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Ph.D. Emory University. Senior Lecturer. I did my Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and I am committed to comparative and interdisciplinary approaches to Latin American literature and especially the literature and culture of the Hispanic, Francophone and Anglophone Caribbean. Whether working on writers such as Alejo Carpentier (Cuba), C.L.R. James (Trinidad) or Patrick Chamoiseau (Martinique) I am intrigued by the dialectic of cultural unity and fragmentation within the Caribbean.

My Ph.D. dissertation, entitled Where was Aufklärung? The Enlightenment in the Modern Caribbean Historical Imagination, explored how contemporary Caribbean writers from across national and linguistic borders interrogate with ambiguity the legacy of European Enlightenment within the archipelago. I have worked extensively on post-Revolutionary Cuban cultural production and am currently developing a project that discerns the rhetorical tropes of symbol and allegory in Cuban literature and culture. I have published articles and reviews in MLN, Latin American Literary Review, Inti, Universitas Humanistica (Bogotá). An article on the Cuban composer Leo Brouwer is forthcoming in a volume entitled Literature, Music, and Cultural Identity in the Caribbean (Timothy Reiss, ed.) and I have co-authored a chapter that will appear in the forthcoming volume, Understanding the Contemporary Caribbean (Lynne Rienner).

For more information, please contact Jason Borge & Carlos Jauregui.