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Formerly iBase Systems

Formerly iBase Systems, Inc., the company was originally founded in 1998 as a high-tech consulting firm specializing in high- to mid-range system development. Backed by a technical team with years of experience in traditional client/server application development and Internet commerce, the company built a business model focused on helping enterprise-level organizations utilize the latest technologies to migrate existing applications into an easier-to-use, more productive computing environment. The team has extensive experience on many platforms including: Sun, IBM and Intel. Customers included Questar Gas, the Utah Department of Public Safety and the Wyoming Department of Public Safety.

In the early half of 2000, the company began utilizing Java, XML and other Web protocols to enhance system delivery. In January 2002, the Canopy Group Investment Company supplied initial seed funding to support the growth of the company and its technologies. Canopy began as a technology accelerating venture capital firm with a focus on growing the high-tech industry: first by funding and influencing emerging leading-edge technologies, then by providing a nurturing and dynamic environment in which iBase Systems could thrive and grow.

In April 2002, iBase Systems officially changed its name to Vultus, Inc. to support its business realignment to become the leader in advanced Web Service user interfaces (UIs). At this time, the company chose Vultus, a Latin word for "face", as its new name because it better reflected the company's current mission to become the preferred presentation layer or face of Web services. In February 2002, Vultus moved its headquarters from Draper, Utah to the Orem/Lindon, Utah area.