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Hi, glad you could make it to my humble corner of the Web.

A word about my fan fiction pieces:

I've a fascination for essays and short forms of fiction-writing, so they're going to be the main focus of the site.

What is a short-short story? The short-short story -- which is even shorter than the usual short story form -- has a word count of around 1,500 or less. There is an even shorter form than this, which is referred to as flash fiction or sudden fiction, that has a word count of 750 words or less. I've read some stories that have contained less than four words.

I have chosen to use the short-short form of story-writing because it teaches me discipline. The short story -- and all its variations -- is the most difficult literary form to master and forces writers to cut all extraneous words and elements, thereby creating a story that is highly focused, that takes a particular moment of life and brings it to the fore at once. While the novelist or novella-author has the luxury to ramble or indulge in plenty of description and exposition, the short story writer has to get to the point quickly yet still be able to include all the important elements or risk losing the intensity of the story. Think of it as putting a specimen underneath a microscope and ramping up the magnification: you see the cell structure, not the entire body it belongs to.


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Fan Fiction

1. His Final Gift (Gundam Wing) -- June 20, 2003

Summary: Lady Une is about to open His Excellency's final gift. What will she find in the box?

2. Believe (Gundam Wing) -- July 4, 2003

Summary: This piece is about Mariemaia's first visit to Treize's grave.


1. My Two Cents On Critiquing -- June 6, 2003

Summary: The motivation or intent behind a critique is -- in my opinion -- an often overlooked element in the act of critiquing. Read my essay to find out why I consider motive an important factor.

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