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Hello to all fellow cigar lovers... I am the cigar tipster.

What is cigartipster.com all about? Yes, it's about cigars! And where you can buy them at the lowest possible price! Sound good so far? The motto of the tipster is "never pay more than you have to". As the tipster surfed the Web he found a huge difference in the prices that cigar stores charge for the same cigars! A perfect example would be the store selling A. Fuente Corona Imperials (the tipster likes these) for $175 a box. The tipster knows where he can buy them for $92 a box.......big difference!! The tipster has surfed and searched the Web hitting hundreds of cigar stores, message boards, and chat rooms so he could find the best deals going! The tipster also likes buying seconds... there is paradise out there for budget cigar smokers! When the tipster found a brand of Partagas and Macanudo seconds he jumped right on it. In the tipster's humidor are seconds of not only Partagas and Macs, but Belinda, Royal Jamaicans, & Romeo y Julietta, and there are more out there! Now keep in mind these are SECONDS. They can look ugly but they usually smoke just fine, and how can you go wrong at a buck a stick ? This is what the tipster can do for you! This page is for people who, like the tipster, hate to pay more than they have to!

So whether you're a frontline premium buyer or a budget minded buyer (like the tipster) these pages can help!

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