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Welcome dear visitor! You have entered the rounds of Zelda Universe, the greatest and most informative online source for information on the Legend of Zelda series! We have prepared walkthroughs, media, interactivity and last but not least, a large community of Zelda fans, where you can join the fun!

Wed 30 Jul 2003 Back to the top!Send us a news-tip!Discuss today's news in the Forums!

New Soul Calibur II Content! | Posted by Zephka

Hello Zelda fans, long time no see, for I have been busy for awhile but I am back! Since Soul Calibur II is being released on U.S. shores in less than a month, I decided to enlighten you all on all the great weapons and armor Link will be using throughout the game. You can find all that information with beautiful art by clicking here. This will definately get you excited for this upcoming release, as it brings back many memories. Be sure to visit our forums and submit some great fan works before you leave!

3 Comments, last comment by Kess

Tue 29 Jul 2003 Back to the top!Send us a news-tip!Discuss today's news in the Forums!

Camp Hyrule | Posted by AnakiN-

To all of you who haven't been camping so far this summer, now is your chance! The registration for Camp Hyrule starts sometime today, and will end the day after tomorrow. Here all kinds of Nintendo fans will gather and take part in the virtual camping activities which include bon fire, chatting and much more. Be sure to check out the site for more information.

On a site related note, we have been forced to enable a hot-link protection script, because of all the people which has been stealing our bandwith and increasing our server bills by hotlinking our images and other media. As a result, all of you out there who are linking to us with our buttons and banners, will have to copy the graphic to your own server. We apologize for the inconvinience, but this is the only way we can protect ourselves from all the bandwith thieves out there.

83 Comments, last comment by Greenyoshidlf

Mon 28 Jul 2003 Back to the top!Send us a news-tip!Discuss today's news in the Forums!

Link's Awakening Official Art and Chat Room | Posted by AnakiN-

The Official Art section for Link's Awakening has been upgraded with a new look which is a lot better looking and more organized and includes many new and improved artworks.

In addition to this, Zelda Universe has a new official Chat Room called #ZUChat located on the world's biggest IRC network, EFNet. If you are in the dark about how to gain access to the Chat Room simply click the link and follow the instructions. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

PS: We are aware of the fact that the page you submit either Fan Fiction or Fan Poetry on looks a little messed up, but since our php-programmer is on vacation we can not fix this yet. So please bare with us and just ignore that little glitch, and be sure to keep all your Zelda related artwork, fiction and poetry to the quickly growing Fan Works section.

8 Comments, last comment by AnakiN-

Sun 27 Jul 2003 Back to the top!Send us a news-tip!Discuss today's news in the Forums!

Poll & User Submitted Articles Topic | Posted by AnakiN-

As you can see to your right, the main poll has been changed since it is Sunday. This time you can vote about which future Zelda release you are the most excited about, so be sure to cast your vote!

Now because of all the downtime lately, the second edition of the User Submitted Articles was never published, and therefore we are giving you a last chance to send in your work. If you forgot what the topic this time was, it is "Who is the 'friend' Link is looking for at the beginning of MM?", and you should all visit this thread in the forums, where Trahald have given all the information you will need before writing your article. Best of luck to all of you!

Lastly I would like to thank simplis for pointing out a few glitches and spelling mistakes in the new version of the site. Also our hosted site Zelda Zone just got back online after a long period of downtime, so be be sure to stop by them sometime.

6 Comments, last comment by Greenyoshidlf

Sat 26 Jul 2003 Back to the top!Send us a news-tip!Discuss today's news in the Forums!

Oracle of Ages Characters | Posted by AnakiN-

Since I did the Oracle of Seasons Characters in the last update, I figured it would be only right to finish off the Oracle of Ages Characters page as well. This one also features comprehensive descriptions along with beautiful official art of as good as every character in the entire game. Hopefully you will enjoy this page just as much as well!

