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"I can't trust Kato alone up at my place."
-- DAVID LETTERMAN, on one of the TOP 10 reasons why he missed this year's meeting of the CBS affiliates.

Death At Harvard
Family of student assailant speaks out

The entire academic community at Harvard University was shocked and saddened when, on May 28, Sinedu Tadesse, a junior pre-med student, stabbed her sleeping roommate to death before hanging herself in a dormitory bathroom. Following the crime, there was speculation that Tadesse, 20, had resorted to violence because her roommate, Trang Ho, had asked not to room with her again in the fall. But in Tuesday's Boston Globe, members of Tadesse's family claim that she was the one who opted out of the roommate relationship because Trang often stayed with her family in Medford, Mass. "Trang spent so much time at home," Sinedu's brother, Seiffe, told the Boston Globe. "Sinedu wanted someone who would be around more."

Tadesse's brother also said he doubted that she was as homesick as she was portrayed in some news reports. Although it had been three years since she had gone home to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where she was buried Sunday, she was fluent in English and often visited with and vacationed with relatives who lived near Boston. "It doesn't sound like her," said Seiffe. a student at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H. "It sounds like the opposite of her. This is just bizarre. I can't understand it."

Seiffe was interviewed by the Boston Globe at the home of a cousin, Hailu Bekeale. Both Seiffe and his cousin had spoken with Tadesse recently and neither could offer any insight into what drove her to commit the crime. "This is terribly sad for both families," said Bekeale's wife, Amsale. "It is a real tragedy. We want to express our deepest sympathies to the parents of Trang Ho."
-- Marianne Goldstein

Court Date
Monica Seles to play exhibition match

Former top-ranked tennis player Monica Seles, who was sidelined two years ago when she was stabbed by an obsessed fan, will be making a comeback of sorts next month. Seles, 21, has arranged to play an exhibition match with retired pro Martina Navratilova. A spokesman for Navratilova told PEOPLE Online that the match will take place on July 29 but that a site has yet to be selected.

Although Seles has recovered from the physical injuries she suffered during the attack, it has been tough for her to overcome the psychological impact. The nature of the assault, in which Gunther Parche, 40, a German tennis fan leapt from the stands and stabbed her in the back during a break in a match in Hamburg, has made it difficult for her to feel safe on the court. "I hope I can overcome this and go back to something I love to do," she told USA Today recently. "I never thought in my wildest imagination that I would leave tennis that way."

Adding to Seles' angst has been what she considers the lenient punishment meted out to her attacker, who told authorities he went after Seles to open the field for his beloved countrywoman, Steffi Graf. Parche was given a suspended sentence. An attempt by the Seles camp to overturn the sentence in April was denied even though she wrote to the court explaining how the assault had almost destroyed her tennis career.
-- MEG

Gloria Sings Hallelujah
Gloria Estefan wins plagiarism suit

Gloria Estefan has another battle behind her. After a four-year court fight, the Cuban-born pop star became the victor when a New York judge dismissed a claim of plagiarism against her. At a press conference Monday, the singer announced the resolution of the lawsuit filed against her by salsa pianist Eddie Palmieri, who claimed she stole the chorus of her 1989 hit "Oye Mi Canto" from one of his recordings. Estefan, who rose to international fame in 1985 with her group Miami Sound Machine, said that Palmieri dropped the suit after an investigation found that her tune was based on traditional Afro-Cuban music, which is in the public domain and belongs to no one. "I'm extremely happy," said Estefan. "I'm upset that I was accused of theft, because I never stole anything in my life. Folkloric music belongs to everyone and we never meant to imply we made it up."

When the lawsuit was filed, it came on the heels of a 1990 bus accident in which Estefan broke her back. She returned to the stage less than a year later. Estefan's attorney, Jon Liebman, told PEOPLE Online, that Gloria was relieved that the case has been dismissed. "Her music is based on musical and family traditions," says Liebman. "We think that this is the right result."
-- Lorraine Goods

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I Kidman You Not
Nicole Kidman shoots down Tom Cruise rumors

Although actress Nicole Kidman will be making a splash this summer in the upcoming films "Batman Forever" and "To Die For," the Australian-born actress is still best known in this country as Mrs. Tom Cruise. According to the current issue of Vanity Fair she is proud of it and denies all rumors that Cruise, 32, is gay and that their marriage a sham. "I'll bet all my money I've ever made, plus his, that he doesn't have a mistress, that he doesn't have a gay lover, that he doesn't have a gay life," said Kidman. "I did not marry into a marriage of convenience. I would never ever do that. We're both heterosexual."

Speculation that Cruise is gay has persisted through his marriages to Kidman and to actress Mimi Rogers, whom he divorced in 1990. One possible reason for current curiosity about the actor's sexual preference may be that Kidman and he opted to adopt children -- a daughter, Isabella, 2, and a son, Connor, four months. "I just believe for whatever reason, that these children were meant to be in our family." said Kidman. As for those who wonder why they haven't had kids of their own. "They can continue to wonder," she said.

As for having children of her own some day Kidman told Vanity Fair, "I would like to give birth to two children. I would like to experience that. But if I don't, it's not going to destroy me."
-- LG

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Rock Of Ages
At long last, rock museum sets opening date

Fundraising for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame began back in 1986, with a black-tie, $300- to $1,000-a-ticket bash at New York's stately Waldorf Astoria hotel. The party, in which a range of performers were inducted into the Hall of Fame and where the finale was always a no-holds-barred jam session, became an eagerly-awaited annual event for the recording industry. But what the honorees were being actually being inducted into remained an open question.

Now, after many stops and starts -- and a budget that has grown from $15 million to $92 million -- the Cleveland museum dedicated to rock and roll has announced that it will open on Labor Day weekend with a concert to beat the band. Organizers are planning a huge concert at Cleveland's Municipal Stadium on Sept. 2. Among those who have agreed to play, reports a museum spokesman, are Bruce Springsteen, Chuck Berry, Al Green, (The Artist Formerly Know as) Prince, The Allman Brothers Band, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Aretha Franklin, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, John Mellencamp, The Pretenders and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas.

Tickets for the event go on sale June 24 via Ticketmaster, said the spokesman. A live television broadcast is also being discussed. And, there is the possibility of a second show on Sept. 3.

So far there have been 126 musicians inducted into the Hall of Fame, including Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke, Johnny Cash, the Grateful Dead, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Who, Rod Stewart, Led Zepplin and Neil Young. The museum will showcase rock memorabilia, archives and a state-of-the-art recording studio.
-- MEG

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