July 28, 2003 
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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Coulter: FDR Ignored Warnings That Hiss Was a Traitor

Leftists, says Ann Coulter in her best-selling new book, "Treason: Liberal Treachery From the Cold War to the War on Terrorism," "have a preternatural gift for striking a position on the side of treason." She goes on to prove that charge.

She begins with the earliest days of Soviet efforts to honeycomb the U.S. government with covert agents, all them traitors to their country yet heroes to the great majority of the "liberals" of those days. She starts with the Roosevelt administration and what later became the infamous case of Alger Hiss.

Worried about the extent of communist penetration of the U.S. government, former Soviet agent and Time magazine editor Whitaker Chambers flew to Washington to alert the Roosevelt administration of the hidden peril.

He met with Assistant Secretary of State Adolf Berle, a Roosevelt confidant, and explained in great detail the Soviet espionage network working within the federal government, giving him the names of at least two dozen spies who had wormed their way into the deepest recesses of the administration.

Among the names he gave Berle were those of Alger Hiss, a top State Department official, and his brother Donald.

In her book Coulter reveals what happened next.

"Berle urgently reported to President Roosevelt what Chambers had said, including the warning about Alger Hiss. The president laughed and told Berle to "go f--- himself."

Coulter notes that instead of taking action against Hiss and the other named spies, "Roosevelt promoted Hiss to the position of trusted aide who would go with him to advise him at Yalta."

It was at that summit conference with Stalin and Churchill that Roosevelt, with Hiss at his side whispering his "advice" in his ear, sold Eastern Europe into Soviet captivity.

When the former ambassador to Russia, William C. Bullitt, a close associate of Roosevelt, learned about Hiss and the others, he went to Roosevelt and also got the laugh-off treatment.

The tragedy continued. Berle went to Dean Acheson, then Roosevelt's undersecretary of the treasury. He refused to believe Berle and later, when he became assistant secretary of state, he immediately asked that Donald Hiss become his assistant, Coulter reveals.

When Berle reminded Acheson that Hiss had been identified as a Soviet spy, Acheson "investigated" the charge - he asked Soviet spy Donald Hiss if he were a Soviet spy. Not surprisingly, Soviet spy Donald Hiss said he was not a Soviet spy.

Years later, after Alger Hiss was convicted of lying about his role as a Soviet agent, Acheson said he would not "turn [his] back on Alger Hiss," the man federal prosecutor Thomas Murphy called a "traitor to his country" and a Soviet agent.

And it was also years later that Hiss was finally brought to justice, thanks to Chambers' testimony - which made him a target of the vast number of Soviet sympathizers in the media - and to the dogged investigative work of then-Rep. Richard Nixon and House Committee on Un-American Activities chief investigator Bob Stripling. In her book, Coulter carefully lays out the facts about the Hiss case, and shows how liberals fought to cover up the vast network of Soviet spies that had infiltrated the highest levels of the U.S. government. She reveals in graphic detail that it was those who sought to expose communist espionage who were attacked and slandered, while the spies and their supporters were rewarded and praised by the leftist establishment.

Ann Coulter exposes the anti-American left in "Treason" - Click here now for a great special offer.

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