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Following up the success of This Time Next Year, The Movielife recently released 40 Hour Train To Penn. ScenePointBlank speaks to Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife about their new album, hotels and "Double-F".

We were fortunate enough to get an interview with Since By Man(thanks to Jeff B. and AMP Magazine). If you would like to learn more about one of the freshest bands in hardcore, click here.




Playing catchup while eating ketchup

Three new reviews have been added to the site. You'll see a bigger update on Sunday or Monday with new show reviews, album reviews, and maybe an interview or two.

Posted by Shane on Friday, July 25 2003

Whoa stuff is happening

As you might have noticed, stuff is happening around here. The board is back, albeit bare. You have to reregister as our database would not upload, which REALLY sucks. Enjoy the board!

Posted by Shane on Monday, July 21 2003

Exploding Hearts involved in fatal crash

Yesterday morning, Seattle group, Exploding Hearts, lost 3/4 members in a fatal car crash. Matthew Fitzgerald, Adam Cox, and Jeremy Gage were the 3 that were killed in the crash with guitarist Terry Six and manager Ratch Aronica surviving. The staff here at ScenePointBlank has them and their families in our thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Shane on Monday, July 21 2003

Cave In caves in

After saying "We won't do it." and "We are more mature than that.", Cave In finally decides they will play songs from Until Your Heart Stops on tour. The following is taken from their site:

"We spent an entire day in a rehearsal room, working on a brand new song that is both heavy and swinging at the same time. We also began shaking the rust off a few oldies from the Until Your Heart Stops record. You have to understand that it has literally been almost four full years since the four of us have seriously attempted to play these songs. And why now? Why again? Well, it's just that since releasing Jupiter, there is a new audience of people who have been turned on to our band that may not know of our history. The same people have most likely never seen us perform any of these older tunes live, because we haven't done so since the autumn of 2000. And by soon adding a few older songs into our live set, it will be our way of saying 'thanks' to the people who have stuck with us through all of our musical experimentation over the years. And let's be honest - with all the extensive touring in the past two years, it's been just a tad bit boring to play the same songs over and over again. Maybe it's just because of all this touring, who knows, but I almost feel as though we're re-visiting some of the Until Your Heart Stops songs and in fact playing them better than we used to..."

Posted by Shane on Monday, July 21 2003

We have been set back.

As you may have noticed, the message board is dead. Because of this, it sets us back significantly as all our work and whatnot was on the board. The database was backed up before the board bit the bullet so once a proper reinstallation can happen, everything will be intact. It'll be like it just took a vacation.

Posted by Shane on Saturday, June 28 2003

Kids Hardcore Dance To AFI?

AFI recorded a music video for their second single, The Leaving Song Pt. 2, off of their latest album Sing The Sorrow.  During the taping process, to get kids to hardcore dance, Hatebreed and Madball was played.

Posted by Zed on Thursday, June 19 2003

Blast Beats Are So Trendy

Daughters puts up two new mp3s on that site, which will be on their upcoming LP put out by Robotic Empire/Electric Human Project.

Posted by Zed on Thursday, June 19 2003

Rancid Sells Out

Rancid signs to Warner Bros to release their newest album, Indestructible.  The album was produced by Brett Gurewitz, who among many things, was previously in Bad Religion.

At the Warped Tour of 2001 Lars Frederiksen wouldn't shutup about how punk rock Rancid was for starting Gilman with Operation Ivy and how they were not on a major.  Ha.

Posted by Zed on Thursday, June 19 2003

Hellfest Outlined Like Whoa

All the info regarding what bands are playing what days is provided by the link.

The headlining bands are somewhat humourous, Kittie, Thursday and CKY.

Posted by Zed on Thursday, June 12 2003

The Mars Volta Mini Tour

07.01.03*Los Angeles, CA*Henry Fonda Theatre
07.02.03*San Francisco, CA*Great American Music Hall
07.08.03*Portsmouth*Wedgewood Rooms
07.09.03*London*Electric Ballroom
07.11.03*Manchester*Move Festival
07.12.03*Scotland*T in the Park Festival
07.13.03*Dublin*Witness Festival
08.23.03*London*Reading Festival
08.24.03*Leeds*Leeds University

The opening bands have not been announced yet.  If you live in the bay area, I suggest getting tickets to the SF shows ASAP, because it will sell out.

Posted by Zed on Thursday, June 12 2003

An update at last

4 new album reviews have been added to the site. We'll have a larger update that includes an interview with The Movielife and much more up soon.

