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eQ Lab is an independant laboratory located in Tomsk (Russia Federation) and created the first august 2002. eQ lab's focus are: software technologies (C, Java, ASM, etc.), hardware technologies (embedded design) and knowledge (education, documentation, open sourcing). All of this suppose a full load of activities, all described in this page. Please note that the RISC OS section is just here for information. It will give you a view of our RISC OS software development.

In case you still have questions which are unanswered by this site, you can reach us as indicated in the "Contacts" section of the main eQ R&D; website.

History of eQ R&D;.
History of eQ Lab.

News quotes

  • Zaurus projects (13/12/2002): Sash adds Xonix, a old game clone...
  • Added eQ R&D; history (30/11/2002): here!
  • Added eQ Lab history (30/11/2002): here!
  • RISC OS projects (13/11/2002): added IPPrint, network printing utility.
  • Added new section (12/11/2002): Our work life!
  • Zaurus projects (29/10/2002): Mirko updates Wine(!) to a new version 1.0.0.
  • Zaurus projects (25/10/2002): Mirko updates Wine(!) to a new version.
  • Updated Zaurus projects (13/10/2002): Wine(!) now comes in a new 0.7 version.
  • RISC OS projects (11/10/2002): RISC OS TinyGL port added.
  • RISC OS projects (07/10/2002): RISC OS SDL port added.
  • Zaurus Cyrillic support (06/10/2002): added layout switch keys on hardware keyboard (LShift+RShift).
  • New hardware project (05/10/2002): USB4LPT info and samples !
  • RISC OS projects (05/10/2002): new version of MPxPlayer(0.3).
  • Zaurus projects (05/10/2002): Mirko updates Wine(!) to a new version.
  • Zaurus projects (20/09/2002): Mirko adds Wine(!), a cave management software.
  • RISC OS projects (11/09/2002): good day, much bugs fixed in acorn rdesktop...
  • RISC OS projects (05/09/2002): new RDP client (preview version).
  • Zaurus projects (03/09/2002): how to upgrade SL-5000D software to SL-5500 one...
  • Zaurus Cyrillic support(01/09/2002): serbian and bulgarian layouts added. 1251 hack fonts rebuilded.
  • Updated Website (26/08/2002): all the website is now revamped. More to follow, very soon...


Our work life


Zaurus projects

RISC OS projects

Hardware projects



  • Coming soon...


Software designer: Sash[a] = Alexander Chukov
Hardware designer: Andrew Chirkin
Documentation and information: Slagjana Nasteska
Zaurus/Qt software designer: Mirko Vidovic
RISCOS.ru : www.riscos.ru.
eQ R&D; main website: www.eqrd.net.


2002 eQ Lab

eQ Lab is an independant subsidiary of eQ R&D;, Corp.. eQ Russia is an independant company located in Moscow - Russian Federation.