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The History of Roller Derby (Page 2):

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Between 1935 and 1950, Roller Derby was promoted in major cities across the United States. During this time, the concept of physical contact and a simple point scoring system were introduced to the game. Jerry Seltzer, Leo’s son, moved the organization to Southern California in 1950. Between 1953 and 1960 the appeal of Roller Derby boomed on television. This was due in part to the uniqueness of the male/female team concept and the constant interplay of offensive & defensive skating. In 1958, the Seltzer organization moved its base of operation to Northern California in order to secure larger indoor arenas capable of holding the growing crowds.

When the Seltzer organization relocated to Northern California a new group emerged in Southern California. Roller Games. Skaters who chose not to make the move to Northern California founded this group. Roller Games promoted their product primarily as a public exhibition form of entertainment. Roller Games flourished in the Southern California market and eventually grew into a worldwide organization.


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