestly don't know what I used on the amiga in ages past, I just remember I made the mistake of accepting some 2.x roms and could no longer do that software load of 3.x [exact version number I can not remember presently]

From what I remember, even if you had AGA or 3rd party 24 bit graphics, in my case it was a retna (sp) card, your web browsing experence was pretty limited due to the fact that the stock amiga graphics were at best 16/32/64 colors. I don't honestly remember the details, it's not like you couldn't get 4096 colors, just apparently not for things like gif or jpeg files.

Which brings another point all together, pre 68030 based machines are not really the best at web browsing unless you have a math-co. Gifs are not so bad, jpegs however are pretty slugish. This is not to say that modern amiga users don't have accelerators... this is to say such a product would only be useful to those people.

Perhaps someone wiser then I could remember the particulars, I really couldn't be bothered being nickle and dimed on my amiga, so I just went with lynx and got frustrated and went to the PC.

So issues I see with this project

1. Would browsing in 8bit color or above graphics require a specific rom set?

2. How ever are you going to find a math-co for jpeg decoding.

This is actually comming from a person who was and still is to an extent a big amiga fan. Part of the reason I had to abandon it was the simple fact that even web browsers that were made for the amiga required money from me to display properly.

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    Re:Righto (Score:4, Insightful)
    by AMiGR (628789) on Wednesday June 11, @09:02AM (#6170064)
    Actually that is a long forgotten past, nowadays,
    most users have PPC accelerators, REAL graphic cards (even if they are old, like the Voodoo3),
    >64Mbs of RAM or even better, a new PowerPC
    motherboard like the Pegasos (running MorphOS,
    if you want AmigaOS compatability), with modern
    hardware like the Radeon series, etc.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    • Re:Righto by zakezuke (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @09:27AM
  • Re:Righto by amigabill (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @09:20AM
    • Re:Righto by zakezuke (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @09:33AM
      • Re:Righto by amigabill (Score:1) Wednesday June 11, @01:49PM
        • Re:Righto by zakezuke (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @04:42PM
          • Re:Righto by Ben Hutchings (Score:2) Thursday June 12, @09:55AM
  • Re:Righto by johannesg (Score:3) Wednesday June 11, @09:36AM
    • Re:Righto by zakezuke (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @12:32PM
      • Re:Righto by johannesg (Score:1) Wednesday June 11, @12:39PM
        • Re:Righto by zakezuke (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @04:52PM
    • Re:Righto by jafuser (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @05:33PM
  • Re:Righto by usotsuki (Score:1) Wednesday June 11, @10:10AM
I'm sure that.. (Score:4, Funny)
by mikecheng (3359) on Wednesday June 11, @08:52AM (#6169995)
(http://www.planckenergy.com/ | Last Journal: Friday January 04, @07:51AM)
both amiga programmers will be fighting hard to get the cash.

I used to use the GCC tools on the amiga (ADE - or whatever it turned into). But then that slowly went stagnant - and it was 10x faster to cross-compile stuff on the FreeBSD/Pentium166 than to wait for the A3000/'030.

When Amiga/PPC hardware started appearing, I was keen to do some portage of unix-ish type stuff - except the PPC dev toolchain was so woeful it made me want to cry.

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What's the point? (Score:2, Troll)
by sharv (71041) on Wednesday June 11, @09:07AM (#6170106)
I'm all for porting and getting things running on obscure platforms, but why is getting Mozilla on the Amiga the one that people put up the cash prizes for? Aren't there development projects more worthy of a financial incentive than getting a browser to run on hopelessly-outdated hardware, no matter how rabid the geek-niche userbase?

It's fun and all, but couldn't that money have been better spent on rewarding developers to make something more likely to be useful? I'm sure the crowd here can come up with a long list of more deserving sources for a couple thousand dollars.

I'll start by nominating the EFF [eff.org].

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Why not port khtml instead? (Score:2, Interesting)
by fault0 (514452) on Wednesday June 11, @09:25AM (#6170214)
(http://localhost/ | Last Journal: Friday November 08, @05:21PM)
I've heard it's easier to port khtml instead of Mozilla. The relative ease that the Apple and the Aetheos guys ported it perhaps shows this.
[ Reply to This ]
    Re:Why not port khtml instead? (Score:5, Insightful)
    by BZ (40346) on Wednesday June 11, @12:20PM (#6172252)
    khtml is a rendering engine. Mozilla is an application. Porting gecko (the khtml equivalent in Mozilla) and porting kthml are about equally difficult. Possibly easier for gecko, which is designed from the ground up to be easily portable.

