vultus ac frons animi ianua     "The face and its expression are the door of the soul." -Q. Cicero  De Pet. Consulatus II

Welcome Minnesotans!

If you're visiting because you're interested in Nationals, I've put together a little guide of what you can expect. I think...I think Convention is why I'm a classics major. I mean, Latin is--but Convention is what made me go from, "This language is all right" to "I have to keep doing this despite people who want me to get a real job." Even my friends who did go on to "real" majors feel like Convention changed their academic lives in all areas.

The official take on past conventions:
   2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998

   Old tests
   Sample Dramatic Interpretation passage: Girls, Boys
   Sample Latin Oratory passage
   Non-Convention JCL contests

So what's it really like?
   A preview I made once
   A summary of a past convention
   Memories of a past convention
   The daily Convention newsletter--backissues
   One of the fun things we do
   The official preview book

Mom & Dad said okay. What now?

     First of all, if you call the NJCL office, mention you're from Minnesota, and that you're trying to make sure your state gets represented in the goal of 50 states for the 50th convention. Tell ND & WI when you're getting a ride, too. It'll help.

     As of 5/15/03, there are fewer than 100 spots left. Print a packet request and mail it in ASAP. I know it says they stopped sending them the 15th, but they'll send you one. You can double-check by calling the office at (513) 529-7741. You don't have to wait for the mail; via fax is fine if you can use Visa/Mastercard or a School Purchase Order (both snail mail & fax info are on the form).

     How to get there: Wisconsin and North Dakota both have very strong programs. While they may not be able to pick you up in the Twin Cities, if you can find a ride (or Amtrak/Greyhound) to somewhere near their route, other states are usually very willing to pick up small states that don't have a bus of their own. Missouri always contracts a bus which the much smaller Kansas delegation rides with no problem--in fact, they like sharing, because it makes the bus cheaper for them.
     Contact David Volk (ND) and JoAnn Polito (WI) and explain that you want to go to Convention but don't have a ride. If neither state can take you (which I highly doubt), contact me and I will see what other area states could do.


     The 50th Annual NJCL Convention is at Trinity University this year from July 29 - August 3. Deadlines are over, but there is still a little space left.

     Technically, it is too late to request a registration packet. But if you call the National office at (513) 529-7741, chances are they will tell you there is space left over and to simply send your request form and $330 as soon as possible.

     Let's have our biggest delegation ever, show Kentucky who's the real KJCL, and prove that we've got spirit, yes we do!

For Teachers

Thinking about joining KJCL?
   Read about this organization at the following pages. Then browse the page to see how Kansans fare at contests and what kind of fun they have.
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E-mail the President and ask her what's great about KJCL.

     If you have any news from your Latin Club, please submit it. NLHS inductees, special awards given to students/alumni/sponsors, car washes, community service projects, even an announcement of your club dinner so members can find the address.

Latin Quote of the Moment
forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit
Perhaps one day it shall please us to remember even this.

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