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BARRY                     >Link>

Amy Sproat, Chris Sherwood, Daniel Parry

wpe4.jpg (12246 bytes) Barry was the heaviest robot in Robot Wars.  It would have done well in the Sumo round, but it was goodbye to Barry after the gauntlet because it had not got far enough. Weight 116.9 kg
Size 120 x 76 x 65 cm
Ground Clearance 6 cm
Top Speed 7 mph
Turning Circle 0
Motors 2 x 24V wheelchair
Weapons Pneumatic scoop


Matthew Dickinson

wpe6.jpg (9487 bytes) This mean-looking robot was only used to make up the numbers (along with WYSIWYG and Eubank the Mouse).  It had been expertly built for the BBC for advertising purposes, so it mysteriously drove straight off the sumo platform immediately to retire. Weight 45 kg
Size 140 x 46 x 25
Ground Clearance 3 mm
Top Speed 15 mph
Turning Circle 0
Motors 2 x 12V wheelchair
Weapons Wedge


Richard Broad, Abdul Degia, Ian Degia

wpe7.jpg (9552 bytes) Killertron's mace was never used because its pick-axe did an enormous amount of damage.The plastic bin cover of Killertron was attacked by a house robot's circular saw in the semi-final, but the saw disintegrated.  Killertron went on to beat Shogun in the semi-final after hammering it with its pick-axe.  It would have beaten Roadblock in the final if it had not driven too far up the wedge and fallen off. Weight 72.2 kg
Size 140 x 70 x 60
Ground Clearance 10 mm
Top Speed 4 mph
Turning Circle 0
Motors 2 x 24V
Weapons Pick-axe/mace

NEMESIS - Winner of 'Sportsmanship' Award

Peter Redmond, William Murphy, Joe Gavin

wpe8.jpg (7890 bytes) The red and black fur added some fun to the proceedings, but was not a good idea.  Sgt. Bash set it on fire in its semi-final, when the house robots and Roadblock all attacked Nemesis (but only after Nemesis had attacked Roadblock and scratched its shell).  The judge's decision went against the furry robot. Weight 76.8 kg
Size 130 x 125 x 55 cm
Ground Clearance 5 cm
Top Speed 6 mph
Turning Circle 0
Motors 2 x 24V
Weapons Pneumatic spike

ROADBLOCK - Show 1 Winner, Series 1 Winner                     >Link>

Hender Blewitt, Peter Kinsey, Chris Kinsey

wpeA.jpg (10982 bytes)

wpeE.jpg (5773 bytes)

Roadblock, the eventual series winners, was a wedge made from a road sign with a petrol powered circular saw attached.  It won its semi-final with help from its circular saw and the house robots, who ganged up on Nemesis.  The Roadblock team kept a piece of Nemesis' fur on the robot from then on as a trophy.   The wedge shape saved it from Killertron in the final - if Killertron had not be turned on its side,  Roadblock would not have survived the pick-axe. Weight 82.5 kg
Size 145 x 110 x 40 cm
Ground Clearance 10 mm
Top Speed 5 mph
Turning Circle 0
Motors 2 x 24V wheelchair
Weapons Wedge with circular saw


Robin Woodhead, Brian Carrington, Peter Fairbrother                     Company - Rolls-Royce

S11Shogun.jpg (3160 bytes) Shogun's wooden body panels were quite weak, and titanium ones ordered from Rolls-Royce did not arrive in time.  Shogun had a motor control problem in its semi-final with Killertron, and it could not escape from a fatal blow from Killertron's pick. Weight 82.7 kg
Size 92 x 60 x 33 cm
Ground Clearance 10 cm
Top Speed 7 mph
Turning Circle 50 cm
Motors 2 x 12V Sinclair C5 motors
Weapons Lifting mechanism, spike, cutting blades

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