    If you want to compare porting Mozilla to something, you'd have to compare it to porting all of the KDE widget set _plus_ khtml.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
Modern Amiga compatible solutions (Score:5, Informative)
by Mike Bouma (85252) on Wednesday June 11, @09:29AM (#6170251)
There seems to be some confusion with regard to which OSes/solutions this effort is directed at. Currently there are 4 main 68k Amiga compatible solutions DiscreetFX would like to see supported. For two first one listed below PPC native versions would be preferable:

1) AmigaOS4

This is the official new AmigaOS developed for classic Amigas upgraded with PPC accelerators and new AmigaOne computers which are being sold with G3 and G4 processors.

Some of the latest but still unfinished screenshots of AmigaOS4:
http://amigaworld.net/modules/news/article.php?sto ryid=560 [amigaworld.net]
AmigaOne motherboards can already be bought in combination with Linux at the following dealers (AmigaOS4 will be delivered for free as soon as it is finished): http://www.eyetech.co.uk/amigaone/dealers.php [eyetech.co.uk]

With MOL MacOS X can also already be used with this system (as well as with the Peg below):

http://www.anythingamiga.com/XEPics/x2.jpg.html [anythingamiga.com]

2) MorphOS

Its ABOX environment is a re-implementation of version 3.1 of the Amiga operating system. The re-implemted Exec kernel is hosted on top of a Quark microkernel. The OS is fast and responsive and currently runs with G3 Pegasos motherboards. Interested people will have to wait for the Pegasos II, which is planned for release in September. An interesting review can be found at OSNews:
http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=3589 [osnews.com]


An open source project intended as a multi-platform re-implementation of version 3.1 of the Amiga operating system. Most of the development takes place on x86 computers. Much of the source code was used for MorphOS. http://www.aros.org/ [aros.org]

4) UAE, Amithlon and other 68 AmigaOS emulators

AmigaOS XL: http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=604 [osnews.com]
Amiga Forever: http://cloanto.com/amiga/forever/ [cloanto.com]
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Obscene amount? (Score:2)
by gosand (234100) on Wednesday June 11, @09:29AM (#6170254)
The goal of the AmiZilla effort is to raise such an obscene/huge amount of money to give away to the first programmer/team that can port Mozilla to Amiga that Amiga programmers will be falling over themselves getting this application coded in record time. The booty currently stands at $3696.

Hey, that's great. The goal is to raise an obscene/huge amount of money, but they currently have a little over $3500? I think they would need at least $10k for it to be considered big, and more than that to be obscenely huge. The faster it gets programmed, the less they have to pay. If that kitty sits for a year, I am sure there might be a considerable amount of money in it, but then it wouldn't exactly be done in record time.

An interesting idea, kind of like an open contract - but it sounds a little hyped to me. But with all the out-of-work programmers out there, any job is a good job I guess.

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It has an Eric Schwartz mascot! (Score:1, Offtopic)
by i_want_you_to_throw_ (559379) * on Wednesday June 11, @09:43AM (#6170354)
That alone is reason enough.....
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Phoenix (Score:1)
by Sinus0idal (546109) on Wednesday June 11, @09:45AM (#6170368)
Isn't there a java version of mozilla available? I know nothing about amiga, but am I being stupid asking if there is a Java VM available for it?

