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Show 7: RoadBlock Show 8: Cassius Show 9: King Buxton
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Show 10: GBH Show 11: Plunderbird 2 Show 12: Haardvark
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The Gauntlet

RoadBlock went first, and went for the Sentinel because of its width.  After attacking it with its circular saw, RoadBlock was trapped and blocked by the Sentinel.  Next was Cassius.  It went through the brick wall, but was pushed back by Shunt.  It spent the rest of the time going round in circles.  King Buxton was the only robot to complete the course, after Shunt drove into the pit.  GBH broke down the wall, and then drove slowly into the pit.  The Plunderbird 2 team (with their own tune) drove through the blocks, but was pushed back by Shunt, before Matilda sawed through the aerial.  The final robot was Haardvark - it broke down the wall, but then took on the Sentinel, before being lifted and pulled back by Matilda.

1 - King Buxton Completed 4 - Cassius 5.15 m
2 - GBH 6.6 m 5 - Haardvark 2.4 m
3 - RoadBlock 5.45 m 6 - Plunderbird 2 0.9 m

Trial: Pinball

RoadBlock took the route that most robots did - it started by attacking the blocks (5 points) and the barrels (10 points).  It pushed the sphere in the pit for 20 points, and pushed Matilda into the pit.  It was picked up and dropped by Sir Killalot, before getting more barrels.  Cassius went next - it whizzed into the bricks and the barrels, but got stuck on a brick.  It was then picked up by Sir Killalot and turned upside down.  It then amazingly used its flipping mechanism to perform a somersault and right itself!  King Buxton went for the barrels and the blocks, before driving over the ramp for 15 points.  It escaped from Sir Kilalot, but went straight into Matilda.  GBH hit some bricks and barrels, before being picked up and placed effortlessly into the pit by Sir Killalot.  Haardvark hit barrels and blocks in two corners, before being tipped onto its side by Sir Killalot.

1 - RoadBlock 355 4 - Haardvark 160
2 - Cassius 200 5 - GBH 145
3 - King Buxton 165

The Arena

Cassius vs. Haardvark: Cassius, the new series favourite, flipped Haardvark.  It then turned around and turned Haardvark back the right way up, because, according to team leader Rex Garrod, "They were really nice people".  Cassius then threw it halfway across the arena, before being attacked by Haardvark and Sir Killalot.  Cassius' chain broke, but it still managed to move.   Sir Killalot then picked up and fried Haardvark.  Winner: Cassius

RoadBlock vs. King Buxton: RoadBlock managed to get under King Buxton, but was then pushed around by it.  Both robots had encounters with the house robots, and both escaped.  King Buxton caught fire after being attacked by Sgt. Bash.  It was immobilised, and RoadBlock attacked it with the circular saw.   Winner: RoadBlock

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