5 Comments, last comment by baby_neptune

Oracle of Seasons Content Upgrade | Posted by AnakiN-

If you look back to the first update of the new version of Zelda Universe you can see that I promised we will be working specificly on the content in the Oracles sections, and since I am not one to break promises I have spent many hours working on what I have prepared for you now. The Oracle of Seasons section has been updated with many new Screenshots of a much higher quality than the ones we had previously. But wait that is not all, the Characters page for Oracle of Seasons has also been upgraded. It now features feasible descriptions along with quality images of as good as every character in the entire game. I spent many hours on this, and I hope you will enjoy it. Be sure to return tomorrow, or perhaps even later in the day for more Official Art updates.

4 Comments, last comment by Link14

Fri 25 Jul 2003 Back to the top!Send us a news-tip!Discuss today's news in the Forums!

A Link to the Past Official Art | Posted by AnakiN-

Today I have re-done the Official Art section for A Link to the Past. This particular section has been given a severe upgrade when it comes to looks, and it now includes much more artwork than it previously held. In the coming days I will give the same upgrade to the corresponding sections for the rest of the games, so be sure to keep a lookout for that.

6 Comments, last comment by Greenyoshidlf

Thu 24 Jul 2003 Back to the top!Send us a news-tip!Discuss today's news in the Forums!

New Mailbag & Fan Works Section | Posted by AnakiN-

Like I mentioned in the previous update today, we have a new edition of the mailbag for you, and you can click here to take a look at it. In this edition James takes a look at more theories on various subjects, and many other questions as well. Be sure not to miss out!

Now for the other thing I have prepared for tonight. If you tried to visit the Fan Works section since we re-launched the site, you will know that we have been tweaking the script to fix potential security bugs. Even though the script had nothing to do with the recent attacks we suffered, you can never be to safe. The script will now regenerate every image which is uploaded, meaning hackers can not include any coding into the image, as the script will leave that out when it regenerates the image. Naturally we were forced to delete all the existing art in the section (because we can never be to sure about if they had malicious scripts in them), but all the fiction and poetry that had been submitted is still accessible. Be sure to submit you work to the Fan Works section, and help us get back to where we used to be, with having the largest collection of Zelda fan works on the entire internet!

15 Comments, last comment by AnakiN-

Now Offering Hosting! | Posted by AnakiN-

With our new dedicated server we are now able to take in many new hosted sites in addition to the three we already have. We have also changed the Terms of Hosting, and we will now accept not only Zelda sites, but virtually any type of site as long as it is a good website. If your site is popular enough we will host a domain for you, and if it is very popular but you do not own a domain we will purchase one for you, just read the Terms of Hosting for more information and see if you qualify for that.

Be sure to check back later tonight, as we have a new edition of the mailbag prepared, and perhaps even some more goodies. In the meantime you should stop by our constantly growing Community Forums as that is the place to be!

29 Comments, last comment by Link14

Wed 23 Jul 2003 Back to the top!Send us a news-tip!Discuss today's news in the Forums!

Welcome back to Zelda Universe! | Posted by AnakiN-

I am proud to post this, the very first update on the new and improved Zelda Universe. After being down for over a week thanks to hackers, and then the re-launch of the site, we have now finally returned. Needless to say we have a brand new, and vastly improved design. Most of the pages have also been completely overhauled, and much of the content has gone through a quality change for the better. I suggest that you take some time and surf through the various sections of the site, and get used to how the new version of the site looks and feels, as much has been changed, and we do believe that everybody will agree that it is been to the better.

Even though it has taken a lot of extra hard work to get everything ready for today, we have no intents of taking a break from the site. We have very much in store for the coming months, and I can mentions a few of those things such as re-vamp of all the Official Art sections except for LoZ and AoL (those are the only ones that are of decent quality), Music files in various formats from every game, complete renovation of the content in both Oracle sections as it is old and out-dated, new interactive features including Fans' Timeline Theories and much more! All of this and much more will be coming to the site in the following weeks and months, so be sure to stop by as often as possible to make sure you do not miss anything.

Lastly I just want to say that there are bound to be some errors in the new version of the site, such as a broken link or a dead image. If you find anything that looks like it is completely wrong, please be sure to report it and we will fix it immidiately. Now I hope that you will all enjoy the new version of Zelda Universe, and please feel free to stop by the forums and post your opinions on it!

44 Comments, last comment by baby_neptune

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