June 05, 2003

Welcome to DivX Labs

        Welcome the DARC team’s new secret hideout: DivX Labs. Here in our labs, we are free to do whatever we want, including releasing newly prototyped features and interesting codec tools before they’re ready for primetime. Getting everyone’s feedback early in the research and development process will help us make better feature decisions and choose optimal settings or “tweaks” within features. As soon as we have a newly prototyped feature we’ll release it on DivX Labs (and ONLY on DivX Labs). For each new release, we’ll provide information on the purpose of each feature, how to use the feature and possibly some initial test results.

        DivX Labs is intended for those with serious existing knowledge of video compression. We will be keeping things very technical here.

DivX Prototype Releases:

        If you already own DivX Pro, a DivX Prototype release will install over your existing DivX Pro version unless you install it to a different directory. (You may want to keep a copy of your officially released DivX Pro codec in case you want to reinstall it.) If you don’t own DivX Pro, you can download DivX Prototype releases on a 30-day trial, making it easy for everyone to help improve the codec. If we push out yet another prototype release after your 30 day trial is up (a likely scenario), we will create an additional 30-day trial so you can continue using the prototype version.

        If you own the official version of DivX Pro, you can continue to play around with each prototype version as long as you want. We will also release early\prototype versions of other DivX related technologies and software here at DivX Labs from time to time.

        The DivX Pro codec released on DivX Labs should be relatively stable. Remember, however, that these releases have a prototype or pre-alpha release status so, uh….you could possibly run into a few bugs from time to time.

Posted by Gej at June 5, 2003 01:10 AM

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Posted by: ahmed at July 27, 2003 06:19 PM

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Posted by: miguel at July 22, 2003 03:32 PM

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Posted by: miguel at July 22, 2003 03:31 PM

hi im try to find the code fourcc.0

Posted by: jeanette at July 16, 2003 02:22 AM

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Posted by: Ann at July 15, 2003 09:22 PM

Posted by: roter at July 4, 2003 08:24 AM

THis is what I think should come out, a DVD player that will play .avi movies off of cd's. I know some companies (like APEX) have upgradable decoders, maybe you could get with apex and help design a DivX decoder they could use. The only thing I ask for this wonderful idea is that you let me know when it's available.

Jeff, Colorado

Posted by: Jeff Eberl at June 20, 2003 05:31 PM

Please excuse our dust and debris.

DivX Labs is still in construction phase. We haven’t hung all doors and windows just yet, but we wanted lo let you in as soon as we could.
So grab your hard hat and your hammer and come help put the finishing touches on the place...

Posted by: gej at June 9, 2003 10:31 PM
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