IMHO, if there isn't, it would be more beneficial porting a VM, because then the amiga could run both Phonenix (mozilla port) and it would allow for developement/execution of many other java apps too..
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6502 assembly (Score:2, Funny)
by johnwbyrd (251699) on Wednesday June 11, @09:54AM (#6170435)
I'll pay $17 for the first person to port Mozilla to the Commodore 64. Bonus of $3 if you don't require a double-notched floppy.
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How much would I get if... (Score:4, Funny)
by Anita Coney (648748) on Wednesday June 11, @09:56AM (#6170442)
I ported the Amiga OS to run on the Dreamcast?
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Port Mozilla, Collect $3696 (Score:3, Funny)
by Unominous Coward (651680) on Wednesday June 11, @09:58AM (#6170453)
Don't you have to pass Go first?
[ Reply to This ]
Wouldn't it be easier... (Score:3, Insightful)
by Fizzlewhiff (256410) <[moc.liamtoh] [ta] [nonnahsffej]> on Wednesday June 11, @09:59AM (#6170461)
To make an AmigaOS skin and put that on your Mozilla running in Linux? I would agree that it would be fun to have a working copy of Mozilla to run in UAE to show my friends but I honestly don't see any real world use. Even in AmigaOS4 is finished, it isn't going to revive the Amiga to its 1980's glory days. The Mac and the PC have long taken over the reigns that the Amiga once held in sound and graphics. I'd much rather see the efforts go into a more modern and existing OS like Linux or even Mac OS X.
[ Reply to This ]
Interesting... (Score:1)
by onnos (196201) on Wednesday June 11, @10:13AM (#6170621)
Usually when people say "it cannot be done", "it's not possible" or "who would be stupid enough to do such a thing?", someone steps up and does it. They usually do it for the kick and fun of it, not even for money.

I would be very interested in seeing who gets this done and he/she sure deserves the money.... I just donated $50 :o)
[ Reply to This ]
I loved the Amiga (Score:1)
by NetNinja (469346) on Wednesday June 11, @10:20AM (#6170707)
Amiga went Bankrupt in 1994?

The company transfered owners 3 to 5 times?

Took 6 years to decide which processor they were going to use.

Now an Amiga called Power one, still doesn't have an OS for it?

Now Amiga needs a port of Mozilla?

Sounds like the cart before the horse.

Zombie on Amiga!
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Correction! (Score:2)
by Alsee (515537) on Wednesday June 11, @10:46AM (#6170944)
The actual amount is $3696.052

[ Reply to This ]
recommended this yesterday (Score:1)
by zogger (617870) on Wednesday June 11, @11:08AM (#6171234)
..on the Quark xpress thread. IF all the people/customers who were forced by their company products needs to use closed source, overly expensive and long in coming propietary software, if they would just start a fund, all the customers donate to it some significant cash,and offer it to the best open source and free effort out there, they could get way better products, and probably faster, too. The reverse-leeching concept. It's completely logical, has little downside to it, costs a pittance compared to the endless stream of frustration dealing with those large clueless shops. 10% of a normal "license" for some closed source stuff, going instead to developers of open and free, would most likely work quite well in most instances. It certainly ups the enthusiasm for coding I would bet! And it would put well deserved and tremendous pressure on those closed source places to get real on profits,and to get real on quality. It's just another form of competition that isn't in wide use yet, because it requires actually slapping down some cash in advance, rather than the coders slaving away for free then relying on the begware after the fact model.
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Booty Call: Xbox and the N64 Emulator (Score:1)
by BenJeremy (181303) on Wednesday June 11, @11:51AM (#6171896)
The Xbox crowd recently held one of these sorts of efforts... to get a successful N64 emulator ported and working well on the Xbox.

It's working quite well, too... in the first pass, only one entry made it, but it looks like it will handle 32MB games by the deadline.

BTW: The booty on that one was something like $2500.
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Huh? (Score:4, Funny)
by Wakko Warner (324) * on Wednesday June 11, @12:31PM (#6172387)
(http://www.pbs.org/n...anscript_clearc.html | Last Journal: Saturday December 07, @01:29AM)
The two Amiga users left will have to split the money (and learn how to program), but $1800 or so is still quite a chunk of change. If this were 1985, they'd be able to buy a new Amiga with that kind of cash!

- A.P.
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Creepy Lizard (Score:3, Funny)
by nfotxn (519715) on Wednesday June 11, @01:11PM (#6172850)
(http://nfotxn.newelement.org/ | Last Journal: Friday April 11, @05:56PM)
Eww, that furry cartoon holding the amiga beachball is kinda creeping me out.
[ Reply to This ]
by SWAUG.org.uk (680653) on Wednesday June 11, @01:34PM (#6173102)
The computing world hasn't stood still since 1994 when Commodore went bust - so why do so many non/ex-Amiga owners think that the Amiga has also?

Most of our members have powerful Amiga setups ( http://www.swaug.org.uk/members.html ) enough power to run Mozilla. Myself I'm typing this on my Broadband enabled Amiga with 256Mb RAM and 330GB Hard disk. We "poor old" Amiga owners have USB 2.0, 3D Graphics cards, 5.1 Digital Sound cards, DVD-ROMs and CD-ReWriters. So as you can see the Amiga market isn't all that bad- we're not expecting to run Mozilla on 1Mb A500's!

