Snakes and Ladders

The nine part story that started it all. Spike, Faith and Wesley deal with issues of guilt, trust, love and redemption, while they work together to rescue Angel. Starts after BtVS s6 and AtS s3.

Warning: Angst, darkness, abuse, horror, smut, and a fluffy ending :-).


60,000 words

The Passion of Lovers
(Snake Charming 1)

Buffy/ Spike PWP narrated using a 'forced perspective'.
Occurs between S&L; and SE. NC-17.

Watching the Detectives
(Snake Charming 2)
Faith/ Wesley PWP. Occurs between S&L; and SE. NC-17.

Snake Eyes

Twelve part story which continues from Snakes and Ladders. The Second Chance Agency is doing well in Sunnydale, but clouds are a-gathering. The past must be faced and madness dogs the feet of our heroes.

Warning: angst, darkness, smut and character death.


105,000 words

(Snake Charming 3)
The tale of Faith and Wesley's 'romantic evening out of town' during Snake Eyes. *Not* PWP, very much plot. NC-17.

Singing the Snake

Nine part tale which continues from Snake Eyes and concludes the Serpentigena Sequence. All the players are in place and the Akashic prophecy is working its way to completion.

Warning: angst, more angst, darkness, smut including m/m, character death and a (moreorless) happy ending.


100,000 words.