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eMac and OS X and iDVD eMac. Performance and value – all in one.

Tech SpecsProcessorSuperdriveGraphicsSoftware

Get the power, performance and value you’re looking for in an all-in-one desktop computer that’s as easy to use as it is to afford. Starting at just $799, the eMac now features a more powerful processor, a faster CD- and DVD-burning SuperDrive, and Apple’s integrated iLife applications for making the most of your music, photos and movies.

 PowerPC G4 with Velocity EngineAffordable G4 processing power
Among the reasons the eMac is so popular is that it features a blazingly fast 1GHz PowerPC G4 processor, and it’s Apple’s most affordable G4-based system. The PowerPC G4 with Velocity Engine is uses the same 128-bit vector processing technology featured in scientific supercomputers — just what you need to accelerate intensive multimedia calculations, import audio files and create video transitions in iMovie. In fact, the eMac’s 1GHz PowerPC G4 processor lets you encode DVDs in real time. The bottom line is that the eMac G4 processor makes digital media creation faster — which in turn means that you can spend more time playing and creating and less time waiting.

A drive to meet your ambitions
Pop in a DVD movie — made on your eMac — sit back and be entertained. The eMac now comes with your choice of the revolutionary SuperDrive — now at 4x speed for burning DVDs twice as fast — Combo DVD-ROM/CD-RW or CD-ROM drive. with a SuperDrive-equipped eMac you can burn your iMovie productions and iPhoto slideshows to a DVD that plays in almost any consumer DVD player. Optical discs are also ideal for backup, because they offer enormous capacity in a small package that’s easy to store and that lasts a long time. DVDs — the kind you can burn on your new SuperDrive-equipped eMac — can store a mind-boggling 4.7GB of data — the equivalent of 3200 floppy discs or 7 CD-R discs or CDs — store 650 MB of data, the equivalent of 450 floppy discs. Plus, iTunes lets you mix and burn CDs with either the Combo drive or SuperDrive models.

Digital lifestyle iLife. Suddenly, it all connects.
The iLife software application suite that comes on your new eMac, includes iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD (SuperDrive-equipped model only). The apps let you do fun, creative things with your pictures, music and movies — and share them with family and friends — in ways that PC users can only dream about. And whether you’re creating your own music CDs, publishing your digital pictures online, editing digital video, or authoring DVDs, you can do all these things and more quite nicely without thumbing through a manual. It’s all part of the iLife experience.

Airport and card Going wireless with 802.11g
You can put your new eMac anywhere in your house, not just where the phone jack or broadband connection happens to be, because the eMac ships AirPort Extreme-ready for wireless networking. The AirPort Extreme Card is user installable and allows your eMac to communicate wirelessly with other computers and link to the Internet (through the AirPort Extreme Base Station). The AirPort Extreme Base Station can support up to 50 simultaneous users (Mac and PC), all sharing a single Internet connection. Each base station has a built-in Ethernet (RJ-45) port.

17-inch flat CRT display
Not only will you do more (and faster) with the eMac, you’ll see more, too. The eMac sports a 17-inch (16-inch viewable) flat CRT display. The display offers nearly 40% more viewing area than a 15-inch CRT, so you’ll have almost 40% more workspace — perfect for viewing large images and multiple web pages and documents. Since the screen is flat (with less image distortion than curved CRTs), there’s less glare, making it easier on the eyes.

17-inch display The eMac comes with five crisp screen resolutions. Setting the screen to a higher resolution means there’s more workspace for viewing large documents, two-page spreads and websites without having to waste time scrolling to see the rest of the document. Less scrolling means more time for working and playing.

Overhead All-in-one design
The eMac all-in-one design has some tremendous advantages. For instance, there aren’t a lot of extra cords, so setup is simple — and desktop clutter is kept to a minimum. And in addition to the stunning 17-inch display, the AirPort Extreme-ready eMac comes with a built-in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet port for high-speed Internet access, FireWire, USB and amazing stereo speakers — all in one compact computer that’s smaller than most stand-alone PC displays. The eMac design is about the same size as the 15-inch-CRT-based iMac — (8mm shorter, actually), which makes it ideal for limited desk space in the classroom or at home. And its body is made of polycarbonate plastic, the same material used to manufacture bulletproof glass.

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Stopwatch Fastest way to the Internet
See how fast the eMac gets you on the Internet. It’s so easy to set up and use, you’ll be online and surfing the web in minutes, using the 10/100BASE-T Ethernet port for broadband (including DSL and cable modems) or the built-in 56K modem, or an optional AirPort Extreme Card for working with the web wirelessly.* The Setup Assistant appears the first time your eMac is powered on, and automatically configures your system for your Internet service provider (ISP). All you need is an Ethernet connection or phone line — the eMac comes complete with everything else.

Mac OS X - Jaguar Mac OS X for rock-solid reliability
The eMac comes with Mac OS X, Apple’s powerful yet easy-to-use operating system that’s as stable as only a UNIX-based system can be. The first operating system designed for the 21st century, Mac OS X works with the most popular peripherals. Today thousands of applications take full advantage of its power and versatility, including the critically acclaimed Microsoft Office for Mac OS X.

FireWire/USB Twin FireWire ports and five USB ports
Every new eMac has two fast FireWire 400 ports and a total of five 12Mbps USB ports (including two on the keyboard), so you can easily connect your eMac to hundreds of external devices.

eMac on stand Stand Tall
This Tilt and Swivel stand was designed by Apple as an optional accessory. It allows users to tilt the system from -5 to +15 degrees up and down, and allows for 360-degree swiveling. (Sold separately.)

Audio line in jack
An audio line in jack lets you connect external audio sources like a microphone or tape recorder to the eMac so you can import your own recordings.

*Wireless Internet access requires AirPort or AirPort Extreme Base Station, AirPort Extreme Card and Internet access (fees may apply). Some Internet service providers are not currently compatible with AirPort. Range may vary with site conditions. AirPort Extreme requires that you are booted in Mac OS X.

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