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Divide and conquer (Score:2)
by Syberghost (10557) <syberghost AT eiv DOT com> on Wednesday June 11, @02:01PM (#6173421)
(http://www.eiv.com/users/syberghost | Last Journal: Friday January 25, @03:23PM)
Gosh, what an amazing way to take a bunch of people who could probably make a great port if they worked together, and remove all incentive for them to work together. While you're at it, encourage them to work fast instead of smart.

That money could have bankrolled a machine and hosting to set up a collaborative effort.
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define Mozilla (Score:2)
by poot_rootbeer (188613) on Wednesday June 11, @04:01PM (#6174629)

I bet I could get Netscape 0.9 (which Andreesen and co. referred to as 'Mozilla' back in the day) ported to the Amiga platform without too much effort... anyone got the source?
[ Reply to This ]
First port! (Score:2)
by Anonymous Brave Guy (457657) on Wednesday June 11, @04:03PM (#6174646)

Hundreds of comments, and not one early one with the obvious joke? How terribly disappointing... ;-)

[ Reply to This ]
It's kinda like the x-prize (Score:2)
by vudufixit (581911) on Wednesday June 11, @04:40PM (#6175121)
Only it isn't
[ Reply to This ]
Too bloated to fit (Score:1)
by MMHere (145618) on Wednesday June 11, @05:17PM (#6175550)
So I fire up an instance of Mozilla on 32-bit Sun, and it takes 39MB just to open to "about:blank". Open slashdot.org, and the process size increases to 42MB.

i86 Linux: open to blank page, 21MB; surf to slashdot.org, 24MB.

How will this fit on an '030 Amiga? I don't think memory sizes beyond a few dozens of MB were common, were they?
[ Reply to This ]
Port Helix, get some AMD OPTERON hardware free (Score:1)
by flowerp (512865) on Wednesday June 11, @07:57PM (#6176782)
from www.helixcommunity.org

AMD is looking for developers interested in porting the Helix DNA to AMD's recently launched 64-bit Opteron CPU. AMD has development hardware available for those that are willing to contribute their work. If someone can nail this, they are welcome to keep the loaner system. Please contact Conor Malone (conor.malone@amd.com) for details on this offer.

I'd rather do that, than porting Mozilla. Mozilla is like 10 times bigger than Helix.
[ Reply to This ]
$3696? (Score:2)
by epepke (462220) on Thursday June 12, @12:46AM (#6178646)
Wow, that's 13974 in decimal!
[ Reply to This ]
060 is fast enough (Score:1)
by cybpunks3 (612218) on Saturday June 14, @04:38AM (#6198091)
Opera has versions that run on relatively slow hardware (PDAs without floating point units). An 060 Amiga probably has as much floating point muscle as a modern 206mhz ARM simulating FP in integer math.

I don't see any reason why it's not theoretically possible to write a fast and compatible browser for Amigas with 68060 accelerators.

If you look at An 060 Amiga as having comparable throughput to something like a fast Dragonball Palm or a slow ARM but with lots more RAM, then it might be possible to adapt J2ME VMs and PDA-based plugins (like Flash) to the Amiga.

Not everyone has PPC accelerators in their Amigas since almost all software of any consequence was written for 68K and depending on your setup, it might not be possible to find an accelerator fast enough to justify the cost (most PPC accelerators cards for original Amiga hardware are ancient by today's standards).

[ Reply to This ]
Re:Good to see the Amiga community still alive (Score:5, Funny)
by TCM (130219) on Wednesday June 11, @08:16AM (#6169711)
Would Moz even be able to run on an 8 mhz Amiga 500.

You overclocked yours? 1337!
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Re:Good to see the Amiga community still alive (Score:1)
by TallEmu (646970) on Wednesday June 11, @08:19AM (#6169727)
probably as well as the old ray-tracing programs ;)
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Re:Good to see the Amiga community still alive (Score:5, Interesting)
by questamor (653018) on Wednesday June 11, @08:19AM (#6169730)
The newest Amigas are AmigaOnes, 800Mhz G4 boxes

Your comment is the equivalent of "It's good to see the Windows community as fanatical as ever, would mozilla even run on a 16Mhz 386" or "Would QuarkXPress even run on an 8Mhz Mac Plus"

Mind you, the AmigaOne, having been out nearly a year now, still doesn't have an OS written for it.

