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Bulletin of Bibliography
has long been a unique reference source for librarians, scholars, and students, directing them to a wide range of reference materials by means of specialized article-length bibliographies. Comprehensive new bibliographies of interest to acquisition and reference librarians as well as researchers are published in each issue. These are compiled by scholars active in their field. Each focuses on one specific topic, opening with a brief  discussion of the subject. The bibliographies guide the reader to resources and subjects not ordinarily covered in other reference sources. In addition to the bibliographical articles, book reviews are included regularly.  

        Each issue of contains:
      u  directs scholars and researchers to accurate source of
      u  provides librarians with up-to-date reviews of newly
                     published bibliographies;
      u  helps librarians make difficult acquisition decisions;
      u and publishes important reference information.


Bulletin of Bibliography will be a valuable addition to your reference collection. 
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