Posted by Shane on Tuesday, June 10 2003

Rilo Kiley and M. Ward hit the road


"M. Ward & A Band of Four - Summer 2003
All Dates with Rilo Kiley
07.06 * Los Angeles, CA * Henry Fonda Theatre
07.08 * San Francisco, CA * Great American Music Hall
07.10 * Portland, OR * Alladin Theatre * w/ Califone, Brokeback, & The Eternals
07.11 * Seattle, WA * Graceland * w/ Calvin Johnson
07.12 * Olympia, WA * TBA
07.15 * Salt Lake City, UT * TBA
07.17 * Denver, CO * Climax Lounge
07.18 * Lincoln, NE * Duffys Tavern
07.19 * Omaha, NE * Sokol Underground
07.20 * Minneapolis, MN * 400 Bar
07.21 * Chicago, IL * The Abbey Pub
07.22 * Detroit, MI * Magic Stick
07.23 * Columbus, OH * Little Brothers
07.24 * Pittsburgh, PA * TBA
07.25 * Philadelphia, PA * First Unitarian Church
07.26 * Cambridge, MA * T.T. The Bears
07.27 * New York, NY * Bowery Ballroom
07.30 * Washington, DC * Black Cat
07.31 * Carrboro, NC * Cat's Cradle
08.01 * Columbia, SC * TBA
08.02 * Atlanta, GA * Echo Lounge
08.07 * Houston, TX * TBA
08.08 * TBA
08.09 * Austin, TX * Emo's
08.12 * Tucson, AZ * TBA
08.13 * Tempe, AZ * TBA
08.15 * San Diego, CA * Epi Center
08.16 * Pomona, CA * Glass House"

In addition to playing an opening set, Rilo Kiley will also moonlight as M. Ward's backup band for this tour.

Posted by Jeff on Friday, May 30 2003

Board is go

The message board is up and running after being down for a little bit. I altered some internal stuff so hopefully we won't be seeing anymore downtime like that. Enjoy!

Posted by Shane on Tuesday, May 27 2003

New An Albatross mp3s

I'm not sure what to make of the second one, but the first is super rad.  Check it!

Posted by Zed on Wednesday, May 14 2003

Sick Of It All and Bridge 9 UNITE!

Bridge 9 will be releasing a new EP for the famed NYHC Sick Of It All.  Their full length is being recorded right now at Atomic Stuidos and the full length will be released on Fat Wreck Chords in September.  Bridge 9 will releasing the EP in the formats of a 3 song 7" and a CD single that will also feature 2 exclusive tracks.  The release date for the CD single will be July 29th (my bday!) and the 7" date has not been revealed.

There has also been talks about B9 releasing something for Madball, the band that hardcore kids are jocking like none other...besides Terror.

Posted by Zed on Wednesday, May 14 2003

Little update.

Four record reviews(to your left) and one show review(not to your left. Well to your left but not immediate left) have been posted. Check them out and leave feedback about the reviews on the message board!

Posted by Shane on Wednesday, May 14 2003


AFI are set to begin shooting a video for the latest single from their now Gold album, Sing the Sorrow, this week. The video will be for the track 'The Leaving Song Pt. 2'.


Posted by Sean on Tuesday, May 13 2003

From our home office in Omaha, Nebraska

Bright Eyes is scheduled to appear on Letterman on June 11th.  Most of us who don't concern ourselves with "sellout" nonsense are hoping that this will catapult Conor and the Saddle Creek crew to a whole new realm of well-deserved popularity and adoration.

Posted by Jeff on Wednesday, May 7 2003

ArtistDirect bankrupt?

Rumors are circulating that Artist Direct has basically gone bankrupt. As you may know, Artist Direct is the home of Ross Robinson's I Am Imprint which recently put out the latest Blood Brothers record and also recently picked up the Cure. The Blood Brothers have reportedly been making comments at their shows regarding the matter to the effect of saying they have been 'fucked over'. More to come as this story breaks.

Posted by Sean on Saturday, May 3 2003

Mp3's from opposite ends of the spectrum.

New mp3s have been posted recently from Poison the Well's newest effort, You Come Before You. The two songs, "Ghostchant" and "Zombies Are Good For Your Health" can be downloaded here...

Also posted recently is a demo track from Jacob Bannon's new solo project, Dear Lover. The song is "Grant Me the Strength" and it is undetermined if it will be on either of Dear Lover's forthcoming records. Download can be found here...

[edited by Matt - the links made the news area scroll hortizontally. It annoyed me.]

Posted by Shane on Saturday, May 3 2003


Stylex - False Start

The Sawtooth Grin - Cuddlemonster

Brandtson - Death and Taxes

Inventing Edward - We've Met An Impasse (By Midnight We'll Be Naked)