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PlayStation / Review / Driver 2
Driver 2
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Review by: Air Hendrix
Last year, Driver became one of the biggest surprise hits ever, captivating gamers with thrilling action where they played as an undercover cop posing as a getaway driver. So expectations are very high for this sequel, but sadly, Driver 2 is unlikely to meet them. Driver 2's problems arise from two key hiccups in the gameplay. Collisions are far too bouncy-what should be minor dust-ups send your car cartwheeling through the air, and many of the timed missions have far too little breathing room, Still, if you're the patient, dedicated sort-or simply a huge Driver fan-you may find a lot to love about Driver 2.

Graphics: Occasional pop-up and frame-rate problems are the only flaws in this stellar visual spectacle. Driver 2's sleek environments and awesome cut-scenes really capture the eye.

Sound: Moody music sets the right tone in all the cut-scenes, while the dialogue keeps you well-informed about the mission. Crisp effects bring every wreck and squealing tire to life.

Control: Half of the fun of this series has always been the awesome controls, and Driver 2's no exception. Setting up powerslides, whirling through 360s, and laying rubber is just a blast.

Fun Factor: Some gameplay glitches mean Driver 2 isn't as fun as the original game. It's still a solid ride that gets a lot right and delivers plenty of thrills, but it's just not as awesome as the first Driver.

Click here for more shots of Driver 2 in action, or follow the link at the bottom of the page!

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Graphics: 4.5    Sound: 4.5    Control: 4.5   Fun Factor:

scoring scale: 1-5

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Publisher: Infogrames / Developer: Reflections / Street Price: $44.99 / Release Date: Available Now / Genre: Driving / Number of Players: 2 / ESRB Rating: Teen