April 1, 2002

Not sure what's up at Okayplayer.com, but it IS April Fool's Day. If you know anything, email me at handle@adnc.com. -Tom

Rahzel, Kamal, Hub, Black Thought, Scratch, ?uestlove, Malik B
The Legendary Roots Crew

The Roots are a hip-hop band based out of Philadelphia, PA.
They have no DJ, use no turntables, and employ no samples...
All the way live from (area code) 215!

Also Check out Okayplayer.com, the *offical* Roots website.

There have been headz noddin' since 11/1/96.

Tom Hayes- handle@adnc.com (current head honcho 1999-)
Chris Oberlin c_oberlin@yahoo.com (creator and founder 1996-1999)

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