I hear after Mozilla is ported, someone will be working on getting networking going for it.
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Re:hey all you pimply faced geeks.... (Score:1)
by Ender Ryan (79406) on Wednesday June 11, @08:20AM (#6169736)
Exactly, we're all smart enought to use condoms!

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Re:$4000? (Score:2)
by Rik Sweeney (471717) on Wednesday June 11, @08:24AM (#6169772)
No offense, but this would pay for about 10 days of a junior developer's time.

I don't think you can appreciate what a mammoth task it really is. Porting Gecko will be a major effort in itself.

If it really is so easy then why hasn't someone ported it already? The Amiga still has plenty of developers left, enough to code OS4 [amiga.com].
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Re:Good to see the Amiga community still alive (Score:1)
by Asemoon (680550) on Wednesday June 11, @08:26AM (#6169790)
Not on a 7 Mhz A500. But on a PPC upgrade classic system or AmigaOne computer @ 600 Mhz - Dual 1.4 Ghz AmigaOne [eyetech.co.uk] running AmigaOS4 this would be powerful enough.
[ Reply to This | Parent ]
Re:$4000? (Score:5, Interesting)
by mdwh2 (535323) on Wednesday June 11, @08:31AM (#6169822)

No offense, but this would pay for about 10 days of a junior developer's time.

And much money do the guys porting Mozilla to other platforms receive?

This is open source. Of course, the amount of money isn't going to attract someone who is looking to do programming for commercial gain, but I don't see that anyone is claiming it is. $4000 is a lot more than the $0 that is up for offer by default on open source projects.

The idea is that if someone is perhaps tempted to port it (be it for fun, or whatever else drives people to write software for free), then the cash is a little extra incentive.

[ Reply to This | Parent ]
  • Re:$4000? by BrookHarty (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @08:49PM
Re:Good to see the Amiga community still alive (Score:1)
by WWWWolf (2428) <wwwwolf@iki.fi> on Wednesday June 11, @08:35AM (#6169857)
Would Moz even be able to run on an 8 mhz Amiga 500.

Unexpanded A500? Heck no. Needs more memory. That's all. =)

I guess, of course, that theoretically the Gecko part might be able to run (verrryyy slowly) as is with gobs of extra memory. The tricky part would probably consist of Assembly Optimization, including full hardware support. (Mmm, blitter...)

I don't think they'll be able to get the UI part itself ported properly. XUL stuff takes ungodly amounts of processor even on x86 hardware. They'll probably do what everyone else's doing and put a native GUI around Gecko.

No, aside of those things, I know very little of Amiga, I'm a C64 guy... =) I'm guessing a lot here.

However, I know that in Commodore scale, 1 MHz of MOS6510 with 64k of memory is about 16MHz of 386SX with 1 meg of memory in the PC world, so logically, a 8 MHz m68k with 512 kb of memory would be 128MHz with 8 megs of memory in PC world. Or something.

[ Reply to This | Parent ]
Re:Good to see the Amiga community still alive (Score:2)
by Bunji X (444592) on Wednesday June 11, @08:54AM (#6170011)
34 minutes!?

The horrors of running MS Windows...
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Re:$4000? (Score:3, Insightful)
by aliens (90441) on Wednesday June 11, @08:57AM (#6170029)
You're telling me that Junior Programmers are making $144,000/year? Man where are you working? Got openings?
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  • Re:$4000? by DohDamit (Score:1) Wednesday June 11, @09:49AM
    • Re:$4000? by aliens (Score:2) Wednesday June 11, @11:40AM
      • Re:$4000? by DohDamit (Score:1) Thursday June 12, @09:20AM
  • Re:$4000? by poopdik (Score:1) Wednesday June 11, @10:02AM
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Re:Good to see the Amiga community still alive (Score:2)
by squiggleslash (241428) on Wednesday June 11, @09:27AM (#6170231)
(Last Journal: Sunday January 12, @08:54PM)
Blimey. If it takes 34 minutes on your Athlon, I'd switch OSes or platforms. I mean, seriously. My Wal*Mart box (800MHz C3 with Slackware Linux 8.1) loads it in about 5 seconds. I don't think even my (ancient) G3 Macs take more than 10-15 seconds.

