Line Dance Fun ©2003 Doris Volz CA,USA  July 25 playlist - Saratoga Line Dance Social
Workshop July 26 w/Bob & Trish Boesel & Shirley Keller - The following dances (listed in alphabetical order, and not in order scheduled) will be taught at the 1st Keep on Dancin' Workshop July 26: Cowboys Lie (DeLisle) Don't Keep Me Waiting (Ellis) Mr. President (Ward/Jenkins/Dunn) Swing Your Chains (Maguire/Soares) Time permitting (& sufficient brain cells & energy), the following dances may be included: Forbidden Love (night club 2step by Dee Musk) GI Blues (St. Leon/ Shelton/ Cooper) Only One (waltz by June the Lady in Black) As an added bonus, Bob will be teaching (by request) Hot Temptation at approximately 6:45 (just prior to the dance starting) for those who are interested. Schedule/dances subject to substitutions/additions without notice.

Eve Yeaton demos the line dance Everybody Dance Da-Da-Dum-Dum by MIL courtesy of
CJ; step sheet here.
Guyton Mundy stylin' his  Natural Selection;
Eve Yeaton demos MIL's Hot Temptation ... clips courtesy of CJ
Neil Hale demos his newest line dances: Curtain Call and Las Pistolas

Line Dance Fun - Top 20 line dances: Cowboys Don't Cry - Irresistible - Long Train Running - Chase The Sun - Sweet, Sweet Smile - Palisades Park - Phloor Philla - Las Pistolas - Mama Jazz - Southern Delight - West Texas Waltz - Neutron Dance - Sorrento - Shakatak - Chilhuahua - One Mississippi - Southern Cross Cha Cha - Miss Lizzy - Sunset Stampede - Razor Sharp

Line dancers dance for mental and physical EXERCISE but also for the pleasure of just having too much FUN with a group of friends. If you are in a line dance class/social that is giving you personal PLEASURE, make sure to let your joy shine through for all to see! Try lifting your chin in the air to see all the other sweet sweet smiling faces!
If the MUSIC APPEALS to a wide range of dancers and the line dance PATTERN FLOWS to the tune ...then a dance will find its destiny.
This I know to be the truth ...there are, and always will be, too many NEW line dances because the music supply is unbounded. Event coordinators ASK for new line dances to be taught. Teachers WANT new material for all their weekly line dance classes. Good line dance instructor/choreographers are recognized as such by other renown choreographers; most choreographers ASPIRE to be in the group that is so recognized.
July 2003 Doris Volz,  Line Dance Fun

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A Long Way Home - Harlan Curtis - a very easy country dance to DWIGHT YOAKAM
Can't Take That Away - Charlotte Skeeters
Chase The Sun - Yvonne Anderson She will be teaching at Aloha with Ohana in Hawaii
Curtain Call - Neil Hale (48 count beginner waltz)
G. I. Blues - Ian St Leon w/others
Las Pistolas - Neil Hale
Losing The Blues - Terry Hogan
Miss Lizzy - Michele Perron She will be teaching at GGC
Mr. President - Ward/Jenkins/Dunn
One Good Love - Terry Hogan
Palisades Park - Mark Cosenza His demo here.
He will be teaching at Cool Country.
Scandalous - Neville Fitzgerald
Stay - Jan Hanway - a very easy flowing cha cha to Jackson Browne

Walking The Floor - Terry Hogan
Winter Waltz - Terry Hogan
Yeeee Haaaaa! - Simon Ward
He will be teaching at Cool Country, GGC and Windy City

Cool Country - Sept 26-28  Laughlin, NV w/Doug & Jackie Miranda 
Sept 20 Irene Shiroma presents a dance workshop w/T Slemmons and S Ward in Vegas. Inquiries to Terri
GGC - Oct 3-5  registration - w/Charlotte Skeeters at the San Mateo Marriott. Inquiries to Charlotte
Windy City - Oct
10-12 w/Mark Cosenza, Eve Yeaton & Glen Pospieszny
Fall Fling - Nov 14-16 in Ventura, CA w/JP Potter
Dancin' In Waikiki in Hawaii Jan 14-21, 2004 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
Dancin' in the Desert - Feb 20-21 w/Netty's Line Dancing
Aloha with Ohana in Hawaii April 14-21, 2004 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
Phoenix Dance Festival April 30 - May 2 - Event DJ will be Californias own JP Potter!

Line Dance Lessons? San Francisco Bay area line dance instructors listed by their TEACH Cities
Gary Clayton's website - line dances taught in the S F Bay area + instructors' comments
Line Dance Clubs:  Boots'n Buckles -> Cactus Corners -> Country Hustlers -> Quick Steppers
Line Dance Socials: Afternoons w/Shirley & Gary Keller -> Friday Mornings w/Doris Volz -> Heart Dance w/Gina Mello & John Bowen (July schedule) -> Keep on Dancin'
w/Bob & Trish Boesel -> Menlo Park w/Jamie Hogan -> Pacifica Fridays w/Diane Montgomery -> San Bruno Sunday w/Diana Ward -> The Y w/Evelyn Khinoo or Hedy McAdams
Line Dance OLDIES on S F Bay Area request lists for 2003

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