Macromedia Selects Nellymoser's Asao Compression Technology for FlashMX

BOSTON, MA and San Francisco, CA - March 4, 2002 -- Nellymoser, Inc., a leader in speech and audio technologies, today announced that Macromedia licensed their Asao speech and audio compression software to be part of FlashMX, the latest version of the Macromedia Flash environment, and Macromedia Flash Player 6.

Nellymoser's compression software, Asao, leverages state of the art technology designed specifically for multimedia speech and audio content. Asao excels on sound quality and is superior to industry standards, whilst offering the developer significant savings in processor resources and an extremely small code size.

"Nellymoser compression technology is a key component within the collaborative nature of the FlashMX product family," said Jermey Allaire, CTO, Macromedia. "Our evaluation was exhaustive, but at the end of the day there was one clear winner, Asao," commented Allaire.

"Macromedia's selection of our compression software is a clear indication that our technology is the best option in the market when low complexity, quality and bandwidth are the foremost criteria," stated John Puterbaugh, President & CTO of Nellymoser. "We're proud to be selected by Macromedia for this product and look forward to working with developers to deliver innovative speech and audio applications through the FlashMX player and server."

With support for video, application components, and accessibility, Macromedia Flash MX will enable the creation of a new generation of rich Internet content and applications. Macromedia Flash MX meets the needs of both designers and developers to deliver rich Internet content and applications that can be experienced consistently across all leading platforms and devices. Macromedia Flash Player is the leading rich client on the Internet, with more than 98 percent of online users able to view Macromedia Flash content today across leading platforms and devices. More than two million online users download Macromedia Flash Player every day.

About Nellymoser
Nellymoser is a leading provider of speech and audio technologies in the areas of compression, modification, conversion and synchronization. Nellymoser offers an array of speech and audio software for the Internet Multimedia, Telephony/Mobile Services, and Consumer Device markets. Nellymoser also offers custom engineering and integration services in support of their range of software and solutions. Nellymoser can be found on the Internet at

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