It is with enormous regret and under a terrible burden that I must announce the end of the Rubi Con Data and Network Security Conference. Unless a miracle presents itself in the proceeding months, Rubi Con will never survive to see another event.

Many of you have been following our very public legal battles with Jeff Moss, founder and organizer of the Def Con and Black Hat series of security conferences. As is well known, there was a bid to acquire the intellectual property of Rubi Con LLC (the parent organization of the Rubi Con conferences) through Mr. Moss’ interests. Less well known were the subsequent legal maneuvers to shutter Rubi Con LLC, as choreographed by Mr. Moss’ law firm.

On July 10, 2003 we received final notification of intent to sue. We were left with two options: 1) Meet Mr. Moss in court, for which we might win but could not afford, or 2) yield, for which we could only do in abject antipathy. After attempts to raise a suitable legal fund failed, the fate of Rubi Con was sealed.

Thus, as current president of Rubi Con LLC I, James Tantalo, declare the intellectual assets of the Rubi Con Data and Network Security Conference, and the commercial interests of Rubi Con LLC hereby dissolved, effective July 21, 2003.

All intellectual assets and commercial interests are hereby rendered the personal property of Jeff Moss or a holding company he deems appropriate. The Rubi Con Data and Network Security Conference is delivered under the terms reached by our respective legal staffs, and it may be run again under the ownership and control of Mr. Moss. All ties to the previous organizers are severed, and all legal claims are hereby annulled.

To our friends and supporters, thank you for everything you have given us. Your tireless efforts these past years and during our legal battles mean everything to us. Perhaps someday, under better circumstances, we will come together again.

James M. Tantalo
President, former
Rubi Con LLC