Typhoon has been an "on-going" project throughout the last three years. It has been taking up my valuable time and effort, and caused a decaying car to be evicted into the cold harsh winter outside, in order for the build to continue.

It was started with series one I mind, but by the time anyone picked up a saw it was series three that was the aim, and it not only did it get built I  time, but it passed the audition too!

However, due to a substandard speed controller, it caught fire three days before the filming went ahead. The next aim was for series four which it was rebuilt for in more than enough time. Reliability of the speed controller was again the downfall, and thus caused our defeat in the auditions. Mind you in one of the fights we managed to get so well tangled up with another robot it took five men to separate the two with crowbars!

Series five is being ignored due to principles I have. To be honest the TV show has lost all it's appeal for me, and Typhoon is going to be completed and strengthened purely for live events, where the constrictions are far less suffocating.

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