What are you doing? Loading it from tape?


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Re:What a waste of time! (Score:2, Insightful)
by xutopia (469129) on Wednesday June 11, @09:28AM (#6170250)
it was a nice platform in its days. I can understand the nostalgy. If today's computers were done with the same smarts that the Amiga was made with we'd be in a better state of affairs.
[ Reply to This | Parent ]
Re:$4000? (Score:1)
by poopdik (623969) on Wednesday June 11, @09:51AM (#6170407)
(Last Journal: Thursday November 07, @08:34PM)
No offense, but this would pay for about 10 days of a junior developer's time.

Please, hold me back from coding it!

Are you people for real?

That's why your job, your ego, and your SUV will all be sent off to some programmer in Asia. Give it a couple of years, you'll be back on the line at McDonalds.
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  • Re:$4000? by chrisbro (Score:1) Wednesday June 11, @10:30AM
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Re:hey all you pimply faced geeks.... (Score:1)
by 56ksucks (516942) on Wednesday June 11, @09:53AM (#6170424)
No, But I hope to get my WIFE pregnant some day.
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Re:Amiga? (Score:2)
by Anita Coney (648748) on Wednesday June 11, @10:08AM (#6170555)
I agree that the idea is stupid, But PLEASE don't compare the Amiga to Win 3.1. That's just mean. The Amiga was an amazing system, well ahead of its time. While Win 3.1 simply sucked.
[ Reply to This | Parent ]
Re:My expert opinion on the EU (Score:1)
by lee7guy (659916) on Wednesday June 11, @10:09AM (#6170566)
You might be more right than you think.

Gay people tend to be open minded too, hence more gay people would be using Linux, OSX or BSD. Narrow-minded people like yourself most likely use windows and never look for alternatives.
[ Reply to This | Parent ]
Re:hey all you pimply faced geeks.... (Score:1)
by lee7guy (659916) on Wednesday June 11, @10:13AM (#6170611)
That is what she told you.

Newsflash: You are not going to be a father.
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Re:Rest In Peace (Score:1)
by AMiGR (628789) on Wednesday June 11, @10:18AM (#6170685)
The Amiga, as a hardware platform is surely dead. The OS is not dead just yet, even if development for it is not profitable enough. It and MorphOS, which is AmigaOS compatible, although improved a lot, are still fun and great to work with. I enjoy it a lot.
[ Reply to This | Parent ]
Re:and the point is...? (Score:1)
by AMiGR (628789) on Wednesday June 11, @10:25AM (#6170754)
Depends... The point is to port Mozzila to AmigaOS API compatible systems, not on the Amiga hardware. These compatibles do not necesserily run on slow hardware: MorphOS runs on Pegasos and soon on the Pegasos 2 (G3/600and hopefully G4/1000). This hw platform is profitable, cause it's not OS centric, there are several OSes for it in development. AROS runs on almost anything, including x86 boxes. AmigaOS4 (the official update to AOS) will run on AmigaONE(MAI's Teron) hardware, which usually comes with a G3/700 or G4/800. Mozzila would be fine, running on any of these.
[ Reply to This | Parent ]
Re:and the point is...? (Score:1)
by nickos (91443) on Wednesday June 11, @11:46AM (#6171834)
If I connect my Spectrum up I can bring the entire Internet to a standstill!
[ Reply to This | Parent ]
Re:build POSIX layer instead! (Score:1)
by jshepher (50026) on Wednesday June 11, @06:27PM (#6176121)
It has already been done. It is called ixemul.library. Alot of the GNU tools already run on AmigaOS. In fact Apache [pages.de] already runs on the Amiga as well as qmail (no link).

[ Reply to This | Parent ]
Re:If you want serious software then go elsewhere (Score:1)
by POds (241854) on Wednesday June 11, @10:04PM (#6177731)
New PPC machines have been released. You can buy them now from a dealer new your or from the manufactorer...

The boards are as follows.
Pegasos [pegasosppc.com] From Genisi

AmigaOne [eyetech.co.uk] From Eyetech Based on MAI Teron design.

Soon Pegasos II From Genisi

The pegasos board runs various operating systems including the flagship os MorphOS [morphos.de]

AmigaOnes run the new AmigaOS4 [amiga.com] developed by Hyperion Entertainment [hyperion-e...inment.com].
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