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Local Election Results - 1 May 2003

Ward Name Votes


Elec 8235

14.9% Poll

Hannah Berry (Green Party) 109
Ilias Kazantzis (Liberal Democrat) 202
Bernard Priest (The Labour Party Candidate) 806
Raymond Talbot Wattanbach (The Conservative Party Candidate) 102


Elec 8807

17.2% Poll

Christopher Alan Barlow (The Conservative Party Candidate) 324
Mary Angela Gallagher (Liberal Democrat) 210
Edward McCulley (The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate) 905
Gareth Richard Pittam (Green Party) 67

Beswick and Clayton

Elec 1770

26.4% Poll

Frederick Joseph Bates
(Known As Fred) (Independent Progressive Labour Party)
Christine Joan Birchenough (The Conservative Party Candidate) 66
Elaine Boyes (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) 748
Michael Carmody (The Labour Party Candidate) 883
Susan Jane Fairweather (Green Party) 31


Elec 6743

23.9% Poll

Brian George Birchenough (The Conservative Party Candidate) 66
Peter John Fairhurst (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) 518
John Longsden (The Labour Party Candidate) 989
Elvis Aaron Presley (Green Party) 30


Elec 7158

12.8% Poll

Anthony Cross (Known As Tony) (The Labour Party Candidate) 592
William David Fisher (Liberal Democrat) 102
Joyce Kaye (The Conservative Party Candidate) 85
Peter John Powell (Green Party) 62
Carol Roberts (The Conservative Party Candidate) 82
Richard Christopher Unwin (The Labour Party Candidate) 564
Richard Paul Vann (Liberal Democrat) 67
Stephen Martin Walford (Green Party) 50


Elec 8389

22.5% Poll

Honor Donnelly  66
John Beaumont Ellis (Liberal Democrat) 228
Susan Christine Murphy (The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate) 957
Jane Dallas Percival (The Conservative Party Candidate) 562
Birgit Angela Vollm (Green Party) 76

Barlow Moor

Elec 10558

21.9% Poll

Claire Aze (Commonly Known As Beth) (Socialist Alliance Against The War) 77
John Stewart Cummings (Green Party) 80
Elizabeth Helen Morgan (Known As Beth) (The Labour Party Candidate) 621
James Sharman (The Conservative Party Candidate) 143
Neil Anthony Trafford (Liberal Democrat) 1376


Elec 9924

29.1% Poll

John Allman Cameron (Liberal Democrat) 1758
Michael Willis Green (The Labour Party Candidate) 914
Peter Malcolm Schofield (The Conservative Party Candidate) 142
Michael Robert Shaw (Green Party) 79


Elec 8050

21.1% Poll

Carol Connell (Liberal Democrat) 248
Robin William Goater (Green Party) 75
Gerard Hopkins (The Conservative Party Candidate) 207
Anna Margaret Trotman (The Labour Party Candidate) 1166


Elec 12685

16.5% Poll


Richard Carrothers (Commonly Known As Richy) (The Labour Party Candidate) 836
Nicholas Clifford David Davis (The Conservative Party Candidate) 108
Steven Johnathan Durrant (Green Party) 91
Derek James Froggatt (Independent Progressive Labour Party) 11
Peter Rothery (Liberal Democrat) 1041


Elec 11611

28% Poll

Giles Campbell (The Conservative Party Candidate) 487
Michael John Daw (Green Party) 470
Sheila Newman (The Labour Party Candidate) 1288
Heather Rose Rose (Socialist Alliance Against The War) 263
Howard Walton Totty (Liberal Democrat) 770


Elec 8760

22% Poll

Mark Patrick Gilbert (Green Party) 84
Eric Hobin (The Labour Party Candidate) 1043
Marilyn Hopkins (The Conservative Party Candidate) 302
Rodney Alan Isherwood (Liberal Democrat) 498


Elec 9256

25.1% Poll

David Isidor Gordon (Liberal Democrat) 477
Cornelius James Keegan (Known As Con) (The Labour Party Candidate) 1323
Karen Reissmann (Socialist Alliance Against The War) 12
Joseph Richardson (Green Party) 158
Garvan David Joseph Walshe (The Conservative Party Candidate) 350


Elec 9402

33% Poll

Qassim Hussain Afzal (Liberal Democrat) 1522
Charlotte Emily Daws (Green Party) 110
Adrian Paul Glasspole (The Conservative Party Candidate) 143
Imran Raza Rizvi (The Labour Party Candidate) 1305


Elec 11725

34.9% Poll

Geoffrey Bridson (The Labour Party Candidate) 1257
Kathryn Brownbridge (Green Party) 223
Peter Girvan Hilton (The Conservative Party Candidate) 491
David John Sandiford (Liberal Democrat) 2116


Elec 11943

15% Poll

Bruce Simon Bingham (Green Party) 180
William Langton (The Conservative Party Candidate) 239
Bernice Reid (The Labour Party Candidate) 853
John-Paul Wilkins (Liberal Democrat) 494

Gorton North

Elec 9307

24% Poll

Lisa-Ann Boardman (The Conservative Party Candidate) 223
Victoria Susan Bodgers (Green Party) 60
Allan James Grafton (The Labour Party Candidate) 842
Jacqueline Pearcey (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) 1155

