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Date: 7/19/2003
   LECTURES(Misc. Speaches)
Lecture List
TitleSpeakerFile sizeFile format
Eyewitness to Palestinian Intifadah for 15 yearsAndrew Courtney12.37 mbrm
التوكَلImam Qatanani2.41 mbrm
2 Types of MuslimsImam Zaid Shaker5.77 mbrm
Parenting In The WestDr. M. R. Bashir8.74 mbrm
Arabic02May19Dr. O. Makansi8.04 mbrm
Arabic03May26Dr. O. Makansi7.46 mbrm
AzanAbu Ratib0.36 mbrm
Zikr (Rememberence)Wagdy Ghonaim1.94 mbrm
Attentiveness in prayerImam Qatanani3.03 mbrm
SteadfastnessWagdy Ghonaim5.2 mbrm
Love For GoodnessAbu Imran1.41 mbrm
HellfireImam Qatanani2.45 mbrm
Major & Minor SinsImam Qatanani5.26 mbrm
Fiqh Al-ZakatImam Qatanani0.3 mbrm
الجنةImam Qatanani3.07 mbrm
Sicknesses of ForeignessWajdy Ghunaim6.79 mbrm
Sicknesses of Foreignness 2Upload Lecture1.33 mbrm
Scientific Miracles in the QuranUpload Lecture23.75 mbrm
Taraweeh4Upload Lecture0.47 mbrm
TaraweehUpload Lecture0.43 mbrm
Fiqh of the moonImam Qatanani6.95 mbrm
What can Muslims DoImam Yusef Istes4.19 mbrm
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