Introducing Macromedia Breeze Live

With the new Breeze Live module, you can now combine preauthored content with live interactions for a more engaging user experience. Use Microsoft PowerPoint slides, live and recorded video, Macromedia Flash animations, live screen sharing, audio, and two-way text chat to deliver measurably more effective presentations. Review the key benefits of Breeze Live, and explore the Feature Tour for detailed descriptions of Breeze Live module features.

Breeze Live Module

Meeting Management

Set up meeting rooms and assign persistent rooms for recurring meetings. Control who has access to rooms and invite participants using automatic notifications.

Meeting Access

Participants simply click on a URL to join a meeting—with no complicated downloads or configurations.

Meeting Room Layouts

Presenters can choose a predefined layout to match the meeting content or interaction, or create a custom layout.

Content Support

Presenters can show PowerPoint presentations, video clips, Macromedia Flash animations, audio, and images. Content can be uploaded from the Content Library, the local hard-drive, or from existing meeting room content. Presenters can also show any content or application on their PC with screen sharing.

Live Interactions

Breeze Live provides support for web-cam broadcasts, integrated audio, chat, pointer, and screen sharing.

Presenter Support

Breeze Live supports multiple presenters. Presenters have access to a private, presenters-only area for chat, notes, private content, and previewing content prior to showing attendees.


Record and repurpose live events for on-demand viewing from the Content Library.


Generate statistics on meetings and attendance.

Key Benefits of Breeze Live

  • Add the flexibility of live training—set up live training sessions with event management, user management, and rich-content sharing and collaboration.
  • Enjoy the best user experience for both presenters and attendees. Macromedia Flash rich-media benefits make the Breeze Live experience superior to other solutions, from set-up to post-meeting.
  • Hold highly configurable meetings—choose the best room layout, provide multiple presenters, manage invitations and permissions, or schedule a dedicated meeting space for recurring events.
  • Capture live presentations for reuse—record, edit, and repurpose live presentations without unreliable and complicated screen-capture tools.