Gorton South

Elec 8659

24% Poll

James Ashley (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) 1242
Rosemary Edith Baldwin Bishop (The Conservative Party Candidate) 65
Penelope Irene Collins (Green Party) 93
Martin Alexander Rathfelder (The Labour Party Candidate) 630


Elec 7673

16.2% Poll

Robert Kinnon Brettle
(Commonly Known As Rob) (Liberal Democrat)
Sebastian Alal Chowdhury (The Conservative Party Candidate) 129
Paul Fairweather (The Labour Party Candidate) 835
Darren Peter Milton (Green Party) 45


Elec 9796

16% Poll

John Flanagan (The Labour Party Candidate) 667
Vanessa Hall (Green Party) 678
Charles Anthony Lyn-Lloyd (Independent) 16
Vincent Raymond Pierce (The Conservative Party Candidate) 45
Andrew Rowan Turvey (Known As Andrew) (Liberal Democrat) 160


Elec 10276

26.1% Poll

Michael Lee Amesbury
(Known As Mike) (The Labour Party Candidate)
David Lawrence Hennigan (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) 1625
Ann Wendy Hodkinson (The Conservative Party Candidate)  128
Sean Hughes (Green Party) 153
Sabrina Jane Nutter (Socialist Alliance Against The War) 100


Elec 12888

20% Poll

Karen Abbad (The Conservative Party Candidate) 177
Liaqat Ali (Liberal Democrat) 1152
Spencer Stuart Fitz-Gibbon (Green Party) 255
Sajjad Hussain (The Labour Party Candidate) 1000


Elec 8201

20% Poll

Stephen Frederick Allen (Liberal Democrat) 213
Paul Anthony Murphy (Labour Party Candidate) 1177
Mathew James Payne (Green Party) 82
Howard Michael Varney (The Conservative Party Candidate) 198


Elec 9391

23.1% Poll

Henry Cooper (The Labour Party Candidate) 1366
Gerald Soloman Issac Freedman-Goldberger (The Conservative Party Candidate) 507
Barry McAtarsney (Green Party) 109
Kevin Thomas Morley (Liberal Democrat) 198

Moss Side

Elec 8690

18.8% Poll

Locita Oreta Brandy (The Labour Party Candidate) 1182
Joyce Haycock (The Conservative Party Candidate) 116
Shirley Ann Inniss (Liberal Democrat) 234
Brian Sheedy (Green Party) 101

Newton Heath

Elec 8056

24.9% Poll

Derek Adams (British National Party) 219
Rachel Harper (Green Party) 44
Derrick Robert Mellor (Liberal Democrat) 71
Damien Patrick O'Connor (Independent Progressive Labour Party) 729
Albert Edward Walsh (The Conservative Party Candidate) 162
Richard John Wilson (The Labour Party Candidate) 774


Elec 9883

19.6% Poll

Lance David Crookes (Green Party) 171
Ralph John Ellerton (The Conservative Party Candidate) 359
Marguerite Rose Goldsmith (Liberal Democrat) 285
Michael Joseph Patrick Kane (The Labour Party Candidate) 1112

Old Moat

Elec 12654

22.5% Poll

Brian Arthur Candeland (Green Party) 209
Gary Kaye (The Conservative Party Candidate) 169
Jeffrey Smith (The Labour Party Candidate) 1322
Yasmin Zalzala (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) 1141


Elec 12121

23 % Poll

Mary Jane Ainslie (Socialist Alliance Against The War) 76
Barbara Mary Goodall (The Conservative Party Candidate) 138
Christopher Middleton (Green Party) 69
Zafar Elahi Mir (The Labour Party Candidate) 722
Lynne Williams (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) 1850


Elec 7731

15% Poll

Richard Edgar Gee (Green Party) 70
Joyce Enid Keller (The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate) 755
John Martin Kenny (The Conservative Party Candidate) 171
David Joseph Kierman (Liberal Democrat) 161

Woodhouse Park

Elec 7988

15.7% Poll

Brian Darral O'Neil (The Labour Party Candidate) 890
Ruby Marie Raynor (The Conservative Party Candidate) 154
John Anthony Reyes (Liberal Democrat) 132
Clifford David Saffer (Green Party) 63

Whalley Range

Elec 10001

30.6% Poll

Mary Rosalind Candeland (Green Party) 276
John Brian Frederick Grant (Commonly Known As John) (Liberal Democrat) 1491
Christopher Joseph Paul (The Labour Party Candidate) 1024
Richard Martin Elliott West (The Conservative Party Candidate) 248


Elec 12180

21.6% Poll

Gerard Collier (The Labour Party Candidate) 593
Rachel Green (Socialist Alliance Against The War) 149
Bushra Akhter Hussain (Green Party) 125
Brendon Jones (Liberal Democrat) 1621
Stuart Phillip Penketh (The Conservative Party Candidate) 145


Political Composition of Council Pre-Election
Labour Liberal Democrats Other Vacancy Total
75 22 1 1 99

Political Composition of the Council following the Election on 1 May 2003
Labour Liberal Democrats Other Vacancy Total
71 27 1 0 99


Electorate Total Poll % Turnout
2002 320,627 78,511 24.4
2003 315,465 70,077 22.2


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