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The Archives

Archived articles index of original features from Liz Bryman on jewelry collecting history, news, research, more, in chronological order, most recent listed first.
Fakes, the Collector Scourge
You bid on or bought a great piece of collectible vintage costume jewelry for a sizable sum only to discover that it is fake, a reproduction, newly made. How you can protect yourself against buying fakes and what to do if you did. Lookup resources, examples of jelly belly jewelry, images of fakes. First published August 18, 01.
Swoboda Then And Now
Natural gemstone jewelry loved by Hollywood movie stars, SWOBODA is revered by collectors. Not always recognized, it is often confused with precious jewelry which it partly is. Profile story of founder Edward Swoboda and Nate Waxman, partner and designer, now in business as N.W. Jewels, with genuine Swoboda vintage jewelry and specially marked reissues. One page with big image gallery of new and historic Swoboda jewelry, marks closeups. First published June 28, 01.
1940s Colors, Fashions, Lifestyles
1940s jewelry and fashions were influenced by World War II patriotism and shortages of materials. First published July 3, 00.
Dating Our Jewels: 1930s
The 1930's Depression years influenced colors, materials, styling of jewelry and clothing fashions, important to know when estimating age. The main influences highlighted on two pages with images, first published May 18, 00.
Selling On The Net
Why a website instead of a real store? Article series in 8 parts on why some select website over physical store. Tips, advice on how to get started, find customers, handle orders, shipping, returns, plus success stories. Ten pages, first published Dec. 20, 00.
Diamonds Our Best Friend?
Have we been seduced by the diamond myth? Diamonds are the precious ancestors of rhinestones and hold a special mystique, how much should we believe? Original article debunking the myth first published Dec. 1, 00.
Victorian Jewelry: Old and New
Victorian jewelry fascinates for over a 100 years. Mini-course in how to tell the difference between original Victorian jewelry and the many revivals, with resources for research and shopping on three pages, images. First published Jan. 12, 00.
The Big One: 1999 VF&CJ; Convention
Fourth Biennial VFCJ Convention in Warwick, RI, Oct. 15-17, 1999. Complete convention coverage with original photos on six pages. First published Nov. 9, 99.
Buying Jewels On The Net:
What To Expect Or Not

Buying collectible jewelry on the Net is exciting but has its own rules. Advice, tips for buying safely by mail, first published Dec. 1, 98.
More to come!

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