Casio HT700 parameters

the lists that follow are the parameter numbers, their function, and their legal values...

melody tone data





chord tone data





So, what are the other modes????

HT700 responds (if casio-chord is on) to multiple channels.

n: melody tone,

n+1: chord tone,

n+2: bass,

n+3: rhythm (apparently, but I've never got this working)

MIDI clock: parameter 81 (0-internal, 1-external)


to write tones to memory:


1. Press the mode key,

2. turn dial to parameter 90 or 91 (90 writes melody tones, 91 writes

chord tones),

3. press the data key,

4. select `write' (data 1),

5. press the button corresponding to tone that you want to overwrite.




Programming patterns:



1. select the pattern to modify (ie. rock1)

2. press `mode'

3. select parameter 92,

4. press `data',

5. select value 1 (to write) or 0 (to rehearse),

6. press `start/stop' to start metronome,

7. play the keys corresponding to the sounds you want to hear!

To delete particular sounds, hold down `delete' key before pressing

drum-sound keys. to clear the whole pattern, press delete before

starting to program.

8. to write the pattern to memory, press the appropriate rhythm selector.



pretty much the same, except you need to select parameter 93 at stage 3.



again, similar - select parameter 94 at stage 3.