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The Troubled Science, Policy and Politics of Global Warming

Christopher Essex and Ross McKitrick

"Irreverent and devastating...Essex and McKitrick effectively demolish most of what you think you know."
The Globe and Mail

"Unique, powerful and long overdue in the climate change debate...There is no other book like this."
The National Post

"A devastating analysis of how politicians have hijacked the science surrounding global warming."
The Vancouver Province

"Essex and McKitrick do some serious debunking."
Calgary Herald

$10,000 Prize-winner (1 of 3 chosen out of 75 nominees) for the 2002 Donner Book Prize. This award is given annually for the best book on Canadian public policy.

Finalist, 2002


Is global warming the greatest threat facing humanity today?
One hundred Nobel Laureates recently signed a statement saying so; a UN panel of scientists has also testified to this; and governments around the world have put the climate change issue at the forefront of their political agendas. Can all of these bodies be wrong?

The physical phenomena in climate and weather change are among the most complex in nature, and science can say very little about what will happen to our environment in the future. Yet a large international policy framework has been built precisely on the assumption that we know what is happening and how to control it. In Taken By Storm: The Troubled Science, Policy and Politics of Global Warming, Christopher Essex and Ross McKitrick prove this internationally accepted assumption is false.

Essex and McKitrick explain the science of climate change and show that the widespread belief in global warming is really a house of cards. Along the way they expose society's precarious relationship with science, and propose that the breakdown in this relationship is at the heart of the policy crisis around climate change. Their book is a vital first step towards dealing with environmental issues in a way that seeks real solutions and overcomes the tendency to replace scientific fact with indoctrinated fiction.

"Any politician who has failed to read this book and yet is willing to commit society's resources to avert global warming has been derelict in his or her duty to the public."
- Professor G. Cornelius Van Kooten,
Canada Research Chair in Environmental Studies and Climate Change, University of Victoria.

" I strongly recommend this book."
- Dr. Willie Soon,
Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Harvard University

"In Taken By Storm Essex and McKitrick offer a scientifically sound argument that is against the mainstream. Let's open up a debate and see who is willing to participate."
- Professor Anastasios Tsonis,
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences Group, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"Essex and McKitrick cut through all the obfuscation and double speak which surrounds one of the most complex scientific and economic issues of our times. This book should be required reading by policy makers, and any one in the general public who is concerned about what the Kyoto Accord really means for the environment and the economy."
- Professor Timothy Patterson,
Paleoclimatologist, Department of Earth Sciences, Carleton University

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